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  • Three members of the band Gorgoroth wearing black and white facepaint playing live

    Tonight It’s a World We Bury – review

    Bill Peel’s book provides a compelling case for black metal having potential to be a revolutionary artform, writes Gerry Hart

  • A man delivers a speech to a crowd in front of a large Black Lives Matter flag at a protest in New York

    What Is Anti-Racism? – review

    Arun Kudnani’s book argues for an anti-racism that is truly liberatory and revolutionary, writes Sigrid Corey

  • Illustrations of revolutionary moments in Pan-African history

    Freedom songs for total liberation 

    Ubax Abdi and Chief Nyamweya reflect on pan-Africanism past and future while Lena Grace Anyuolo poems express a pan-African socialist woman’s perspective

  • A pro-abortion demonstration in Washington DC, 13th November 1989

    Left Feminisms – review

    Left Feminisms offers an inspiring and accessible overview of feminism from a diverse array of left-wing thinkers, writes Marin Scarlett

  • People dancing, waving flags at Hackney Carnival in 2016

    I Could Be So Good For You – review

    John Medhurst’s history of north London offers a rich tapestry of working class community and resilience, writes Eli Davies

  • An oil painting showing the expansion of colonial settlers over the North American plains, with a large figure of a blonde woman floating over the top, representing the colonial concept of Manifest Destiny

    Settler Colonialism – review

    Sai Englart’s book is an invaluable examination of settler colonialism as an ongoing force shaping our modern world, writes Matthew Lee

  • A black and white photograph of a cricket team from 1985

    Different Class – review

    Duncan Stone’s fastidiously researched history of English cricket offers a valuable alternative view of the sport, writes Sanaa Qureshi

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