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Green Party: Left foot forward?

James O’Nions reviews the leadership contenders and asks what it tells us about the current state of the Green Party
31 July 2012

London Green Party leadership hustings

Green Party leadership candidates at a London hustings. Left to right: Pippa Bartolotti, Natalie Bennett, (returning officer Jon Nott) Romayne Phoenix, Peter Cranie.

Green Party members in England and Wales will soon be receiving their ballot papers in the first serious contest for leader and deputy leader the party has held. Though the posts were first introduced in 2008 (previously the Green Party had ‘principal speakers’), and elections recur every two years, there was never any doubt that Caroline Lucas would be leader, and Norwich councillor Adrian Ramsay deputy.

This time, however, Caroline Lucas has decided not to stand again. She’s cited the need for a wider group of Green politicians to gain public profile as her reason, and there’s little doubt that her own time as leader led directly to her election as the Green’s first MP in Brighton Pavillion. But she and her team are no doubt also keenly aware of the time she needs to put into getting re-elected in Brighton – in a seat where Labour are her main rivals, are bashing the Green-led council for passing a cuts budget (however hypocritically) and in the context of a likely national swing to Labour at the next election, it’s tactically smart for her to concentrate on Brighton for the next couple of years.

Hence the Greens face a leadership race with no obvious winner going into the contest, although of the four candidates, there are frontrunners. The first to declare, Wales Green Party speaker Pippa Bartolotti, is surely not among them. Pippa, whose background is in business ‘sustainability’, is of the ‘neither left nor right but forward’ camp (and uses the phrase on her website). Once a more widely held position, the phrase no longer really chimes with the mood of a party more and more made up of people specifically looking for a left alternative. Plus it sounds rather silly. With turns of phrase like “the government has to stop pimping the planet and it has to stop pimping the people” (at the London hustings) and a grasp of media strategy that led her to proclaim “I annoy journalists all the time” as some kind of virtue, Pippa has something of the Jenny Jones about her.

The other candidate I would rule out is Romayne Phoenix. Romayne is standing on a ‘Green Left’ ticket with deputy leadership candidate Will Duckworth. Green Left is a small and dwindling ecosocialist current in the party. This is no barrier to electoral success: Derek Wall, a better known member of the group, has been elected male principal speaker of the party before. But he’s endorsed Alex Phillips (see below) for deputy so its clear there’s no unity around the ticket in the group. And there are plenty of socialists in the wider party who aren’t connected to Green Left and I would guess won’t be voting for Romayne.

They may well vote for Peter Cranie, who is also (marginally) the bookie’s favourite. Peter ran as the lead candidate in the North West for the European Parliament elections in 2009 on a specifically anti-racist, anti-BNP ticket. Though he just missed beating Nick Griffin to the last MEP place in the region, he is well placed to beat him next time. He says he wants the Greens to be known as much for housing as for the environment, and comes across like he might just be able to carry that off convincingly (he’s a Scot from a working class background who used to be in the Labour Party).

Also in the running is Natalie Bennett, chair of Green Party Women, parliamentary candidate for Holborn and St Pancras, and with a record of competence and getting things done within internal Green Party structures. An Australian who has worked as editor of the Guardian Weekly, she has framed her campaign around speaking up for the marginalised, and around concrete ambition for the party’s electoral growth.

Of the deputy leadership candidates, the most interesting is perhaps Alex Phillips. She’s the youngest of the candidates, but as a Brighton councillor was the only one to vote against the cuts budget (as amended by Labour and the Tories) and was closely involved in Caroline Lucas’ election campaign. She will probably get the Young Green vote (more for her more leftwing politics than for her own relative youth), but is also supported by a good range of people in the party establishment.

Her main rival is probably Caroline Allen since though Richard Mallender is a party stalwart he appears to have run a rather lacklustre campaign so far, with no prominent backers listed on his website. However, that’s to reckon without the party’s election rules, which mean that once the leader is elected, deputy leadership candidates of the same sex are then disqualified so as to ensure gender balance. That means two of the deputy candidates have no chance of winning, but no-one knows which two until the votes are counted.

