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  • On a red background, there is an illustration of a rose than is on its side, with wilted petals. There are two protestors with signs reading 'Fund our schools' and 'right to strike'

    Minimum service levels, minimum prospects

    Adrian Weir examines Labour’s lackluster response to the Tories’ attack on workers, and how unions are striking back

  • On a red background, there is an illustration of a wilted red rose that is dropping its petals on protesting nurses. The nurses banners say 'claps don't pay the bills' and 'save the NHS'.

    Predicting a Labour government

    Bar a seismic shift in British politics, Labour will form the next government. So what will it do? Nick Cosburn says it’s easier to predict than you might think

  • Former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (left) and former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls (right) recording the pilot episode of their podcast Political Currency

    First as tragedy, second as podcasts

    Politicians keep launching podcasts. The medium’s veneer of authenticity only works to reinforce establishment discourse, argues Daniel Eales

  • An illustration of Kier Starmer watering a plant that resembles the tree from the Conservative Party logo. A pot with a rose is knocked over and some people hold an RMT banner.

    Keir Starmer’s bad history

    With his insights as a historian of the modern UK, David Edgerton looks at Labour’s new affinity with the Tories

  • Three photos of demonstrations on a red background. They are all anti austerity demonstrations.

    The economic crisis facing Labour

    Labour’s spending plans are inadequate to rebuild public services. We need to new movements for more radical change, argue John McDonnell MP and Andrew Fisher

  • Against a yellow background with concentric circles pattern, a silhouette of a hand drops a vote with a Labour Party rose into a ballot box, while megaphones float all around it

    The electoral (wrong) turn? beyond the binaries of Labour

    We can learn from the USA and Greece, says Lesley Dodd, to map out routes beyond working only inside or outside the Labour Party

  • A child lies in a hospital bed, alert and smiling up at a man, Aneurin Bevan, and two women dressed in nurses uniforms typical of the 1940s, on the first day of the National Health Service

    Anchors for hope: The uses of nostalgia

    Nostalgia can inspire action towards a more just society, says Siobhan McGuirk, if we remember without romanticising socialist victories past

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