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  • Archive photo of General Franco with a grainy image of resistance fighters in the background

    Undoing Franco’s legacy

    A half century after the Spanish dictator’s death, a new law offers truth, reparations and justice to the victims of fascism. Uma Arruga i López reports

  • A statue bust and screenshots from a black and white film showing the capture of Kimathi, against a black, red and green background

    Reclaiming Kimathi, leader of the Mau Mau

    Lutivini Majanja writes on the legacy of Dedan Kimathi, leader of the Kenya Liberation and Freedom Army, also known as the Mau Mau

  • The outline of Africa, coloured in red, sits amid the pan-africanist colours of red, black and green

    The revolutionary dream of Pan-Africanism

    We must learn the history of Pan-Africanism and re-engage with the revolutionary anti-colonial activists who first pursued its dream, argues Kevin Ochieng Okoth

  • A photo of a couple wearing Indian wedding garlands is split in two, with one half either side of the image frame

    Separate together: a socialist feminist marriage

    Hilary Wainwright describes how, paradoxically, she and her partner got married to be independent of male-dominated families

  • Against a red, black and green background, there are portraits of two military men

    Sudan: from revolution to war

    Red Pepper speaks to Muzan Alneel about the current war in Sudan, how it links to the revolutionary uprisings of 2018-19 and what the future holds

  • Love and marriage in the Red Pepper archives

    Dig into the Red Pepper archive to explore how socialist feminist perspectives have evolved since 1994

  • A group of young Somali students wearing white shirts hold Palestinian flags and stand with freedom fists raised

    Africa’s strong bonds to Palestine

    Remembering Africa’s historic ties with and support for Palestine is vital as relations with Israel are normalised across the continent, write Salim Vally and Roshan Dadoo

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