If I had to guess I would say that Peter Cranie will be the Greens’ next leader. From the evidence of the hustings so far he has the most natural manner, and the strongest chance of broadening the party’s appeal. He’s probably best known among ordinary Green Party members and has the support of enough of the party establishment to win.

An unofficial Green Party elections blog is being run by Matt Sellwood and Jim Jepps, both occasional Red Pepper contributors, and both now running one of the frontrunners’ campaigns each (Peter Cranie and Natalie Bennett respectively). It is nevertheless being scrupulously fair in its presentation of videos of various hustings and other news and opinion. The ballot closes on 31 August, with the result announced before Green Party Autumn conference on 7 September.

Unlike some of their European cousins, its been a couple of decades since the Greens in the UK have had any kind of right wing. Nevertheless, there are probably two main strands of thinking in the party. One is a kind of ecoliberalism, concerned with climate change and more bike facilities. The other is a left social democracy, concerned with inequality and defending the NHS. To a certain extent they co-exist, even in the same people, but recent years have seen the latter gain ground. Whatever the outcome, this leadership contest seems to confirm that.

Nevertheless, finding someone combining genuinely leftwing politics with credibility as a mainstream politician is difficult in any party. Too often the Greens manage only one or even neither. Getting somewhere near both in the Greens’ second ever leadership team could open up the possibility of a real advance for the party.

James O'NionsJames O'Nions is a member of Red Pepper's editorial collective. He also manages local activism and events for Global Justice Now.


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Adam Ramsay 31 July 2012, 16.11

Good piece.

As you say, Peter looks like the favourite to me, and I hope that Alex Phillips is his deputy – she’s very impressive.

Another interesting delelopment here is that the contest has forced the party to look at strategy. My feeling is that, once the party had delivered its decades long aim of getting 1 MP, it wasn’t clear what the plan was next – where is seat 2? Are we taking control in a couple of cities? etc…

The next leader, given that Caroline is still going to be the face on telly, will mostly be internally facing – a genuine leader more than a figure head. And so candidates have been forced to engage with these strategic questions.



Luke 31 July 2012, 18.18

Thank you for the weLl-informed article on this exciting campaign, which the mainstream media have (so far) largely ignored. One minor correction to make – none of the bookmakers are currently offering markets on the race. Paddy Power briefly had a market on it, but suspended it over a week ago with Peter Cranie well ahead of the other candidates.

I offer two predctions. Firstly that Cranie will win (a worthy winner, as your article suggests). Secondly that by the time of the next leadership race in 2014 (they are held ever two years), the party will have adapted its current rather odd gender balance rules so that they simply state that at least one out of the leader and deputy leader must be a woman.

Rachel 31 July 2012, 19.00

An interesting and positive analysis of the current contest,would like to add to Lukes thanks.
I am also hoping for a Peter Cranie win, and would like to see Caroline Allen as his deputy. Having researched and now met most of the candidates, found them all impressive in different ways and think we are lucky to have such a good field to choose from.

Rob 31 July 2012, 19.42

Can someone help?

I’ve been a Green Party member for almost two years and I haven’t received the handy ‘faction pack’ that details all about what joining the ‘ecoliberals’ or ‘left social democrats’ or ‘green left’ or ‘not left not right but forward’ means and entails.

Do you know where I could get one from?

Otherwise I’ll just have to make do with the policies.

Oh_dear 31 July 2012, 20.03

This is a pretty piss poor hatchet job of an article – the level of balance entailed is clearly pretty much in favour of Cranie and Bennett – perhaps the massive plug for the Sellwood/Jepps propaganda vehicle might give some clues to why the article has such a massive bias.

