Slow Death in Siberia

17 May 2018 Anne Harris reports on how the UK's coal dependency is devastating the lives of indigenous Shor people.

We went to an arms company AGM. Here’s how they justify profiting from war.

16 May 2018 BAE Systems weapons have been involved in countless atrocities - and we saw board members doing rhetorical backflips to avoid accountability, writes Andrew Smith from Campaign Against Arms Trade.

Gammon-gate: How to cook up a pointless scandal

15 May 2018 The media is desperate to talk about anything other than the actual news, writes Tom Walker, so they spend their time blowing up left Twitter in-jokes into national scandals.

Cracking the unwritten codes which drive the gender pay gap

15 May 2018 Women in the UK still earn an average 18.4% less than men. Sarah Longlands delves into some of the causes.

Whilst Israel and the US celebrate illegally moving the embassy to Jerusalem, unarmed Palestinians are being shot down

14 May 2018 The move is a stamp of approval for Israel’s brutal occupation, writes Asad Rehman.

Punitive populism: The global rise of ‘hostile environments’ for migrants

13 May 2018 Punitive policies aimed at those deemed alien means that resources that were formerly allocated to social care, anti-discrimination and integration can be transferred into policing, punishment, warehousing and banishment. By Liz Fekete.

By withdrawing from the Iran Deal, Trump is gambling with the future of the planet

10 May 2018 Jettisoning the deal risks nuclear escalation at a delicate time in Middle East relations, writes Kate Hudson from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Local elections: What really happened in Haringey

6 May 2018 The media has put the spotlight on London's Haringey council again – but what is the reality for local Labour activists? Alex Nunns interviews Seema Chandwani

Local elections: 5 reasons to be cheerful

4 May 2018 Media got you down about the local election results? Michael Calderbank finds the bright spots

Why I’m on McStrike: ‘£10 an hour would change our lives’

1 May 2018 Joshua Khan, 18, explains why he's joining today's McStrike and shares his experiences of working at his local branch in Watford

Beneath the Pavements, the Beach?

1 May 2018 Hilary Wainwright explores the turbulent history of 1968 social movements - and what they can teach us about building counter-power today.

Jackson Rising

30 April 2018 In June 2017, the young black attorney Chokwe Antar Lumumba was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, with 93 per cent of the vote. He pledged to make the capital of this former slave state ‘the most radical city on the planet’. Kali Akuno describes the grassroots mobilisation that launched him to office

With Lula in jail, the future of democracy in Brazil is at stake

28 April 2018 As the Brazilian Election looms, Alfredo Saad-Filho examines what Lula da Silva's prosecution means for the future of democracy.

Why I’m fighting to turn Thatcher’s favourite council red

27 April 2018 Wandsworth council has pioneered the kind of policies which have led to the housing crisis. Council candidate Aydin Dikerdem says it's time to take on the Tories wreaking havoc in the borough.

Court injunction to protect UK Oil and Gas threatens our rights to protest

25 April 2018 Local residents are standing up to oppose the oil and gas industry’s assault on our human rights. Emily Anderson reports.

Five years after Rana Plaza, Bangladeshi garment workers are fighting for justice and dignity at work

24 April 2018 The Rana Plaza collapse claimed over a thousand lives - and showed management contempt for the safety of workers. Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports on the struggle for better conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh.

Emergency response needed for the NHS

24 April 2018 The wheels are coming off for the Tories as the NHS sinks deeper into crisis. But there are promising signs of a fightback, writes John Lister.

Why we need a fossil free London

23 April 2018 Fossil fuels underpin a breadth of injustices in London, writes Finnian Murtagh. They also offer an opportunity to unite our struggles.

Creating an economy that works for all

21 April 2018 A Labour government could overhaul a struggling, unjust economic system: A manifesto by Hilary Wainwright.

HSBC: Put your money where your mouth is on human rights

19 April 2018 Time to up the heat on HSBC, writes Marienna Pope-Weidemann, as War on Want call on the bank to stop arming Israel.

Chartism for the 21st Century: Why trade unions are backing an overhaul of Westminster

19 April 2018 Nancy Platts argues for a radical reshaping of our voting system.

Meet the people building alternatives to mining in Colombia

19 April 2018 Hannibal Rhoades and Benjamin Hitchcock Auciello interview local activists and business people determined to kick the mining industry out of their town.

Turning citizens into migrants

19 April 2018 People from across the political spectrum have trouble categorising BAME people as full citizens, writes Gurminder K Bhambra

Migration status doesn’t matter – no one should be denied healthcare.

18 April 2018 Members of the Windrush generation have been excluded from NHS treatment. This the fully intended consequence government's 'hostile environment' policy, writes Dr Joanna Dobbin.

