The Stansted 15 are free – but the fight for migrant justice is far from over

6 February 2019 We cannot claim victory until the hostile environment has ended, writes Annahita Moradi.

Fast food fighters

29 January 2019 The bakers’ union president Ian Hodson spoke to Red Pepper about the new forms of organising that have enabled the union, founded in 1847, to begin to grow again.

Domestic workers across the world are organising to defend their rights

23 January 2019 Queer and trans domestic workers are organising against discrimination. Karina Muñiz-Pagán reports.

The Red Pepper guide to Brexit

14 January 2019 From trade to migration, from Labour's hopes to Theresa May's despair, we bring you the best coverage to cut through the chaos and confusion.

Confronting extinction

8 January 2019 What next for the Extinction Rebellion movement? Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik writes that we need to shake up the economic and political systems driving the climate crisis.

‘If I don’t come back, call my lawyer’: Practical solidarity for people at risk of detention.

11 December 2018 Luke Butterly lays out some practical steps to help people facing down the hostile environment.

Here’s how we stopped a brutal, inhumane and barely legal charter flight

10 December 2018 Helen Brewer from the Stansted 15 describes the night she and fourteen other activists stopped a forced removal that threatened to place migrants in extreme danger

‘I am one of the Stansted 15. Here’s why charter flights must end’

10 December 2018 Jo Ram explains why we should all stand up to defend migrants' rights

The NHS is heading for crisis this Christmas

10 December 2018 Underfunded hospitals are buckling under the strain - and we can’t let the Tories off the hook, writes Kane Shaw

Freedom dreaming

5 December 2018 A surprise summer hit in the US, Sorry to Bother You has come to the UK. M. Matsemela-Ali Odom situates the film in black revolutionary cultural tradition.

Reform and Revolution

4 December 2018 ‘Towards a Socialist Strategy of Reforms’, André Gorz makes the case for a strategy of reforms that specifically attack the logic of capital accumulation.

The response to the crisis in Yemen shows the hypocrisy at the heart of Western foreign policy

29 November 2018 85 000 children have died of starvation since the Saudi-led bombardment began, reports Andrew Smith

What’s left in Latin America?

30 October 2018 Once swept by a 'pink tide', the continent is now seeing the rise of authoritarian politics. What lessons are to be learnt from the varied left experiences? By Jenny Pearce

Your nearest marginal union needs you

16 October 2018 How can we support the new union movement? Steven Parfitt reflects on the successes and pitfalls of grassroots union organising.

‘Confronting imperialism means winning back the power to imagine alternatives’. An interview with Vijay Prashad

15 October 2018 Vijay Prashad talks to Daniel Whittall about socialism, anti-imperialism and the new global research network Tricontinental.

Beyond Identity

11 October 2018 Aron Keller talks to Asad Haider about race, class and the fight for social justice in Trump's America.

Croatia: against modern football?

9 October 2018 Andrew Hodges looks at football fan activism and organising in Croatia – a powerful, politicised and unpredictable battle between the left and the far right

Charter flights are brutal and illegal. Support the Stansted 15.

8 October 2018 Zak Suffee from End Deportations writes on the case of 15 activists facing terrorism charges

The power of collective joy

1 October 2018 In a world of isolation and a left which tends towards despondency, collective joy is our weapon against neoliberalism. Sam Swann reflects on The World Transformed 2018

Educate, agitate, organise

26 September 2018 Jane Holgate and John Page on a new approach to political education - and its radical potential.

Politics goes far beyond the Westminster bubble. We need to build power from the bottom up.

19 September 2018 Ruairidh Paton introduces The World Transformed festival. "For us, politics is so much more than meetings, votes and the Westminster bubble. Politics is everywhere – in our workplaces, classrooms and communities."

Ten years after the crash, the tail is still wagging the dog

19 September 2018 Will Snell from the The Tax Justice Network writes about a decade of campaigning against the global economic system which caused the crash

Creating The Future: Red Pepper magazine goes quarterly

17 September 2018 The magazine at the heart of the movement brings you the stories that matter. Our first quarterly edition is packed full of in-depth reporting and cutting-edge analysis from around the world.

Activists from across the world gather for The World Transformed 2018

14 September 2018 Hope Worsdale writes about the fringe festival turning UK politics on its head.

Young Londoners take over the tube highlight the school to prison pipeline

6 September 2018 The school-to-prison pipeline can lock vulnerable students into permanent poverty, reports Kennedy Walker

Ten years after the crash, the financial sector is still out of control

6 September 2018 Fran Boait argues that we need to make banking and finance serve the people - rather than the other way around.

A new popular leftist movement is gearing up in Germany – but does aufstehen stand a chance?