I’d suggest the author takes a look at the website for Romayne and Will and report back exactly where it says they are running as Green Left candidates – because it doesn’t say, as they are not running as such, they are running as candidates just like everyone else, with backing from people right across the Party and beyond.

It’s worth noting that Romayne is the only leadership candidate to have held an elected office (as a Councillor in Lewisham), and continues to hold a significant office outside the Green Party as chair of coalition of resistance.

I’m sure that the author of the article will have helped his friends, and may well influence some people that the establishment, anointed candidates they are campaigning for are worthy of voting for, but it’s clear that this is a puff piece and little more.

I’m disappointed that GPRC have decided not to recall the ballot – because this election has been downright dirty right the way through, with the latest stunt from Ms Bennett and her erstwhile companion paddy has been one of the lowest points.

Luke 31 July 2012, 20.11

Rob, I think one of the strengths of the party in recent years has been that it has successfully avoided the factionalism which is so often the bane of left-wing political movements. There are no obvious ‘fundi’ or ‘realo’ wings to the party, as there are within the German Greens. However, one can still attempt to label different (often overlapping) philosophies within the party, even if they do not amount to factions as such.

Martin 31 July 2012, 21.20

Romayne and Will both happen to be members of Green Left. As well as Romayne’s position of chair of coalition of resistance she is also female co-convenor of green left. There is however no ‘green left ticket’ as this article implies – to impress that membership of green left gives conditions who members vote for is ill-informed and should be amended in this article. There are many sub-groups of green party members, I am not aware that any of them are running a ‘ticket’ It is however true that many green left members (I have no idea what proportion) will be giving first preference to Romayne and Will in part because of greater familiarity but mainly on merit, they are good with internal leadership, good with the media, can resonate with ‘real’ people and in the case of Romayne have witnessed how powerful and articulate a speaker she is not just with greens but with the wider ‘left’. You’ll also notice that Derek, Romayne & Will are not the only green left members standing for positions on GPEX. I can also assure the author that Green Left is very much alive and kicking. Disappointed red pepper editors released this article, fine for the authors personal blog but for red pepper? What was it supposed to achieve?

Onward! 1 August 2012, 00.38

Green Left is an utter joke. Posers who join a marginal party to be right on and then realise that they have to form their own leftist faction to stand out and be even more right on. That’s why we have formed Green Communist Left. We are a pro-communist revolutionary, covert faction within the green party. We’re not interested in posing or appearing leftier than thou. Instead we are getting on with the only proper action: steadily recruiting likely sympathisers in key positions. You won’t find Green Left members among our ranks – not many at least.

If you are intrigued by us then we don’t want you. We are interested only in recruiting steadfast and determined comrades who know how to quietly get on with the task at hand. You would be very surprised to hear who is dedicated to our cause.

Ryan 1 August 2012, 00.45

I’d like take issue with the author’s dismissal of Romayne Phoenix’s leadership bid. He provides no basis for his ‘guess’ that socialists in the wider party who aren’t in Green Left won’t be voting for Romayne. He also doesn’t provide any biographical detail about her, or outline any of her policies.

He could at least have mentioned that she is a former councillor, as he mentions that Peter Cranie is a former candidate for the European Parliament. He could’ve stated that she is resolutely anti-cuts and austerity, as he states that Natalie Bennett is concerned with ‘speaking up for the marginalised’.

Claiming that a candidate can be ‘rule(d) out’ of the race can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and reminds me somewhat of the ‘Labour can’t win here’ leaflets that the Fib Dems flood my area with.

Nick 1 August 2012, 08.51

I think the author has only heard one side of the story, from people who dislike Green Left and are supporters of other leadership contestants.

Alex Phillips 1 August 2012, 09.17

Thank you for the kind comments about my campaign. I feel I should point out that Derek Wall is backing Romayne Phoenix for Leader, this wasn’t pointed out in your post. Neither are Romayne and Will standing on a GreenLeft ticket and it shouldn’t be implied that this is the case. Seeing all the candidates at hustings events, one thing is clear to me: we have a huge wealth of talent within the Green Party and individuals with unique qualities and experiences. Whoever the members choose, I for one will support the new leadership team wholeheartedly.

