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  • Protestors holding placards reading slogans including "stand up" and "autism is not a crime" blocking the the light rail line in St. Paul, Minnesota

    Empire of Normality – review

    Chapman’s book offers a vitally needed theoretical framework for neurodivergent anti-capitalism, writes Gerald Roche

  • The interior of an office, showing several desks with computers on them

    My work – review

    Olga Ravn’s latest novel reflects the growing and ever changing demands that work subjects us to, writes Elinor Potts

  • A bitcoing machine illuminated with multiple coloured lights in a shopping centre in Gdańsk, Poland

    Blockchain Radicals – review

    Cryptocurrency and blockchain might be here for the long haul, but Dávila’s book shows how they can be repurposed by the left, writes David Z. Morris

  • A black and white photo of a sculpture depicting a family of four holding hands, with both parents at either side

    Family Abolition – review

    O’Brien offers a radical and exciting argument for a liberative approach to care, writes Matt Seidel

  • illustrations inspired by Lenin's What Is To Be Done? showing a root filled with people and a protester holding a placard

    Lenin’s legacy: ordinary miracles and revolutionary ambition

    As we approach the centenary of V I Lenin’s death, Lars T Lih looks at what his ‘intricate polemic’ in What is to Be Done? might offer today’s left

  • Three members of the band Gorgoroth wearing black and white facepaint playing live

    Tonight It’s a World We Bury – review

    Bill Peel’s book provides a compelling case for black metal having potential to be a revolutionary artform, writes Gerry Hart

  • A man delivers a speech to a crowd in front of a large Black Lives Matter flag at a protest in New York

    What Is Anti-Racism? – review

    Arun Kudnani’s book argues for an anti-racism that is truly liberatory and revolutionary, writes Sigrid Corey

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