Struggle, spies and ’68

26 May 2022 Diane Langford recalls some of her most memorable experiences of feminist organising, union activism and solidarity campaigning

Political education for all

1 May 2022 Political education is absent from our current system. The left should be providing alternative means of obtaining it, writes Shamime Ibrahim

Whose speech is the Free Speech Bill protecting?

29 April 2022 The government's clampdown on free speech is part of a wider campaign to erode all civil liberties. Students must resist, writes Jack Ballingham

A woman and a man pushing a bicycle laden with bags in front of bombed blocks of flats

Ukraine and anti-imperialism: thoughts for the British left

26 April 2022 David Wearing discusses the geopolitical interests at stake and how the left in Britain can meaningfully engage in anti-imperialist struggle today

Going live from the picket line

18 April 2022 Wendell Daniel, aka StreetMic, describes how a lifelong interest in photography led to his regularly filming protests live from London’s streets

A woman holding a sign in Russian reading 'Sixth commandment – don't kill' flanked by two policemen

Russian feminist anti-war resistance

5 April 2022 Activist Asya Maruket highlights the variety of ways in which Russian women are resisting Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine

Building peaceful solidarities

15 March 2022 As Russia continues to wage war in Ukraine, CND's Kate Hudson tells Hilary Wainwright how the campaign is building grassroots links with the Russian peace movement

Putin, NATO, and the nuclear threat

14 March 2022 As Russia continues to wage war in Ukraine, Bruce Kent tells Hilary Wainwright about the culpability of NATO - and how different countries should be responding

Solidarity, sit-ins, and samosa packets: one artist activist’s journey

10 March 2022 Sofia Karim recalls how her uncle's arrest led her to create an online platform for artist activists to campaign against authoritarianism

Why we need to unite for peace and human rights across the old divides

1 March 2022 Dmitri Makarov and Mary Kaldor call for solidarity and dialogue between anti-war movements across the divides of the Cold War

A choir in colourful outfits with arms outstretched

Revitalising artistic activism in the age of art-wash

23 February 2022 We must be looking to artistic interventions that are inclusive, transformative and embody true solidarity, writes Chris Garrard

A brush with revolution: art and organising

27 January 2022 Artist Sarbjit Johal reflects on the role of visual art in protest, movement-building and giving a voice to marginalised people

Samba-fusion: marching to our own drums

23 January 2022 Victor Max Smith explores the history of samba-fusion and its role in protest movements over two decades

Young, left and marginalised

16 January 2022 Emma Frith explores how young activists are regularly ignored and dismissed in politics - and why those on the left must not fall into this pattern

Review: Our Time is Now: Sex, Race, Class and Caring for People and Planet

23 December 2021 Marin Scarlett looks back - and forward - at Selma James' seven decades of intersectional activism

How we end violence against sex workers

17 December 2021 Criminalisation, poverty and the hostile environment are roots of violence against sex workers. It’s time to end them all, say Niki Adams and Laura Connelly

Image of human embryo 7-8 weeks from conception

GM ‘designer babies’: breakthrough or nightmare?

6 December 2021 Only a global ban on human genetic engineering can prevent a new era of eugenics from emerging, writes Dave King

Little Amal, Channel deaths and cruelty by design

26 November 2021 People cross the channel in small boats because we give them no other choice, says Zrinka Bralo

Solidarity with striking lecturers is the only way students win

24 November 2021 University workers are right to be angry. Students should actively support their strike, argues Thys Millan

Remembering Greenham Common

17 November 2021 Abigail Yartey reviews Mothers of the Revolution, a new documentary that tells the story of the women who helped to end the Cold War

On feminist translation and learning from past struggles

14 November 2021 Kenyan feminist Wangui Wa Goro reflects on the experiences that fuelled a lifetime of intersectional feminist activism

Photo of Dawn Foster and test reading Dawn Foster memorial essay

Dawn Foster memorial essay prize

11 November 2021 Dawn Foster (1986-2021) was a brilliant and fearless working-class journalist who made a significant impact with her work on housing

Rudolf Rocker: an anarchist ‘rabbi’ in London

12 October 2021 David J. Lobina rediscovers a forgotten but fascinating figure in London’s radical and Jewish history

Review – Just Us: An American Conversation

6 October 2021 Claudia Rankine's collection perfectly illustrates the power of frank conversations with white people on race and racism, writes Kimberly McIntosh

Tax hikes or not, social care is broken

1 October 2021 Social care worker Billie Cooper argues that recent discussions on funding social care are a distraction from more fundamental reform of the sector.

