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April 1, 2020 · 4 min read
Our response to Covid-19 Image used under CC license, credit: Muenocchio

With Covid-19 sweeping through the UK and the rest of the world, we are all coming to terms with fundamental changes to our daily lives. As ever, Red Pepper is committed to providing a platform to grassroots and marginalised voices to better understand this crisis. These perspectives are all the more crucial at a time when so many are facing further housing and financial precarity, job insecurity and risks to health. 

We are launching our Coronavirus Crowdfunder to ensure that we can properly support our writers and editorial team during this uncertain period. Many of our contributors work on a freelance basis. With continuing uncertainty and government delays in providing support for 5 million self-employed people in the UK, we are appealing to those that are able to ensure Red Pepper can cover the crisis in a way that is just and fair.

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This crisis is political. Our content during this period will focus on the Politics of Covid-19 and so far, we have commissioned pieces from disabled activists and articles looking at the government’s response to the virus and its implications for immigration detention, housing and precarious work. All of this content will remain free for anyone to access on our website. 

We have also decided to make our most recent issue free to everyone for the next 30 days. Simply follow this link to enjoy the magazine in its full design glory for the whole of April. We will be running virtual events related to Spring 2020 articles over the coming month – follow us on Twitter to keep up with announcements.

For new and existing subscribers, we are rolling out a ‘universal subscription” which offers access to every issue of Red Pepper since 2005. This also means that our upcoming Summer 2020 edition will arrive in digital form on schedule, regardless of the lockdown. Just head to Exact Editions and enter your subscriber number now to gain access – and don’t hesitate to let us know what resonate gems you uncover in the archive! You can sign up for a subscription here.

Lastly, we hope you are all able to look after yourselves and one another at this difficult time. Isolation and social distancing will be hugely challenging for many of us. We encourage you to find your nearest mutual aid group and also share your experiences, thoughts and feelings with us either via email or our Twitter or Facebook pages. 

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