Lizardboy 1 August 2012, 09.22

Just on a technical point- the fact that people are supporting Alex doesn’t mean they’re not supporting Romayne and Will. The way the vote works is that, in effect, voters have to make three choices.
1)For leader. These votes are counted, and deputy candidates of the same sex as the elected leader are withdrawn with their votes redistributed at full value.
2) Between the male candidates for deputy leader.
3) Between the female candidates for deputy leader.
Although 2 and 3 will be presented as a single ballot paper, because of the slightly unusual system the only thing that matters is what order voters put the candidates of each gender.
So it’s quite acceptable to support 2 candidates for deputy as long as they’re not the same sex. Quite a few people are doing this, and since you mention him, I think Derek Wall is one of them.

one reader less 1 August 2012, 10.33

shame on red pepper for this sloppy journalism.
You cant afford to lose readers and supporters. Blatant Cranie and Bennett bias piece. At last get the facts right. The information is all out there and clearly shows that Derek Wall is supporting Romayne.
Green Left is not a small and dwindling ecosocialist current in the party.

Stumpysheep 1 August 2012, 10.58

A few corrections and additions needed here:

– GL membership is actually growing
– Former principal speaker and candidate for MoL Sian Berry was also a GL member
– And not sure if she’s still paying her subs or not but Caroline herself joined the mailing list
– Derek is supporting both Alex and Romayne
– Romayne is the only candidate for leader to have actually held and elected post, and has done considerably more to work with the rest of the left than all the others combined
– Romayne and Will is not a GL ticket, although at least some of us wouldn’t have a problem with this
– A lot of GL votes, probably the vast majority of 2nd prefs, will go to Alex, but this piece is bound to swing some from Peter to RON.

I’m not closely involved with the party any more so I shouldn’t really care, but this is a complete hatchet job and I hope it has the same effect on other members’ voting intentions as it’s just had on mine.

Romayne and Will. With 2nd prefs to Alex and RON.

Jonathan Kent 1 August 2012, 11.25

I think this article isn’t helpful. It’s very hard to tell how the runners and riders are doing. Dismissing Romayne and Will is premature not least because the results will reflect in large measure how well each campaign does in getting out its vote and where second preferences go.
All one could say is that of all the candidates Peter Cranie and Natalie Bennett have probably enjoyed the highest profile in the past. That inevitably weighs with less active members – however not all of that group may vote.
I have to take ‘Oh Dear’ to task for the “the Sellwood/Jepps propaganda vehicle” remark and the invective against Natalie. That’s exactly what we don’t need in this contest and I suspect you wouldn’t make such remarks without a veil of anonymity. If you’re serious repost them under your RL identity otherwise I think we should treat any attempt to besmirch any candidate with due distain.
There are very few people in the Green Party who I know who I don’t like. Even those that in the past I haven’t been sure I agree with, like Derek, constantly confound me by demonstrating how much ground we have in common.
Let’s have a leadership contest that celebrates all the good things about being Green and leave the nastiness behind please.

harry 1 August 2012, 11.32

The article seems to be silent on what is turing out to be a really important issue. What will be the salary of the leader? At the manchester hustings, Peter Cranie said that he would withdraw unless the leader recieved something close to £29,000 (which is what he currently gets). It seems remarkable that such a fundamental point has not been made clear from the outset.It seems the party will be asked to vote for a slary for the leader AFTER the result of the election. This seems like a back to front process.
Furthermore is the leadership role really a “full time ” job? If so what targets are being set for delivery?

Spencer Fitz-Gibbon 1 August 2012, 11.47

I can’t help thinking this is a little harsh on Peter Cranie – as the member of Peter’s team handling his media I can confirm that we had nothing to do with the Red Pepper piece.

