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Autumn 2023


  • Freedom songs for total liberation 

    Ubax Abdi and Chief Nyamweya reflect on pan-Africanism past and future while Lena Grace Anyuolo poems express a pan-African socialist woman’s perspective

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  • Top Marx: revisiting key Marxist concepts in today’s world

    Jamila Squire breaks down four Marxist concepts that can help in developing a common materialist understanding of today’s crises

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  • Embedding racism: a brief history of border violence

    Siobhan McGuirk charts the development of UK borders and citizenship policies since the early 1900s

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  • Ambivalent Africanism? Challenging anti-black racism in Tunisia

    Leila Tayeb looks at anti-black, anti-migrant sentiment in Tunisia and north African constructions of ‘whiteness’

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