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  • An image of the Odesa Puppet Theatre building and an actor in a hat holding a puppet fox

    Puppetry thrives amid war in Ukraine

    The Odesa Puppet Theatre plays a vital role for Ukrainians facing the violence and trauma of war, explain Nataliia Borodina and Matt Smith

  • An illustration showing a red carnation on the left, with the text '25 De Abril' above it. On the left is a tank with people holding guns on and around it

    Portugal’s forgotten revolution

    The ‘carnation revolution’ saw soldiers, workers and communities join forces to overthrow fascism and challenge capitalist power. Peter Robinson traces events from April 1974

  • Supporters of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party wave red flags

    Greece: the anti-fascist struggle continues

    The Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party leaders were imprisoned three years ago. The anti-fascist struggle in Greece did not end with their convictions, explains Rosa Vasilaki

  • Archive photo of General Franco with a grainy image of resistance fighters in the background

    Undoing Franco’s legacy

    A half century after the Spanish dictator’s death, a new law offers truth, reparations and justice to the victims of fascism. Uma Arruga i López reports

  • A montage of UK far-right figures including Suella Braverman, Nigel Farage, Nick Griffith, Boris Johnson and masked protesters with St George's Flag and pig masks

    Anti-fascism now

    As the UK far right evolves and wields new power, antifascists must adapt their tactics to defeat it, writes David Renton

  • A white man in a blue suit makes a casual salute in a hall full of people in suits

    PiS off! But Tusk’s coalition is a Faustian pact for the Polish left

    Lewica politicians must use their leverage for women, workers and minorities, says Ewa Pospieszyńska, or risk even greater threats from the right

  • Head and shoulder photographs of the two authors

    Definitely maybe? The rise of the ‘definite’ left

    In an essay in Byline Times, openDemocracy co-founder Anthony Barnett celebrated the emergence of what he calls the ‘definite left’. It triggered a range of responses, including this exchange with the writer, historian and Kremlin critic Kirill Kobrin

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