What’s left? Italian movements after the triumph of the Five Star Movement

15 April 2018 The new populist party captured public anger against austerity and corrupt elites more successfully than the radical left, writes Lorenzo Zamponi. So where next for the left as Pasokification takes hold?

Believing in ourselves

13 April 2018 Holly Rigby speaks to Hilary Wainwright about her latest book, A New Politics from the Left, and its application for flourishing new social movements.

The Homelessness Reduction Act won’t help cash-strapped councils care for the homeless

5 April 2018 Putting in a legal duty of care doesn't fund more services, and it won't tackle the root causes of homelessness, write Bruno De Oliveira and Eleanor Penny

Critiques of elite power aren’t antisemitic or conspiratorial – they are necessary.

3 April 2018 We must challenge antisemitic conspiracy tropes, writes Michaela Collord, but we shouldn't shy away from holding elite power to account.

Three years into the war in Yemen, the UK has blood on its hands

26 March 2018 The government continues to provide Saudi Arabia with the weapons it uses to kill thousands of Yemeni people. By Andrew Smith from Campaign Against Arms Trade

CtrlShift: An emergency summit for change

24 March 2018 Jay Tompt talks about a forthcoming festival to foment radical change.

A reign of terror: Extra-judicial killings in Duterte’s Philippines

19 March 2018 Dorothy Guerrero from Global Justice Now discusses the brutal history of extra-judicial killings under Duterte's watch.

Fighting the mega-mine

18 March 2018 Eliza Egret and Tom Anderson of Shoal Collective talk to Ken Peters-Dodd, a First Nations activist fighting against the construction of a mega-mine project threatening to devastate the environment.

“From garment factories to rural communities, women are the resistance.”

13 March 2018 Meet the women activists from around the world taking up the fight for social justice. By Marienna Pope-Weidemann from War on Want.

When ‘Good Living’ goes wrong

12 March 2018 Ecuador blazed a trail in sustainability by giving constitutional recognition to the rights of nature in 2008, but the revolutionary concept of Sumak Kawsay, or Good Living, that drove this initiative proved more fragile than hoped when left in the hands of national government, write Joan Pedro-Caranana and Jose Maria Tortosa.

If we want a progressive future, we need to bust some myths about the causes of Brexit

27 February 2018 Graham Taylor writes that if we want a progressive post-Brexit future, we need to cut through the confusion surrounding this messy, complex political moment.

Learning the lessons of Carillion

23 February 2018 The collapse of Carillion is only one small part of a larger story of decades of economic mismanagement, writes Jane Lethbridge

For All, By All

14 February 2018 The latest issue of Red Pepper asks - how do we invite, support and nurture greater public participation so that our cultural capabilities are empowered beyond the crushing logic of market fundamentalism? 

There’s something dirty about the way we clean

12 February 2018 Outsourced cleaners are on the front lines of the battle for workers' rights. By Emiliano Mellino

Resistance is life: Mehmet Aksoy’s last letter to his family

7 February 2018 Power to our beloved comrade and friend, Mehmet Aksoy, a hero of Kurdistan and the internationalist struggles against capitalism, colonialism and fascism. This tribute was authored by Mehmet’s family and friends.

Subcontracting lets big employers ignore workers’ welfare

1 February 2018 Subcontracting and privatising key services allows employers to wash their hands of responsibility for poor pay and conditions. By Luther Blisset.

Five rent strikes which changed the game

30 January 2018 Dominique Hua examines the history of tenants organising together to demand better housing and a brighter future.

Grounding the currents of Indigenous resistance

26 January 2018 Those joining the centuries-old Indigenous resistance in the Americas should discard Eurocentric narratives, epistemic violence and salvation narratives. By Alex Wilson and Praba Pilar

Matt Hancock criticised by charities for ‘anti-advocacy’ rules

25 January 2018 Tom Barns reports that the new minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has been criticised by charities for restricting their ability to lobby the government on political issues.

A rigged system: How developers are cannibalising our cities

24 January 2018 By Joe Beswick and Emily Scurrah

Human rights groups call on Theresa May to cancel visit of Saudi Arabia Crown Prince

16 January 2018 Campaign groups highlight UK complicity in Saudi Arabia's human rights abuses.

Civil disobedience is the only way left to fight climate change

10 January 2018 Across the world, thousands of protesters are taking on the planet’s biggest fossil fuel companies. We should support them – and if we can, we should join them. By Kara Moses

Viva Siva, 1923-2018

6 January 2018 A. Sivanandan, who died this week, was a hugely important figure in the politics of race and class. As part of our tributes, Red Pepper is republishing this 2009 profile of him by Arun Kundnani

Sivanandan: When memory forgets a giant

6 January 2018 Daniel Renwick calls for the whole movement to discover and remember the vital work of A. Sivanandan, who died this week

Anti-racist solidarity is the cornerstone of our freedoms

23 December 2017 Governments are manufacturing a new 'enemy within', write Yasser Louati and Malia Bouattia

Who killed Agent Kingfisher?

