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  • Four children are posing and looking at the camera against a backdrop of simple dwellings

    Afghans in Pakistan: Stop the deportations!

    Globally, governments are demonising and deporting Afghans – just two years after the Taliban returned to power. We need action now, say The Afghan Reparations Collective

  • A stylised still from the television series Adipurush featuring muscular actor Prabhas with lightening strikes behind him, flowing hair and holding a bow and arrow

    Ram Rajya 2.0: Nostalgia, cinema and Indian nationalism

    Priya Chacko and Maggie Paul explore how historic and religious popular culture uses nostalgia to further Hindu nationalist agendas – a process known as ‘saffronisation’

  • A US deaper drone flying over Southern Afghanistan

    Bodies and bombs in Peshawar

    Sanaa Alimia examines how repeatedly witnessing the body being ‘unmade’ in bomb blasts results in a sustained and collective trauma

  • A line of people with clothes pulled up above the knees wade through brown floodwater

    The colonial origins of Pakistan’s floods

    The interests of western imperialism and allied local elites have combined to exacerbate the scale and impact of Pakistan’s floods, writes Shozab Raza

  • Imran-Khan-c.Chatham-House

    Imran Khan: anti-imperialist hero or authoritarian populist?

    Tooba Syed dismantles the myths surrounding the former cricketer’s supposedly anti-imperialist tenure in Pakistan

  • A map on which the countries marked in red have enforced compulsory voting. By SPQRobin (licensed under Creative Commons)

    Compulsory voting: the debate

    Judith Brett outlines Australia’s experience with – and makes the case for – compulsory voting, whilst Daniel Chavez shows how, for the left in Uruguay, compulsory voting is an essential foundation on which more direct forms of democracy have been built

  • The global spectres of ‘Asian horror’

    Bliss Cua Lim looks at how the female ghost subgenre illuminates efforts to globalise ‘Asian horror’