Jeremy Hardy thinks… about hating the Tories

The Tories have taken on human form, which is when they’re at their most dangerous
May 2011

Something weird is going on. People don’t hate the Tories as much as they should. They do hate the Liberal Democrats, or rather Clegg. The only other contemporary Lib Dem most would recognise is Cable, and people are, at the time of writing, suspending judgement on him. We still don’t know what he might do. He could just go nuts with a chainsaw, so no-one wants to write him off quite yet.

Generally, the Liberal Democrats have become a stab-vest for the Tories. This fact alone, however, can’t fully explain the fact that the Conservatives are not more widely loathed. Maybe people have fallen for the newness. The Tories have taken on human form, which is when they’re at their most dangerous.

Even some progressive commentators are toying with the idea that they might be on some kind of journey. John Harris in the Guardian suggested that the ‘big society’ should not be dismissed too readily by ‘the tired old left’. I don’t consider either of those adjectives to be an insult, by the way.

Of course, Conservatives are actually human and, aside from a fear of the unwashed and a simpleton’s optimism about markets, they’re not always rigidly ideological. They might easily smile on the odd co-op if they thought it an amusing wheeze.

Cameron and chums seem to be in politics mostly for their own entertainment. It’s no wonder Dave gets on so well with Prince William. They both treat Britain as their play-thing, and perhaps Britain has mistaken their cavalier attitude to it as a refreshing informality that humanises serious men who have a profound sense of duty and a poshness that’s almost a burden. I fear Britain has not shaken off a deference that borders on masochism, and which helped to keep Thatcher in power for a very long time.

Jeremy HardyJeremy Hardy is a comedian and writer who regularly appears on BBC Radio 4's The News Quiz and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.


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Tom 30 May 2011, 14.51

Stick to comedy and less of the leftie tree hugging claptrap

Paula 30 May 2011, 15.06

I totally agree with you, Jeremy. I can’t, for the life of me, understand why the populace is so forgiving of the Tories. This feels like the worst of the eighties reborn!

Jackie Ross 30 May 2011, 16.15

Quite right!! Every time I feel I that I’m the only one who has NOT ‘shaken off a deference bordering on masochism’ to those in power, I thank goodness for Jeremy Hardy’s funny and insightful work. I can relax in knowing that it isn’t just me, I really am not alone! Thank you!

Mike 31 May 2011, 01.52

Thank Christ you are in the minority.

What a load of typical bleeding heart lefty nonsense. Scaremongering and hyperbole, nothing more.

Mrsavp 31 May 2011, 12.18

Completely agree with column- it seems that us Brits have ridiculously short memories where the tories are concerned. Also, I find the Guardian seems obsessed with printing comment that opposes its supposed left stance. Perhaps to show how ground breaking & unique it is, ahem…

As for your detractors on here, if they don’t like reading left-wing opinion why read this column? Do they only read this to post offensive comments? I’m not saying that discussion & differing opinions should not be aired but why be so offensive?

And ‘mike’ Jeremy is not in the minority. 36% of the population voted Tory. Thar is NOT a majority.

Again, great column!

Col. Richard Hindrance (Mrs) 3 June 2011, 20.06

Can ‘Mike’ and/or ‘Tom’ fuck off back to the Astroturfing Department at Tory Central Office and stop pretending to be ‘ordinary people’ affecting surprise that there are “lefty” writings by “lefty” columnists on the website of a sodding left wing magazine?


John Wood 13 February 2013, 21.14

Quote at 12.18 “Do they only read this to post offensive comments?”

Quote at 8.06 pm “Can ‘Mike’ and/or ‘Tom’ fuck off back to the Astroturfing Department at Tory Central Office”

Sort of says it all doesn’t it? Only leftys post offensive comments. The rightys still try and argue the case.

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