Regarding re-running the ballot – I don’t think it’s a secret that there are complaints currently with the ERO.

Please can I also point out that these candidates and their supporters are not enemies! They are colleagues in the same party, and they get on well. Several members of Peter’s team have, in a personal capacity, endorsed Alex Phillips, including myself. I actively supported Derek Wall’s bid for the party chair last year on the basis of having known and worked constructively with him for years. Derek Wall is actively encouraging Romayne’s supporters to give second-preference votes to Peter. Personally, while I definitely think Peter is the best person for the job, I have immense respect for Romayne and Will, having worked closely with both of them and seen the quality of their commitment and principle.

As for strength of commitment to the anti-austerity agenda, nobody could doubt Peter, Romayne, Alex or Will – their passion on the subject is palpable, and in my view this is exactly where the Green Party should be putting its emphasis.

That said, having worked with Peter for many years, my first thought when I heard Caroline Lucas was stepping down as leader was that the best person to follow her would be Peter Cranie.

SianBerry 1 August 2012, 11.54

A quick point of correction for Stumpysheep above:

I did sign up to Green Left when it was first formed, as I was very much on the left of the party (and would be now if a member) and it seemed a good idea in principle.

In practice, however, most of the people running GL seemed set on being a very divisive force in the party: focused on internal issues, constantly misrepresenting and quarrelling with other members and even coming close to bullying in some cases, so I stopped having anything to do with them about 5 years ago.

Stumpysheep 1 August 2012, 12.47

Qucik clarification – GL membership has remained steady over the last two years, there being only one fewer member in 2012 than there was in 2010, despite a raft of resignations of GL members from the Party due to actions of Green Party members elsewhere.

@Sian – let’s not dig up old grievances, it wouldn’t be healthy for the party.

Malcolm Bailey 1 August 2012, 13.08

Green Left is active and thriving, contributing in a positive and constructive way to the ecosocialist debate within the Green Party, and beyond. The caricature of Green Left described by Sian Berry is ill-informed nonsense.

The membership of Green Left has remained steady over the last two years, there being only one fewer member in 2012 than there was in 2010, despite a raft of resignations of GL members from the Party due to the actions of Green Party members elsewhere.

James O'Nions 1 August 2012, 13.32

Thanks for your comments everyone. It seems to have provoked a debate, which was one of the points of writing it. I should point out that Red Pepper publishes a range of views and opinions, and only those specifically referred to as ‘editorials’ should be seen as our editorial position. This is a blog post in which I tried to give a wider audience some sense of the contours of the leadership race. I guess time will tell whether I’m right about the outcome.

Of all the leadership contenders, it is Romayne who has been published in Red Pepper’s print edition, as part of a debate we organised between Green Left and Green councillors in Brighton about their budget. See

In other words, we’ve taken Green Left seriously as an organised current. It doesn’t, however, have a monopoly on socialists in the Green Party (two are running Peter and Natalie’s campaigns, and I’m a third for instance). One of the reasons I wanted to draw this out is that it sheds rather a different light on the contest than socialists outside the Green Party might assume.

Finally, ‘one reader less’, I never suggested that Derek Wall was not supporting Romayne for leader. I made no assertion on the matter at all. Rather an embarrassing mistake since you start your post by shouting “shame on red pepper for sloppy journalism”, no?

Derek Wall 1 August 2012, 14.15

‘The other candidate I would rule out is Romayne Phoenix. Romayne is standing on a ‘Green Left’ ticket with deputy leadership candidate Will Duckworth. Green Left is a small and dwindling ecosocialist current in the party. This is no barrier to electoral success: Derek Wall, a better known member of the group, has been elected male principal speaker of the party before. But he’s endorsed Alex Phillips (see below) for deputy so its clear there’s no unity around the ticket in the group.’

Certainly had me thinking that I had not endorsed Romayne.

