30 November

Who said that the 'Yippie' leader and anti-Vietnam war activist, Abbie Hoffman, born on 30 November 1936, was 'something akin to an American prophet'?

November 30, 2009 · 1 min read

It was, supposedly, President Jimmy Carter – although it’s not always easy to be sure about such things when it comes to Hoffman, who once said that ‘the only truth is fantasy’. He also said that ‘sacred cows make the best hamburger’ and ‘the first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it’, among much else.

Workers unite online

They're logging on to combat lagging labour laws, costly court proceedings, and outsourcing management, writes Gaia Caramazza

Review – Finding a Voice: Asian women in Britain

Finding a Voice: Asian women in Britain, by Amrit Wilson, reviewed by Maya Goodfellow

The political whiteness of #MeToo

We need to confront how the movement is shaped by the power of whiteness, write Alison Phipps

Trumpism goes global

Trumpism is capitalism’s Plan B, writes Nick Dearden

Brexit’s drug problem

For all the talk of free-trade, why is ‘Global Britain’ still behind on drug law reform? By Kojo Koram

What happens if a university fails?

David Ridley reflects on the Augar Review