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Alternative economies

  • A champagne cork popping turns into a graph line showing recession

    Key words: Degrowth

    Filka Sekulova explains one of the concepts at the heart of climate and social justice activism

  • A bitcoing machine illuminated with multiple coloured lights in a shopping centre in Gdańsk, Poland

    Blockchain Radicals – review

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain might be here for the long haul, but Dávila’s book shows how they can be repurposed by the left, writes David Z. Morris

  • Protestors marching with banners reading 'cut war not welfare' and other references to the cost-of-living crisis. In the foreground, a black man and an older white woman in a mask link arms

    Introducing the first New Organising Conference

    Jane Holgate outlines the vision and rationale of an exciting new conference on workplace organising

  • A young smiling child pours water from a watering can over a bed of sprouting plants as a smiling older person looks on at the Golden Hill Community Garden

    The future is now: rethinking public ownership

    Hilary Wainwright introduces ‘prefigurative politics’ and Ursula Huws explains how community ownership can encourage a fruitful rethink of public ownership amid a cost-of-living crisis

  • Ci and Darcy pose next to a wall that has 'Climate Justice' written on it

    Dinners for debt justice

    Sheffield activists Ci Davis and Darcy White explain their work in the Jubilee Movement, a mutual aid-based debt justice campaign

  • Large white letters spelling out 'SOCIALISM' stand against a hedgerow in a field at daybreak, with figures in front securing the letters

    Beyond The World Transformed

    Lucy Delany profiles the Transformed Network activists taking TWT projects nationwide throughout the past year

  • A street in Kibagare, Nairobi

    Tapping technology in Nairobi’s informal settlements

    Prince Guma reflects on how new digital technologies for water provision have been adapted – and subverted – in informal settlements in Nairobi