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  • Black-and-white image of women activists from the Knights of Labor

    How the Knights of Labor fought nativism

    As attacks on immigration rise, how does the labour movement respond with solidarity? Steven Parfitt looks back at the history of the Knights of Labor

  • Photographs of three of the five women features in Red Valkyries (From left to right: Alexandra Kollontai, Nadezhda Krupskaya, Lyudmila Pavlichenko)

    Red Valkyries – review

    In exploring the lives of the revolutionary socialist feminists of the past, Red Valkyries demonstrates the value and importance of feminism in the 21st century, argues Rachel Collett

  • Black British history is much more than Windrush

    Noah Anthony Enahoro argues that the long history of black people in the UK is minimised by focusing solely on twentieth century immigration

  • A photo of Machu Picchu

    What poetry on ruins can teach us about our present struggles

    Ruined spaces and their poetics offer valuable insights into contemporary struggles and injustices, says Cecilia Enjuto Rangel

  • A collage of images featuring Peter Kennard and two of his artworks - one showing a CND logo cutting through a bomb, the other a shadow of a person against the flag of Ukraine

    Peter Kennard: pictures for peace

    Peter Kennard reflects on a career focused on creating anti-war art, from documenting protests to dissecting nuclear weapons

  • A painting showing witches performing a ritual surrounded by magical items and creatures

    Morality tales

    From cowardly men to wayward wives, pre-modern superstitions transmitted social norms as well as scares, writes Eleanor Janega

  • Photo: Marxists Internet Archive

    A history of the Marxists Internet Archive

    The Marxists Internet Archive, an online home for radical history, has a fascinating history of its own, writes Jack Archie Stewart

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