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  • People dancing, waving flags at Hackney Carnival in 2016

    I Could Be So Good For You – review

    John Medhurst’s history of north London offers a rich tapestry of working class community and resilience, writes Eli Davies

  • An oil painting showing the expansion of colonial settlers over the North American plains, with a large figure of a blonde woman floating over the top, representing the colonial concept of Manifest Destiny

    Settler Colonialism – review

    Sai Englart’s book is an invaluable examination of settler colonialism as an ongoing force shaping our modern world, writes Matthew Lee

  • A black and white photograph of a cricket team from 1985

    Different Class – review

    Duncan Stone’s fastidiously researched history of English cricket offers a valuable alternative view of the sport, writes Sanaa Qureshi

  • A black and white photo shows two men sitting crossed legged on the floor, a protest banner in the background. The man on the left is David Graeber, holding a microphone and gesturing to unseen listeners

    Learning from David Graeber

    Activists, academics and friends explain what David Graeber’s work meant to them – and the salient message it still carries today

  • A painting of an older white man sitting in front of a bookcase wearing a red jumper

    A tribute to Tom Nairn

    Writers from England, Wales and Scotland pay tribute to Tom Nairn, who died in January 2023

  • A rally of protesters march behind a large banner that reads: 'McStrike'

    Workers Can Win – review

    If you’re looking to organise your workplace, Ian Allinson’s book is a vital and useful guide, writes Lydia Hughes

  • A black and white late-19th century photo of large crowds of people on a boat

    Migrants: The Story of Us All – review

    Sam Miller’s book reveals migration to be neither aberrant nor harmful, but an ancient and fundamental aspect of humanity, says Madoc Cairns

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