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  • Protestor holds a red placard with 'Shame on you' written on it

    Inside Belgium’s supermarket strikes

    Ten thousand workers face wages cuts after Delhaize aims to franchise stores in Belgium. Red Pepper spoke to union members Rosetta Scibilla, Sacha Tenaerts, Eric Breugelmans, and Myriam Djegham

  • Protestors will placards and red umbrellas. The central placard reads 'proud to be whores' in French

    Five years of the US’s futile FOSTA-SESTA sex trafficking laws

    The US law has inflicted enormous damage worldwide on sex workers, while doing nothing to fight exploitation, writes Marin Scarlett

  • A rally held in support of migrants coming across the English Channel in Folkestone, Kent

    They are welcome here

    The welcome given to refugees by local people in Folkestone undercuts the narrative that the public wants our borders to be closed, argues Bridget Chapman

  • Ci and Darcy pose next to a wall that has 'Climate Justice' written on it

    Dinners for debt justice

    Sheffield activists Ci Davis and Darcy White explain their work in the Jubilee Movement, a mutual aid-based debt justice campaign

  • Suella Braverman wears a blue top and sits in a Lords committee room. She speaks into a microphone

    Grassroots resistance is our only hope on immigration

    Both major parties are now wed to anti-migrant rhetoric and policy. Platforming migrants’ rights activists and organisations is the route forward, writes Aidan Frere-Smith

  • Deliveroo riders stand behind a banner that reads 'Fair Pay Now' with the IWGB logo. Their deliveroo food bags are in front of them. They are holding placards.

    My experience working in the gig economy

    Joe Durbidge reflects on the changing experience of being a delivery driver in London

  • A group of people are sitting on the bus holding signs. The signs have handwritten slogans on them in support of public control of buses.

    The campaign for better buses

    Matthew Topham and Alice Dann explain how the campaign that brought buses back into public control in Manchester can inspire similar action across the UK

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