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Key Words

  • Key words: Tankie

    Owen Hatherley unpacks one of the most infamous phrases in left-wing infighting

  • An illustrated pair of scissors is on a blue background.

    Key words: Austerity

    Níall Glynn explains the true function of an economic policy agenda that bolsters capitalism and devastates the working class

  • A champagne cork popping turns into a graph line showing recession

    Key words: Degrowth

    Filka Sekulova explains one of the concepts at the heart of climate and social justice activism

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg against purple background

    Key words: Meritocracy

    Jo Littler examines how claims of a level playing field disguise continuing privilege

  • Images set against a yellow background show a pint of beer, a robot, workers on laptops and an oil rig engulfed in flames

    Top Marx: revisiting key Marxist concepts in today’s world

    Jamila Squire breaks down four Marxist concepts that can help in developing a common materialist understanding of today’s crises

  • A young person, dressed for office work, looks despondently at a laptop computer

    Key words: Alienation

    Daniel Newman explains a key Marxist concept for understanding how labour under capitalism denies workers their humanity

  • An illustration showing images of German philosophers Karl Marx and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel with pink and purple coloured arrows pointing in different directions across the top

    Key words: Dialectics

    Tom Whyman explains Marx’s influential theory of ‘dialectical materialism’ which has its roots in Hegel and takes history to be driven by conflict