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Democracy is in crisis

Across the world, right-wing populists are surging to power on a tide of authoritarianism and xenophobia. Donald Trump’s administration continues to wreak havoc. Merkel and Macron, the poster-children of neoliberalism, are seeing their popularity plummet, mired in political gridlock. Meanwhile, international institutions are failing to tackle the looming crises of climate change, mass migration, and political instability.

Democracy is in crisis. Neoliberalism cannot address the needs of the majority. Politicians are unable or unwilling to reign in the power of big business. The mainstream media are increasingly disrespectful of the diversity and creativity of political opinion beyond the political establishment.

A new hope

With the neoliberal consensus crashing down, we are witnessing a great renewal in radical politics. At home and abroad, radical, transformative socialism is back on the agenda. Whether it’s Greek doctors and patients self-organising to resist the closure of medical clinics, a wave of feminist resistance against patriarchy from Mexico’s Ni Una Mas (not one more) movement to #MeToo, the rise in political prospects for radical left candidates across Europe and beyond, or the likelihood of a socialist government led by Jeremy Corbyn in the not too distant future, the future is ready for change.

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