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Key Words

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg against purple background

    Key words: Meritocracy

    Jo Littler examines how claims of a level playing field disguise continuing privilege

  • Images set against a yellow background show a pint of beer, a robot, workers on laptops and an oil rig engulfed in flames

    Top Marx: revisiting key Marxist concepts in today’s world

    Jamila Squire breaks down four Marxist concepts that can help in developing a common materialist understanding of today’s crises

  • A young person, dressed for office work, looks despondently at a laptop computer

    Key words: Alienation

    Daniel Newman explains a key Marxist concept for understanding how labour under capitalism denies workers their humanity

  • An illustration showing images of German philosophers Karl Marx and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel with pink and purple coloured arrows pointing in different directions across the top

    Key words: Dialectics

    Tom Whyman explains Marx’s influential theory of ‘dialectical materialism’ which has its roots in Hegel and takes history to be driven by conflict

  • On a city street building works hoarding, a poster reads: "Gentrification Zone: Area Certified as Economically Cleansed"

    Key words: Gentrification

    Joy White explains the ‘social cleansing’ of cities and communities

  • A map of the world showing the CANZUK countries and dominions (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom) highlighted in blue

    Key Words: CANZUK

    Owen Hatherley uncovers the imperial nostalgia fuelling proposals for a new geopolitical union

  • A man, Raymond Williams, ins standing up and speaking into a microphone surrounded by people seated all around him in a busy lecture hall

    The lasting legacy of Raymond Williams

    On the centenary of his birth, Rhian E. Jones celebrates Raymond Williams’ legacy as Red Pepper revives his influential ‘key words’ project