4 September 2018 A prominent face from Germany's hard-left party wants to take on the right. But her stance on migration is proving divisive. Ella Joyner reports.

The road away from fossil fuels

28 August 2018 Simon Pirani

I am on hunger strike to save my imprisoned father in Bahrain

21 August 2018 Ali Mushaima's father is a political prisoner and opposition leader imprisoned by Bahraini authorities.

We cannot fight modern slavery when victims hide in fear of deportation

15 August 2018 Heeding a little-publicised call to action in this year’s Global Slavery Index could transform the way we treat victims, writes Maya Esslemont.

Criminalising sex work won’t help victims of trafficking

2 August 2018 Laws which target sex workers are supposedly set up to protect women. But really, they put vulnerable women in more danger. By Stella Winter and Liliana Gashi from English Collective of Prostitutes

Dare to dream of a world without borders

30 July 2018 If politics is the art of the possible, then radicalism must be the capacity to imagine new possibilities, says Gary Younge

The EU ‘migrant deal’ will ruin tens of thousands of lives

3 July 2018 Nick Dearden writes that if we’re angry with Trump-style migrant policies, we must show equal anger towards our own governments here in Europe

A world for the many, not the few

14 June 2018 "The very notion of ‘charity’ erases a global history of slavery and oppression". Asad Rehman applauds Labour’s ambition to overhaul neo-colonial development policy

Roadmap for radicals

6 June 2018 Mel Evans and Kevin Smith interview US-based organiser and author Jonathan Smucker, whose new book Hegemony How-To offers a practical guide to political struggle for a generation that is still ambivalent about questions of power, leadership and strategy

‘Do not resign, the mandem need you’: The story of #grime4corbyn

5 June 2018 In April 2017, Theresa May called a snap general election to destroy a crisis-hit Labour Party. The grime scene had other ideas. An extract from 'Inner City Pressure' by Dan Hancox

War criminal Erdoğan gears up for a power-grab

31 May 2018 Europe rolls out the welcome mat for the Turkish leader, while Kurds are ethnically cleansed, write Patrick Huff, Amber Huff and Salima Tasdemir

Cabbies and Uber drivers deserve a fair deal at work

30 May 2018 Sham self-employment and the so-called gig economy is driving transport workers into precarity and poverty. James Farrar reports on the fight for worker status.

“In total, I went to prison six times.” In conversation with an Israeli conscientious objector

25 May 2018 Eliza Egret and Tom Anderson from Shoal Collective talk to Matan Helman, recently released from prison after refusing to serve in the Israeli armed forces.

On the road to the referendum

24 May 2018 Members of the feminist group Speaking of IMELDA have been travelling the country, speaking to people directly affected by Ireland's ban on abortions.

Reordering The Anthropocene  

21 May 2018 We need a new politics of ecology, write Matt Hern and Am Johal - one which transforms our relationships to each other, to other species, to the land, and to the future.

Kensington and Chelsea is a microcosm of the evils of austerity

18 May 2018 We need a counter-ideology to reverse the destructive legacy of Conservative austerity, writes Emma Dent Coad

Gammon-gate: How to cook up a pointless scandal

15 May 2018 The media is desperate to talk about anything other than the actual news, so they spend their time blowing up left Twitter in-jokes into national scandals.

Cracking the unwritten codes which drive the gender pay gap

15 May 2018 Women in the UK still earn an average 18.4% less than men. Sarah Longlands delves into some of the causes.

Jackson Rising

30 April 2018 In June 2017, the young black attorney Chokwe Antar Lumumba was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, with 93 per cent of the vote. He pledged to make the capital of this former slave state ‘the most radical city on the planet’. Kali Akuno describes the grassroots mobilisation that launched him to office

Court injunction to protect UK Oil and Gas threatens our rights to protest

25 April 2018 Local residents are standing up to oppose the oil and gas industry’s assault on our human rights. Emily Anderson reports.

Five years after Rana Plaza, Bangladeshi garment workers are fighting for justice and dignity at work

24 April 2018 The Rana Plaza collapse claimed over a thousand lives - and showed management contempt for the safety of workers. Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports on the struggle for better conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh.

HSBC: Put your money where your mouth is on human rights

19 April 2018 Time to up the heat on HSBC, writes Marienna Pope-Weidemann, as War on Want call on the bank to stop arming Israel.

Meet the people building alternatives to mining in Colombia

19 April 2018 Hannibal Rhoades and Benjamin Hitchcock Auciello interview local activists and business people determined to kick the mining industry out of their town.

Turning citizens into migrants

19 April 2018 People from across the political spectrum have trouble categorising BAME people as full citizens, writes Gurminder K Bhambra

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