The article can be judged by how carefully the strengths and weaknesses of Romayne were weighed up. May be being a member of Green Left is a disadvantage but Romayne’s leadership of the Coalition of Resistance is surely an advantage.

Like I say people will read how well the candidates including Romayne have been assessed and make up their own mind as to the quality of the piece.

More positively it was good to see Alex Phillips helpful comment of clarification.

Lynton North 1 August 2012, 14.20

I am very disappointed to see this badly researched and dismissive article in Red Pepper.

A publication that touts itself as Green and Socialist.

Many points of correction have already been made. So I won’t repeat at length.

I am a member of The Green Party and of Green Left (which I joined immediately on becoming GPEW member.

Obviously Caroline Lucas did much to draw me into the party. Big boots to fill for our next leader. But Derek Wall (especially his excellent book “Rise of the Green Left” and previous articles in Red Pepper), Romayne Phoenix as chair of Coalition of Resistance and her involvement with groups working to build broader solidarity on the left. GL’s excellent & open outreach to other’s on the Left (Socialist Resisitance, Derek’s willingness to speak and write for CPB, Respect, etc). These all show just how vibrant Green Left is in fact, in contrast to your groundless dismissal.

You could easily have found out that Derek Wall was backing Romayne & Will. So I am forced to ask, is the writer merely sloppy, or is this article an attempt to undermine ecosocialists within GPEW?

Before summarily dismissing Romayne’s chances perhaps you could have looked at her website. Isn’t the endorsement by Lindsey German worthy of mention? The support of Peter Tatchell (GP human rights spokesperson)?

I recently received a letter telling me my subscription was due for renewal. I had every intention of renewing..but now?

Perhaps readers looking for a journal more sympathetic to the rising ecosocialist movement world wide, and more rigorous, should check out the excellent Monthly Review (USA) , Climate and Capital (ed. Ian Angus) or the Australian, Green Left Weekly

Also worth noting Green Left’s site and newsletter The Watermelon

SianBerry 1 August 2012, 14.42

@Malcolm Bailey What I described was precisely my experience of some of the people running GL and, as I said, was several years ago. Green Left may very well be a renewed, reformed and delightful entity these days.

I only brought it up because someone pointed out my name had been brought up by @Stumpysheep to make a point, so I was clarifying my involvement. I won’t comment further on what I think of them!

Roy 1 August 2012, 15.19

Lets remind who ever in the party that the ‘small’ gl have members who also happen to be to standing for Leader and Deputy Leader are individually a formal Councillor who leads a massive anti cuts coalition in terms of groups and their membership and the deputy leadercandidate is part of the West Mids revolution in winning seats and actually forcing a resurgent Labour Party back (the main threat to Caroline Lucas and the Greens). Not too bad at all as record and perhaps others sitting in their nice cosy homes in the ‘London village’ and eating their organic corn flakes and reading middle class papers should perhaps give more respect to these excellent Green Party members!

Michael 2 August 2012, 10.04

Lynton North – “I recently received a letter telling me my subscription was due for renewal. I had every intention of renewing..but now?”

As James has pointed out Red Pepper “has treated Green Left seriously as an organised current”, and to suggest that publishing a single critical viewpoint (in a piece which is a personal take on the contest) amounts to a lack of sympathy with the entire ecosocialist project is surely a massive and unjustified leap?

Derek Wall 2 August 2012, 20.53

I have just voted for Romayne and Will and second preferenced Peter Cranie and Alex Phillips. Politics needs to be plural and differences must be acknowledged.

I know many people who have voted the other way.

I have also had to spend lots of time mending fences this week because of damage caused by this article.

