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  • Two Black women hold up signs protesting anti-lgbtq laws, one reading "I am a proud lesbian, get over it!"

    The global battle against Ghana’s anti-LGBTQ+ bill

    As states across Africa threaten LGBTQ+ communities, Chiamaka Muoneke reports on the colonial roots of homophobic laws – and the digital activism fuelling resistance

  • Members of the Kayole Social Justice Centre stand in front of a wall of grafiti with their fists raised. The wall says 'peace' and 'courage'

    Fighting Kenya’s femicide

    Grassroots socialist and feminist organising in spaces like Kayole Social Justice Centre, Nairobi, are leading the fight against patriarchy, capitalism, and a colonial present, writes Maryanne Kasina

  • Liberation by the masses

    Revolutionary pan-Africanist Walter Rodney understood Palestinian liberation would be driven by the people writes Chinedu Chukwudinma

  • Figures protest holding Arabic signs against a backdrop of red, black and green

    Ambivalent Africanism? Challenging anti-black racism in Tunisia

    Leila Tayeb looks at anti-black, anti-migrant sentiment in Tunisia and north African constructions of ‘whiteness’

  • A statue bust and screenshots from a black and white film showing the capture of Kimathi, against a black, red and green background

    Reclaiming Kimathi, leader of the Mau Mau

    Lutivini Majanja writes on the legacy of Dedan Kimathi, leader of the Kenya Liberation and Freedom Army, also known as the Mau Mau

  • Walter Rodney, aBblack man with Afro hair, glasses, dressed in a 1970s style suit is speaking against a red, black and green background

    Walter Rodney was right

    The Guyanese Marxist and pan-Africanist Walter Rodney is being read with eagerness by young organisers in Africa today, writes Phethani Madzivhandila

  • The outline of Africa, coloured in red, sits amid the pan-africanist colours of red, black and green

    The revolutionary dream of Pan-Africanism

    We must learn the history of Pan-Africanism and re-engage with the revolutionary anti-colonial activists who first pursued its dream, argues Kevin Ochieng Okoth

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