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Art and museums

  • Handala, a character originally drawn by Naji Al-Ali, painted onto the West Bank barrier

    A Child in Palestine – review

    A Child in Palestine is a powerful tribute to the enduring legacy of Naji al-Ali, writes Jeanine Hourani

  • Games Gyān Caupar, Reise um die Erde, The Noble Game of Elephant and Castle, Settlers of Catan

    Game on! It’s time to decolonise play

    Mary Flanagan examines the sordid history of how colonialism has shaped the games we play – and how we can build play spaces free of it

  • On a pale yellow background there is a collage of images from Birmingham. One is a blue plaque for the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies and others are buildings with radical grafitti on them.

    Four quarters of radical Birmingham

    The ‘Gramscian project’ of the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, established in 1964 by Stuart Hall and Richard Hoggart at the University of Birmingham, left an indelible mark on the city. Josh Allen surveys its enduring radical edge

  • A promotional photo from a production of the play Death in Venice

    Neoliberal economics is killing the arts

    Funding cuts and reduced access are cementing the arts as a privileged realm. It’s time to resist ‘art-as-capital’ thinking, argues Tim Lutton

  • A large group of people stand outside a glass fronted bulilding, the ESMA Memory Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Art and survival in Argentina’s Memory Museum

    As Argentina marks 40 years of democracy, Cecilia Sosa introduces the reflections of Alejandra Naftal, former director of ESMA, dictatorship survivor and lifetime witness

  • A group of people look up at a statue of a horse made from scrap metal, with roads and buildings in the background. The statue is in Jenin, Palestine

    Art in atrocity: Palestine and the destruction of culture

    Palestinian artists are being silenced in Gaza and all around the world. Their work must continue speaking volumes, says Siobhán McGuirk

  • A collage of images featuring Peter Kennard and two of his artworks - one showing a CND logo cutting through a bomb, the other a shadow of a person against the flag of Ukraine

    Peter Kennard: pictures for peace

    Peter Kennard reflects on a career focused on creating anti-war art, from documenting protests to dissecting nuclear weapons