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  • A former public baths and wash house in London now boarded up and abandoned

    Shattered Nation – review

    Dorling’s book offers a damning portrait of a crumbling Britain, writes Phil O’Sullivan

  • An illustrated pair of scissors is on a blue background.

    Key words: Austerity

    Níall Glynn explains the true function of an economic policy agenda that bolsters capitalism and devastates the working class

  • A promotional photo from a production of the play Death in Venice

    Neoliberal economics is killing the arts

    Funding cuts and reduced access are cementing the arts as a privileged realm. It’s time to resist ‘art-as-capital’ thinking, argues Tim Lutton

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg against purple background

    Key words: Meritocracy

    Jo Littler examines how claims of a level playing field disguise continuing privilege

  • Sketches showing placards catching fire and a fire extinguisher with a love heart on it

    Battling burnout: towards a regenerative activist culture

    Laurence Cox explores how regenerative activism can be used to combat burnout and resist neoliberal capitalism

  • A dozen protesters stand of the steps of an office building waving Unison flags and holding placards and banners that read: 'Save Debt Advice' and condemning big business from profiting from household debt

    Credit due: the fight to save debt advice services

    Cutting funding to debt advice services is an attack on working-class households. Unite for a Workers’ Economy is striking back, reports Michael Agboh-Davison

  • The chamber of the house of commons, except the green carpet has been replaced with jungle vegetation

    Rewilding our dysfunctional democracy

    Just as capitalism destroys ecosystems, it also maintains power imbalances in our democracies. Borrowing ecological principles could yield radical politcal changes, writes Calum McGeown