Thatcher vs Bin Laden: the Daily Mail’s views on ‘sick death parties’

Leigh Phillips says that the idea of 'showing respect for the dead' seems to be somewhat selective
10 April 2013

When is okay to organise a 'death party' to celebrate the demise of someone responsible for the deaths of thousands, and when is not?

According to the Daily Mail, when the venal killer is Margaret Thatcher, decorum and respect for the dead must prevail. But when the murderer is Osama bin Laden, well, Waheeey! It's partaaay time!

Based on the Daily Mail's moral algebra, the answer to when street revelry is acceptable can only be when the dead are easily enumerable. Then death parties are 'moments to remember'.

But when we are talking about excess deaths that wouldn't have happened otherwise – the kind that it takes epidemiologists to estimate with a margin of error and a level of confidence - or deaths in apartheid South Africa, or Khmer Rouge Cambodia, or Northern Ireland, where the link between the killer and killed is stochastic rather than deterministic, then public celebrations are 'macabre'.

The paper on Wednesday denounced the 'Flames of hate: 30 years of Left wing loathing for Lady T explodes in sick celebrations of her death'. Those marking the occasion with revelry across the country, from street parties to working men's clubs' extended closing times, were all engaged in 'sick celebrations'.

The Mail fulminated against these 'ugly', 'disgraceful' 'Thatcher death parties' where 'some people drank champagne while others walked around in Thatcher masks' and 'revellers cheered and handed out "Maggie death cake"' and party balloons.

At the very least, the argument goes, it would have been appropriate for those who disagreed with her policies to remain silent out of consideration for her grieving family.

A contrast

But just under two years ago, it was a different story. There were no thoughts for the deceased loved ones, no strident calls for decency, good manners and propriety. When Osama bin Laden was summarily executed by US Navy Seals, avoiding all niceties of due process, the Daily Mail joined with millions of Americans who took to their streets and parks and bars to celebrate the death of their enemy.

These were not 'drunken mobs' this time, but instead 'euphoric crowds'. People who climbed atop street lamps and other structures were 'daring'. 'Many threw caution to the wind as they clambered to high vantage points to wave flags,' the paper said.

These were 'moments to remember' and a time to be 'proud to be an American'.

'Memorable scenes at Times Square early today, with many waving U.S. flags in celebration,' cooed the captions that sub-editors added to photos of the merry-making.

'Fancy that! Actor Rob Lowe joined New York City Firefighters in Times Square to cheer the news of the death of Al Qaeda Leader!' the paper continued, cheering along with the West Point Military Academy cadets who stripped down, started a bonfire and threw glow sticks out of their dorm rooms.

It was, the article's four authors wrote, an 'emotional high'.

Sing it

Efforts to propel 'Ding dong, the Witch is Dead' to the top of the download charts are self-evidently odious to commentators, but when Miley Cyrus's 'Party in the USA' became the 'official funeral song of Osama bin Laden' and people played the tune outside the White House, this bubble-gum-pop thanatology was somehow unremarkable.

At the time former US President George W. Bush described the extra-judicial killing as 'a momentous achievement' while Tony Blair offered his 'heartfelt gratitude' for this 'huge achievement'. Condoleeza Rice found it 'absolutely thrilling' and was 'overwhelmed with gratitude' while David Cameron expressed his 'great relief' and saluted the "great success".

Elsewhere in the world the Polish foreign ministry put out a statement describing their 'moment of happiness', French foreign minister Alain Juppé said 'I'm overjoyed', and the Canadian prime minister declared his 'sober satisfaction'. German leader Angela Merkel expressed 'joy' and the Dutch prime minister 'presented his compliments to President Obama'.

Oh, and Charlie Sheen tweeted: 'Dead or Alive. WE PREFER DEAD! Well done SEAL team! AMERICA: WINNING that's how we roll.'

Well I say: Ghoulish, the lot of them, showing no respect for Bin Laden's grieving family.

Leigh PhillipsLeigh Phillips is a regular Red Pepper writer and was previously a Brussels-based journalist and Red Pepper's Europe correspondent.


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Oscar 10 April 2013, 14.53

Jenny 10 April 2013, 19.44

Hell-bent on driving your circulation into the ground Red Pepper?

Three wrongs don’t make a right.

No wonder the left can’t cobble together a coherent front to effectively oppose the political legacy of Thatcherism – which is still very much ALIVE, in a possibly more malignant form.

Pull you heads out of your rear ends.

Just unsubscribed your blog feed.

Lol'd 11 April 2013, 12.57

“Pull you heads out of your rear ends”
Is this not partly why the left cannot pull together an argument the conservatives will listen to?


Just subscribed to your blog feed.

Bugsy 11 April 2013, 14.37

Excellent article and a timely reminder of the continuing hypocrisy of the ruling elite and their minions in the “newspaper” industry. Well done indeed!


Kavafy 12 April 2013, 10.20

While the examples of spin from the Mail are amusing, there are key differences between the two situations. Bin Laden was the active leader of a terrorist organisation at the time he was killed and had ordered the violent deaths of civilians. His death was a blow to his organisation. Thatcher had been out of power for 20 years and her death meant nothing, politically. So what’s to celebrate?

Peter 12 April 2013, 12.12

Thank you for pointing out the shallow hypocracy of the right wing press. Time and time again in the past the press has gloried over the deaths of others – remember ‘Gotcha’ when the British Navy sunk an old Argentine battleship that was full of young conscripts? Don’t remember much concern for their grieving families then or since. I suspect that the hysterical nature of their outrage over lack of respect for Thatcher’s death really hides the fact that very few people in the UK actually care.

Jay 12 April 2013, 12.27

Yawn, all this moralism about the witch’s death celebrations makes me puke, grow a pair. Good on the partygoers I say. I don’t see any outrage at the 24/7 fawning and canonisation of this woman in the media; where is the balance? The witch was remorseless and showed no mercy to vaste swathes of society when she was alive, a society which she didn’t believe in by the way. Her legacy still lives on in this disgusting neoliberal climate that we live in. Just because she’s dead now it doesn’t alter the fact that she was a nasty evil b*tch with also blood on her hands – her NHS cuts caused the early deaths of many, her destruction of industry drove several to suicide, she killed teenagers (Belgrano) to win an election, she supported appartheid and even called Mandela a terrorist, etc, etc. You didn’t see anyone standing up for Chavez when they were slagging him off in the press and gloating over his death. Chavez at least tried to help the poor and disadvantaged in his country (the same can’t be said of the Thatch). Good that people are celebrating and that there’s been media coverage of it. There needs to be a balance in the media otherwise you’d be given the impression she was a bloody heroic saint who saved us all. Spare me.

Rupert Ferguson 13 April 2013, 00.39

Does anyone remember watching that Bin Laden ‘Confession Tape’ disseminated through the Mass Media at the time of 911? The makers of the controversial ‘Alternative historical’ documentary ‘Loose Change’ were to make some very interesting, and amusing anecdotal observations about that. The mainstream media will always have its slanted double standards no matter what. The key to it is to understand them for what they are, and as time progresses fewer and fewer people are being fooled by what is put in front of them!

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