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  • A montage of images on a pale pink background: two women walking through a forest, a cake that reads: 'as if love is anything but free' and a forest wedding

    A marriage abolitionist says: ‘I… do?’

    Sophie Lewis considers what it means to be ‘married’ when you want to abolish the family

  • Love and marriage in the Red Pepper archives

    Dig into the Red Pepper archive to explore how socialist feminist perspectives have evolved since 1994

  • On the steps of a government building, protestors hold signs for (a young girl smiling in the foreground) and against (a mixed-age crowd in the background) same-sex marriage

    Right to divorce

    As right-wing parties threaten LGBTQ+ communities, we must defend hard-won legal rights while still fighting for a more radical liberation, says Siobhan McGuirk

  • Illustrations showing two people feeding babies, one within a heart shape with the word 'Chestfed' above, the other sitting atop a ribbon in blue, pink and white that reads 'Trans Joy'

    Labour pains: Views on birthing, pregnancy and birth control

    AJ Silver, Moly O’Brien and Devon Price challenge how UK medical institutions exert control over their bodies

  • Six people pose in brightly coloured clothes and balaclavas

    Riot daze

    In the current political climate, despair come easy. From Pussy Riot to queer cabaret, we must find hope in one another, argues Siobhan McGuirk

  • A montage of illustrations showing trans rights activist alongside archive images of protest and legislative wins

    How trans rights activists changed Argentina

    Argentina’s groundbreaking gender identity laws were won through longstanding activist traditions, diverse tactics and solidarity. The experience has lessons for us all, write Alessandra Viggiano and Siobhán McGuirk

  • Alan Turing and Peter Tatchell | Peter Tatchell visited Manchester. Credit: Pete Birkinshaw

    Porn can be good for you

    Peter Tatchell says pornography doesn’t have to be oppressive. It can be liberating and fulfilling

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