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Race and racism

  • A man delivers a speech to a crowd in front of a large Black Lives Matter flag at a protest in New York

    What Is Anti-Racism? – review

    Arun Kudnani’s book argues for an anti-racism that is truly liberatory and revolutionary, writes Sigrid Corey

  • Figures protest holding Arabic signs against a backdrop of red, black and green

    Ambivalent Africanism? Challenging anti-black racism in Tunisia

    Leila Tayeb looks at anti-black, anti-migrant sentiment in Tunisia and north African constructions of ‘whiteness’

  • A statue bust and screenshots from a black and white film showing the capture of Kimathi, against a black, red and green background

    Reclaiming Kimathi, leader of the Mau Mau

    Lutivini Majanja writes on the legacy of Dedan Kimathi, leader of the Kenya Liberation and Freedom Army, also known as the Mau Mau

  • An artistic interpretation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Against AI sensationalism

    Emmanuelle Andrews argues that yes, AI is scary, but these systems can and must be regulated to provide greater public security and purpose

  • A hand-painted placard that reads 'Justice our Nahel' is held up in the air by protestors at a rally

    Justice for Nahel

    Red Pepper republishes an open letter signed by artists, academics, writers and activists demanding justice for the teenager killed by French police

  • An illustration shows a figure with long straight hair standing in the small opening between two sides of a gate. The figure is laughing, head thrown back

    Resisting racial gatekeeping

    British Indians in government are fuelling the so-called culture wars. Bal Sokhi-Bulley dismantles their harmful rhetoric and outlines an alternative politics of solidarity and friendship

  • A protestor wearing a pig nose confronts Metropolitan police officers wearing high vis jackets.

    The colonial roots of the Metropolitan Police

    The Met’s institutional racism is inevitable given its key inspiration: the policing model used to quell Irish anti-colonial resistance, argues Kate Bermingham

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