A protest march in central Liverpool featuring banners and a protestor in black robes holding a scythe

Liverpool mobilises against the AOC Europe arms fair

27 September 2021 After two decades of war in Afghanistan, there is no option but to protest a conference for companies complicit in human rights violations, writes Kaya Purchase

#TWT21: Mobilising for collective action

24 September 2021 With organising strategy high on the agenda at TWT21, George Briley explains how and why existing groups are mobilising for collective action in the post-pandemic economy

#TWT21: Red Pepper at The World Transformed

23 September 2021 The World Transformed festival gets underway this weekend - here's where and when you can catch some of Red Pepper's editors and friends.

International solidarity: lessons from Bolivia

21 September 2021 Bolivia Solidarity Campaign co-founder Amancay Colque recalls the experiences that shaped her Bolivian solidarity work

A history of the Marxists Internet Archive

16 September 2021 The Marxists Internet Archive, an online home for radical history, has a fascinating history of its own, writes Jack Archie Stewart

A section of the exhibition showing an arrangement of monochrome portraits

Review – War Inna Babylon at the ICA

10 September 2021 Tara Okeke explores a timely exhibition which offers a compelling history of Black life in Britain through the lens of people, place and struggle

Review – We Do This ‘Til We Free Us and Abolishing the Police

7 August 2021 Leah Cowan reviews two powerful contributions to the ongoing struggle for abolition and transformative justice

The Socialist Olympics of 1936

23 July 2021 Radical workers’ sporting organisations and the 1936 People’s Olympiad illustrate the role of sport in fighting oppression, writes Uma Arruga i López.

Power on the picket line: remembering the Burnsall Strike

8 July 2021 Almost 30 years on, Sarbjit Johal recalls supporting the strike, which consisted of mostly Punjabi women workers

What’s at stake for the left in Unite’s General Secretary election? An interview with Steve Turner and Sharon Graham

3 July 2021 As the election of a new General Secretary for Britain's biggest trade union gets underway, Red Pepper speaks to left candidates Steve Turner and Sharon Graham

A decade of student dissent

24 June 2021 Various authors look back on student revolts worldwide over the last decade

Review – Paint Your Town Red: How Preston Took Back Control and Your Town Can Too

18 June 2021 In this timely book, Matthew Brown and Rhian E. Jones explore new forms of democratic collectivism across the UK, writes Hilary Wainwright.

A protestor wearing a 'no one is illegal' badge stands with raised first in front of a group of police officers

Direct action and the decrepit British establishment

14 June 2021 Faced with an authoritarian government and decaying left-wing establishment, grassroots movements must turn to direct action, writes Rohan Rice

Sporting politics

10 June 2021 Behind the fanfare, numerous political, social and economic debates will play out during this years sporting events, argues Siobhán McGuirk

Resistance and aid

2 June 2021 Inclusive and participatory forms of self-organising rendered solidarity a gesture of personal and collective empowerment in Greece writes Christos Giovanopoulos and Andreas Karitzis

Our caring futures

29 May 2021 To ensure a flourishing of life we need to build a new society based on a model of universal care writes The Care Collective

Can’t pay, won’t pay

26 May 2021 First-year student Saranya Thambirajah reports on students’ experience of the pandemic – and how they are using rent strikes to fight back against the marketisation of higher education

The strike won’t stop

22 May 2021 Proposed tax reforms have led to weeks of protest in Colombia. Amidst brutal state repression, and with the initial proposals defeated, Colombians are now demanding much more, Philippa de Boissière and María Mónica Acuña report

Lebanon’s October revolution

19 May 2021 Following a year of struggle, crisis and destruction, the people of Lebanon fight on, writes Rima Majed from Beirut

Strength in numbers

17 May 2021 In Bolsonaro's Brazil, democratic resistance has brought about a surge in 'new municipalist' political initiatives. Cintia Martins Freitas considers the potential for collective candidacies and shared mandates

Review – Angela Carter’s ‘Provincial Bohemia’

13 May 2021 Despite some omissions, Stephen E Hunt's examination of radical novelist Angela Carter's time in Bristol and Bath provides a useful lens to analyse the countercultural history of the two cities, argues Sue Tate.

Justice is a world without police

24 April 2021 A guilty verdict for a murderous cop is not a ‘victory’. It’s time to abolish the police, says Lauren Pemberton-Nelson

Fighting for Irish language rights

16 April 2021 Ciarán Mac Giolla Bhéin details the long campaign to overcome colonial suppression of the Irish language in Northern Ireland

Just Irish

14 April 2021 Emigration may be at the core of Irish national memory but this has not translated to into a welcoming embrace for its immigrant population, writes Ola Majekodunmi

Free, safe, legal, local

24 March 2021 Emma Campbell describes the long fight for reproductive rights in Northern Ireland

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