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Red Pepper is rooted in national and international movements for radical social and environmental change. A typical Red Pepper article offers background and context to political issues, challenges dominant intellectual/political thinking or mainstream media framings, addresses important issues that haven’t been covered elsewhere, or provokes debate on pressing topics for the left.

We are not a source for breaking news, and publish articles that will be relevant to future as well as present readers. Before submitting anything for consideration, be sure you are familiar with Red Pepper’s magazine’s political approach.

Articles should explore complex issues in accessible language, where possible avoiding jargon and academic language. The reader might be new to politics and activism, not be an expert in the subject, or have English as a second language. Online articles are generally 650 – 1,200 words long.

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We are always looking for new writers and ideas. Our contributors include unpublished writers, frontline activists, academics, campaigners and experienced journalists.

Please note: Articles published in the print edition are proactively commissioned according to issue themes, and written specifically with the magazine in mind. We however welcome pitches for website content.

Your proposal / pitch should include:

  • 100-150 word outline your article or idea. NOTE: We will not read full articles or long pitches. Even if you have written a full piece, send us a brief outline
  • A clear overview of the subject / story, its main argument(s), tone, style (i.e. comment, review, investigative piece, research-based, testimony, etc.) and target length
  • Your email address and phone number
  • Links to previous published work, if applicable
  • Indicate whether you are sending this pitch exclusively to Red Pepper

Send pitches to submissions [at] redpepper.org.uk

Our Editorial team is very small, and it may take us up to a week to get back to you. If we are interested in your pitch, we will contact you.

We are unable to reply to every submision. If you do not hear from us within a week, please assume that the editors have decided not to pursue your proposal this time. That does not mean that we don’t want to publish an article from you in the future.


We strive wherever possible to pay contributors. As a non-profit magazine with a strict ethical advertising policy, pay-what-you-can subscription rate and open access website, we are however extremely tight on funds. We prioritise payment for articles to emerging and freelance writers, in particular people on lower incomes and from backgrounds under-represented in the media. We encourage writers with stable and/or higher incomes to waive their fee so it can go back into our Writers’ Fund.