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Sweden’s Great Welfare Heist

How Sweden’s public services were stolen, and how people are fighting to take them back. By Adam Bott

Labour's lost leader

Leo Panitch assesses the legacy of Tony Benn

Fighting fracking in Poland: the farmers’ resistance movement

An improverished farming community in Żurawlów is using creative tactics to stop Chevron’s shale gas plans, writes Marta Rozmysłowicz

How an anti-airport occupation became a battle for France’s future

Emilie Papillon reports from the ZAD – an occupation of the site of a proposed airport that has turned into something more

Free schools: freedom for whom?

Andrew Dolan looks at some of the problems posed by free schools

The student loans sell off: a briefing by Andrew Mcgettigan

In our latest briefing, Andrew Mcgettigan provides an insight into the sale of student loans

Gabriel García Marquez: much more than magical realism
Matt Carr pays tribute to the author Gabriel García Márquez

A collective responsibility: reproductive rights in crisis across Europe
Rachael Ferguson and Gwyneth Lonergan argue that Europe’s austerity drive is deepening gender inequality and sparking a new wave of attacks on women’s reproductive rights

Why you’re wrong about Ukraine
Gabriel Levy on Putin’s war, the Maidan movement and the new Ukrainian government

Tony Benn's ideas live on – and still have the potential to create a new society
John McDonnell MP looks back at the Bennite programme of the early 1980s and its relevance to the struggles of today

The centre cannot hold
Leigh Phillips considers what the crumbling of support for mainstream parties means for the fortunes of the left and right in the coming European elections

Democracy is nobody's business
Vicky Cann from Corporate Europe Observatory explains how politicians, corporations and lobbyists have put the cocktail reception at the heart of decision making in Brussels

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The Shed is proving that theatre can tackle the issues of the day

A temporary space at the National Theatre has been tackling a host of contemporary issues. Edd Mustill has been enjoying the show

The holy fools of Pussy Riot

Frank Carney salutes Pussy Riot and says their case demonstrates the importance of gestures on life's great occasions

Tate’s left turn

Tate Liverpool has opened its doors to an exhibition devoted to the left. Danielle Child spoke to the gallery’s artistic director Francesco Manacorda

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