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Here are just some of the Europe-wide coordinated actions you can support before the European elections come to an end.

May 13, 2014 · 3 min read

1. Contact your European election candidates – ask them to take a stand against the excessive lobbying influence of banks and big business. Over 1000 candidates have signed the pledge already.

2. Support the Come Out Campaign for LGBTI rights – The EU was the first international organisation to recognise sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in its law, but there’s a long way to go. ILGA-Europe, who fight for the equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people, have produced a whole toolkit for you to make use of. It involves contacting candidates, researching their positions and spreading the word.

3. Push for digital rights – Pledge to cast your vote in favour of candidates who have signed a 10-point charter of digital rights. The charter supports data protection, privacy legislation, free software and more, while standing against blanket, unchecked surveillance measures. A supporter’s kit is available to download from the site.

4. Fight for media pluralism – Firstly, sign this petition to Stop BSkyB from buying Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia. The acquisition would give Sky effective control over two of Europe’s largest pay-TV broadcasters and would create a European pay-TV giant. Secondly, find your local alternative media sources and see what you can do to support them or get involved. Thirdly, sign the European Initiative for Media Pluralism; it calls for checks on media ownership, independence from political power and control of advertising, and it needs one million signatures to be considered for implementation.

5. This is another social media one, and for fans of Syriza. Alexis Tsipras’ social media campaigns team are calling for support with his bid for the presidency of the European Commission. They want to spread a message of solidarity among the sister parties on the continent and they ask for your help to create Twitter storms. Follow #ELchangeEurope (meaning European Left Change Europe) for the latest.

6. Join the Week of Action – a call out in the name of democracy, solidarity and the commons. Against the neoliberal policies of austerity and privatisation pushed by the Troika and all complicit governments. The European Week of Action calls for real democracy from below, refusing to accept the attempts by corporate Europe and politicians to rehabilitate neoliberalism on the backs of employees as well as unemployed, retirees, migrants and the youth, with the slogan “We don’t owe, we won’t pay!” So far events are planned for Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Napoli, Paris, Madrid, Denmark and more.

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