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  • Imran-Khan-c.Chatham-House

    Imran Khan: anti-imperialist hero or authoritarian populist?

    Tooba Syed dismantles the myths surrounding the former cricketer’s supposedly anti-imperialist tenure in Pakistan

  • In a snowy scene, a person in a holly hats holds up signs in Chinese writing

    Fighting for LGBTQ+ rights in China

    Qiuyan Chen sued the Chinese ministry of education over homophobic textbooks. She writes about her battle for LGBTQ+ rights in China and the UK

  • A map on which the countries marked in red have enforced compulsory voting. By SPQRobin (licensed under Creative Commons)

    Compulsory voting: the debate

    Judith Brett outlines Australia’s experience with – and makes the case for – compulsory voting, whilst Daniel Chavez shows how, for the left in Uruguay, compulsory voting is an essential foundation on which more direct forms of democracy have been built

  • A woman holding a photo of a camp used by China to detain Uyghur prisoners

    The war on the Uyghurs

    Moazzam Begg joins the dots between his own experience of the ‘war on terror’ and the repression of the Uyghur people at the hands of the Chinese state

  • Soldiers of China's Peoples' Liberation Army marching in Beijing bearing red flags

    Rejecting the new cold war

    Western leftists must avoid short-sighted or ignorant support for the Chinese Communist Party, which is a far cry from a socialist regime, writes Brian Hioe

  • The global spectres of ‘Asian horror’

    Bliss Cua Lim looks at how the female ghost subgenre illuminates efforts to globalise ‘Asian horror’

  • Singapore

    One-party rule in Singapore?

    The People’s Action Party has won every election since 1959 – but it hasn’t always been a fair fight, writes Kirsten Han