20 November 2017 Tom Palmer, aka Agent Kingfisher, was the 'messiah' of London's squatting scene until his death last year. But who was responsible for his fate? MI5, late capitalism or simply a drug overdose? Matt Broomfield investigates.

Abortion is still illegal in this country

15 November 2017 Fifty years after the Abortion Act, women are still dying from being denied basic services, write activists from Feminist Fightback

Labour Party laws are being used to quash dissent

8 November 2017 Richard Kuper writes that Labour's authorities are more concerned with suppressing pro-Palestine activism than with actually tackling antisemitism

Defend democracy – don’t repay your debts.

1 November 2017 Our dependence on debt means that banks wield ever-greater power over our lives, writes Daniel Edelstyn.

The first world war sowed the seeds of the Russian revolution

26 October 2017 An excerpt from 'October', China Mieville's book revisiting the story of the Russian Revolution

Anything is possible when the multitude assembles

25 October 2017 Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s new book Assembly re-examines what Left power could look like - not just winning elections, but overhauling the way we organise society. Review by Ben Trott.

Trans and gender-queer prisoners face a double punishment.

24 October 2017 For trans prisoners, abuse isolation and poor medical care are routine parts of incarceration. By 'ASBO', a former inmate.

Universal credit isn’t about saving money – it’s about disciplining unemployed people

18 October 2017 The scheme has cost a fortune and done nothing but cause suffering. So why does it exist at all? Tom Walker digs into universal credit’s origins in Tory ideology

Forget ‘Columbus Day’ – this is the Day of Indigenous Resistance

12 October 2017 By Leyli Horna, Marcela Terán and Sebastián Ordonez for Wretched of the Earth

You might be a centrist if…

10 October 2017 What does 'centrist' mean? Tom Walker identifies the key markers to help you spot centrism in the wild

Black Journalism Fund Open Editorial Meeting in Leeds

10 October 2017 Friday 13th October, 5pm to 7pm, meeting inside the Laidlaw Library, Leeds University

Debt relief for the hurricane-hit islands is the least we should do

29 September 2017 As the devastation from recent hurricanes in the Caribbean becomes clearer, the calls for debt relief for affected countries grow stronger, writes Tim Jones

Naomi Klein: the Corbyn movement is part of a global phenomenon

26 September 2017 What radical writer Naomi Klein said in her guest speech to Labour Party conference

Waiting for the future to begin: refugees’ everyday lives in Greece

26 September 2017 Solidarity volunteer Karolina Partyga on what she has learned from refugees in Thessaloniki

Don’t let Uber take you for a ride

25 September 2017 Uber is no friend of passengers or workers, writes Lewis Norton – the firm has put riders at risk and exploited its drivers

What is ‘free movement plus’?

21 September 2017 A new report proposes an approach that can push back against the tide of anti-immigrant sentiment. Luke Cooper explains

The World Transformed: Red Pepper’s pick of the festival

21 September 2017 Red Pepper is proud to be part of organising The World Transformed, in Brighton from 23-26 September. Here are our highlights from the programme

Black Journalism Fund – Open Editorial Meeting

8 September 2017 3-5pm Saturday 23rd September at The World Transformed in Brighton

Immigration detention: How the government is breaking its own rules

6 September 2017 Detention is being used to punish ex-prisoners all over again, writes Annahita Moradi

A better way to regenerate a community

5 September 2017 Gilbert Jassey describes a pioneering project that is bringing migrants and local people together to repopulate a village in rural Spain

Two years of broken promises: how the UK has failed refugees

2 September 2017 Stefan Schmid investigates the ways Syrian refugees have been treated since the media spotlight faded

West Papua’s silent genocide

31 August 2017 The brutal occupation of West Papua is under-reported - but UK and US corporations are profiting from the violence, write Eliza Egret and Tom Anderson

There’s nothing ‘natural’ about a natural disaster

29 August 2017 Disasters have unequal impacts – it's the poor and marginalised who suffer most. David Harvey writes on Hurricane Harvey

Peer-to-peer production and the partner state

27 August 2017 Michel Bauwens and Vasilis Kostakis argue that we need to move to a commons-centric society – with a state fit for the digital age

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