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How it feels to be in Athens today

Paul Mackney writes from Greece on Syriza's victory and the atmosphere of celebration

If Syriza wins the Greek election, what will happen next?

Lisa Mittendrein and Valentin Schwarz spoke to Syriza members to explore the possibilities for a government of the left

Greece: Are you ready to grow young again?

Kevin Ovenden writes from Athens on the eve of Greece's historic election

Mike Marqusee: A contender for the living

Mike Marqusee was an extraordinary writer and activist who enriched the left in the UK and internationally, writes James O'Nions

Tributes to Mike Marqusee from around the web

Everyone at Red Pepper is devastated by the loss of our inspiring columnist Mike Marqusee

Mike Marqusee's columns: a look back

As we remember Mike Marqusee, Nick Dearden highlights some of Mike's most timeless writing in Red Pepper

From protest to power: the transformation of Syriza
Marina Prentoulis reports on how Greece’s left party Syriza is taking power with a new kind of organisation

Don't believe the claims about Tower Hamlets – the devil is in the detail
Rabina Khan, cabinet member for housing in Tower Hamlets council, defends its record in the face of government-led attacks

Roy Bhaskar obituary
One of the most influential voices in the philosophy of science and a political revolutionary, writes David Graeber.

Inequality: the slow revolution
In an extract from his new book, Inequality and the 1%, Danny Dorling argues that we need a nonviolent war of attrition against the rich

Labour once again refuses to break with 'business as usual'
Labour's links to PricewatehouseCoopers is yet another sign of a party unwilling to break from 'business as usual' and of a political system captured by corporate interests, writes Andrew Dolan

From the archives: Naomi Klein - why it’s time to show our face
Naomi Klein tells Mat Little how she put into words what so many were feeling – and why it’s time the new movement showed a public face and built coalitions with others on the left (published in issue 79, January 2001)

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From the archives: A victim of America—Muhammad Ali and the war against terrorism

When Hollywood bosses were asked by the Bush administration to do their bit in the 'war on terrorism', they signed up eagerly for the new crusade. They pledged to 'stress efforts to enhance the perception of America around the world.' In pursuit of this troublesome objective, they came up with the notion of getting much-loved former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali to promote US policy. Mike Marqusee tells the story (published in issue 93, March 2002)

Musings of an urban market gardener

A new book from OrganicLea, the food growing cooperative in East London, ponders the personal and political of growing food

From the archives: What’s the story? Ken Loach and Noel Gallagher in conversation

Film director Ken Loach talks to Noel Gallagher, songwriting powerhouse of Oasis (Published in issue 21, February 1996)

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