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  • Ismail Abusalama, with a moustache, wears an orange shirt and stands against a striped background in prison

    My father’s 13 years as a Palestinian political prisoner

    Shahd Abusalama recounts her father Ismail’s experience in the Israeli prison system and calls for drastic reforms

  • A person looks at a headless classical statue in the British Museum

    We need to decolonise museums

    Decolonising the museum is a pathway to decolonising society. We must start by providing more honest accounts of our past, says Subhadra Das

  • Labour's then-leader Michael Foot addresses a rally in 1983.

    1983: the biggest myth in Labour Party history

    Labour’s 1983 election campaign has long been used to say it is impossible for a leader like Jeremy Corbyn to win any election from the left. Alex Nunns digs out the truth

  • disco

    The myth of the 1970s

    In the 1970s, they say, the dead lay unburied, greedy unions held the country to ransom and a divided country was impossible to govern, John Medhurst asks: was it really so bad?

  • British and allied forces at Kandahar after the 1880 Battle of Kandahar, during the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

    Afghanistan: a brief history

    Understanding Afghanistan today is only possible by looking at it in the context of the part played by the competing imperial powers in its past. Jane Shallice offers a guide

  • Bob Dylan

    The Politics of Bob Dylan

    The protest songs for which Bob Dylan is most famous were written in a 20-month burst in the early 1960s. Within a year Dylan had turned his back on them – not in renunciation of politics, argues Mike Marqusee, but to pursue a deeper kind of radicalism

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