April 2022

Whose speech is the Free Speech Bill protecting?

29 April 2022 The government's clampdown on free speech is part of a wider campaign to erode all civil liberties. Students must resist, writes Jack Ballingham

Where is the Labour Party heading on immigration?

28 April 2022 As the Nationality and Borders Bill becomes law, Sabrina Huck attempts to decipher whether Labour's immigration policy offers any promise of change for the better

A woman and a man pushing a bicycle laden with bags in front of bombed blocks of flats

Ukraine and anti-imperialism: thoughts for the British left

26 April 2022 David Wearing discusses the geopolitical interests at stake and how the left in Britain can meaningfully engage in anti-imperialist struggle today

Imran Khan speaking from a Chatham House podium

Imran Khan – anti-imperialist hero or authoritarian populist?

25 April 2022 Tooba Syed dismantles the myths surrounding the former cricketer's supposedly anti-imperialist tenure in Pakistan

Review: Toxic Legacy by Stephanie Seneff

23 April 2022 Jake Woodier explores the purported widespread havoc of herbicide Glyphosate, industrial scientific sabotage and the destructive agricultural system

The growing threat of French fascism: Where next for the left?

21 April 2022 Le Pen's vote is now more geographically spread than ever before. An insular left needs to look beyond itself to respond, reports Selma Oumari

Pixels and mortar: The politics of video game worldbuilding

20 April 2022 With the worlds of architecture and video games becoming increasingly intertwined, Gerry Hart examines how video games communicate through their design

Going live from the picket line

18 April 2022 Wendell Daniel, aka StreetMic, describes how a lifelong interest in photography led to his regularly filming protests live from London’s streets

Wanted: a new health deal

17 April 2022 Virologist Deenan Pillay of Independent Sage tells Red Pepper how the pandemic has revealed the importance of rebuilding the public health system

The future of boycotts after Ukraine

16 April 2022 Calls for state and civil action against Russia are an important shift in Western political discourse, writes Ben Jamal

Common Knowledge: Big tech and the digital commons

14 April 2022 Looking at the growth of the free and open-source software movement, Marco Berlinguer explores how the digital commons have been absorbed into capitalist markets

Universities, financialisation and the fightback at Goldsmiths

12 April 2022 Vincent Møystad argues that as higher education institutions are pitted against each other, students, staff and activists must come together to resist a costly race to the bottom

The hopeful refusenik: An interview with Joe Glenton

10 April 2022 Daniel Baker sits down with Joe Glenton to discuss class, veteranhood, and the radical potential for organising within Britain's armed forces

Long marches, long revolutions

8 April 2022 As Red Pepper launches its new ‘Keywords’ series inspired by the work of Raymond Williams, Daniel Frost explores the associations of Williams’ own keyword, the ‘long revolution’

Why should socialists read Marx? 

6 April 2022 Marx remains a vital conversational partner, writes Tom Whyman

A woman holding a sign in Russian reading 'Sixth commandment – don't kill' flanked by two policemen

Russian feminist anti-war resistance

5 April 2022 Activist Asya Maruket highlights the variety of ways in which Russian women are resisting Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine

Hungary’s illiberal education

3 April 2022 Victor Orbán’s far-right government in Hungary sees higher education as critical to the consolidation of the ruling Fidesz party’s grip on society. Dorit Geva reports

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