DisgruntledGreen 4 August 2012, 17.19

What James says about Green Left if complete rubbish.
Romayne is by far the best candidate having been the only person to run a national organisation over the past two years, Coalition of Resistance. Peter was one of four individuals who came within 1% of winning a euro seat in 2009 and has been little seen since. Natalie is a former journalist but has had little success in either electoral terms or a profile as a speaker at rallies etc.
Romayne is the only one that has been elected, as a councillor from 2006-2010 and has regularly stood in for Caroline at events and meetings over the past few years. She is by far the best candidate and has shown her diplomacy as the link above with her in conversation with Brighton councillors shows.
I suggest James goes and places his animosity elsewhere.

Neil 8 August 2012, 18.33

I may have misread the comment by Sian Berry, but did you say you were no longer a member of the Green Party? If not, I would be interested to know why. And if you have joined another organisation?

Also, to the ‘shame on Red Pepper’ comments, I think it is quite obvious the article is a personal view on a blog, and not the opinion of the editors of the magazine. Everyone has had plenty of space to make comments.

I also endorse the plug for the (US) journal Monthly Review. I wouldn’t suggest it should be a replacement for Red Pepper, but a complementary read. I have been subscribing for years as well as reading John Bellamy Fosters brilliant books on ecology, marxism and capitalism.

Rustam 11 August 2012, 02.48

I’m going to go against what appears to be the popular opinion and say this is pretty much exactly how I would have described the leadership race to a friend if they had asked. A ‘balanced’ article and a ‘true’ article are two separate things, and of course this is an opinion style article so it doesn’t need to be either!

Alex 14 August 2012, 18.05

I’m astonished by the behaviour of Green Left members on this forum. Thry seem to be claiming that independent media should not be allowed to publish a single opinion piece (even a blog) which is critical of them. You sound less like ecosocialists and more like ecoStalinists. It is hardly surprising that people would suspect them of having an unofficial ‘ticket’ if they’re going to have two GL members, who by coincidence are the only two running for leader and deputy, and again just happen to be running on joint ticket with a joint campaign website and again by coincidence when either are criticised they are defended immediately by GL members. But this is of course nothing to do with them being members of Green Left?

Also I’m confused as to whether GL is upset with the suggestion that there is a GL ticket, or the suggestion that there is lack of unity around that ticket. Derek Wall certainly seems to be suggesting the later. But if there is no GL ticket why would it be so outrageous to suggest a lack of unity around the Romayne/Will ticket. Also a minor point but if GL membership has stagnated during a period of party growth then in real terms its membership has dwindled. This sort of behaviour is exactly why the GL tag is hindrance to those seeking election.

DisgruntledGreen 18 August 2012, 13.23

Alex, all you are doing is trying to feed suspicion about Romayne and Will, and the idea that GL is united behind them, which I assure you they are.
Perhaps rather than all this prying as to whether or not GL is a evil sect as you seem to be claiming, you would like to look into Natalie and Peter (the supposed front runners after all) to see whether they have anything to hide?
Or would it be you are supporting one of them so trying to deflect probing by creating fantasy suspicions about Romayne and Will.
He’s a starter. Why have we not seen Peter since 2009 and since he has been relatively inactive during this period is he really the right person to lead?
And on Natalie. She left her job some months ago now prior to Caroline announcing her planned resignation. Did Natalie know before it was publicly announced? And was it her game plan all along when she knew?

Alex 28 August 2012, 14.12

Only just saw your comment DisgruntledGreen – I’m really not sure what you’re upset about though would agree that you’re certainly disgruntled. I was trying to point out to you that you(as in you and the other GL members who have posted on this blog) are the ones who are damaging Romayne and Will’s chances through your sectarian, aggressive, confused and actually quite paranoide behavior. I was actually considering voting Romayne number one and will probably still vote for her number two and likewise for Will but I really hope that they don’t hold you in the same esteem as you hold them.

Robert Latimer 28 August 2012, 19.19

Left-right, left-right, left-right, left-right.
Sounds like bloody Army marching off to war to do battle with each other over policies.
If these destructive negative principles are here to stay, then the only outcome will be a Green Party split in two and of no use to anyone….?

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