Why Europe needs Corbyn

18 April 2018 Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party can lead the way for a new left politics in Europe, writes Luke Cooper

Don’t believe the hype: Biomass is an environmental disaster

17 April 2018 As the biomass industry scales up, Frances Howe warns of the dangers of relying on a volatile, destructive industry to solve our energy problems.

What’s left? Italian movements after the triumph of the Five Star Movement

15 April 2018 The new populist party captured public anger against austerity and corrupt elites more successfully than the radical left, writes Lorenzo Zamponi. So where next for the left as Pasokification takes hold?

Believing in ourselves

13 April 2018 Holly Rigby speaks to Hilary Wainwright about her latest book, A New Politics from the Left, and its application for flourishing new social movements.

‘Now is the time of monsters’: The future at a crossroads in Rojava

11 April 2018 Patrick Huff, Amber Huff and Salima Tasdemir reflect on the future of the revolution in Rojava after the fall of Afrin.

‘Reforming has done nothing. That’s why I’m an anarchist.’ An interview with Benjamin Zephaniah

10 April 2018 Benjamin Zephaniah speaks to Anu Shukla about poetry, policing, the ongoing fight against racism.

We must resist attempts to silence the left on Palestine

9 April 2018 Some people falsely smear all critiques of Israel as antisemitic, writes Paul Keleman. We cannot let this bad-faith manoeuvring hinder our pursuit of justice for the Palestinian people.

Excluding migrants from the NHS undermines its founding principles

8 April 2018 In the country where the ideals of universal healthcare were first realised, undocumented migrants are now being excluded from access to health care. Neal Russell, a Children's NHS doctor in London, speaks out.

“Utopia is all around us”

7 April 2018 Jonny Gordon-Farleigh of STIR magazine talks to Ruth Potts about the power of utopian thinking in an age of crisis.

Areas of Terror

5 April 2018 The Israeli government categorises protesters as terrorists to create a mandate for violence, writes Richard Seymour,

The Homelessness Reduction Act won’t help cash-strapped councils care for the homeless

5 April 2018 Putting in a legal duty of care doesn't fund more services, and it won't tackle the root causes of homelessness, write Bruno De Oliveira and Eleanor Penny

Where’s the “eco” in ecomodernism?

4 April 2018 A techno-green future of limitless abundance sounds great, writes Aaron Vansintjan, but it's totally unsustainable.

Jewdas, Corbyn and the policing of Jewishness

3 April 2018 Stop accusing Jewish people of treachery when they criticise Israel, writes Eleanor Penny

Critiques of elite power aren’t antisemitic or conspiratorial – they are necessary.

3 April 2018 We must challenge antisemitic conspiracy tropes, writes Michaela Collord, but we shouldn't shy away from holding elite power to account.

Forget spies and bots – Russia’s real crimes are against the people of Syria

1 April 2018 Tony McKenna writes that Russia is supporting Assad's murderous dictatorship to secure territorial power

Deleting Facebook isn’t enough: The rise of ‘surveillance capitalism’

30 March 2018 The Cambridge Analytica scandal has put data harvesting in the spotlight, writes Tom Walker – but the problem goes far beyond Facebook

Vote Leave whistleblowers reveal fundamental flaws in our democracy

29 March 2018 The allegations that Vote Leave broke campaign spending rules raise worrying questions about our democracy that go right to the very top, writes Jon Trickett MP

Labour sets out to overhaul neo-colonial development policy

28 March 2018 For too long, politicians and many in the development sector have ignored the true driver of global poverty: neo-liberal capitalism. That may be about to change, writes Asad Rehman

The development sector needs to tackle the root causes of poverty

28 March 2018 It will be impossible to end poverty without replacing the system that creates it, writes Natalie Sharples.

Global debt is fast approaching a quarter of quadrillion dollars

27 March 2018 Tigran Kalaydjian explains the booming debt crisis - and what it means for the global economy.

Three years into the war in Yemen, the UK has blood on its hands

26 March 2018 The government continues to provide Saudi Arabia with the weapons it uses to kill thousands of Yemeni people. By Andrew Smith from Campaign Against Arms Trade

Open Letter: Honour Marielle Franco by taking up her fight

26 March 2018 "Our grief for Marielle Franco represents our commitment to all the women who fight with courage against oppression."

CtrlShift: An emergency summit for change

24 March 2018 Jay Tompt talks about a forthcoming festival to foment radical change.

Ukraine’s forbidden social networks

23 March 2018 Ukrainians are finding alternatives to Russian-operated social networks, writes Daria Chernina.

Don’t look away: The fight for Afrin is a struggle for radical democracy

22 March 2018 Under fire from the forces of reaction, Afrin is the frontline in the fight for democracy. We cannot afford to ignore or abandon the revolutionaries there, write Amber Huff, Patrick Huff and Salima Tasdemir

Exposing the economic lies behind the fracking hype

21 March 2018 Fracking isn't just bad for the environment - it's a Ponzi scheme poised for economic disaster, writes Anna Baum

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