Back to basics October 2016

Barb Jacobson on the campaign for an unconditional basic income

Now is the time for a progressive alliance October 2016

Kenny MacAskill of the Scottish National Party says that only a progressive alliance can deliver us from Tory rule

From common sense to power: municipal politics in Madrid October 2016

Ana Méndez de Andés describes how a new kind of electoral alliance is taking back power—one city at a time—in Spain

‘Brexit red lines’ – the most progressive terms possible for the UK’s exit from the EU October 2016

Labour is now opposing toxic trade deals, but what sort of trade do we want? Asks Nick Dearden.

Brexit: a two-fingered salute from the working class August 2016

The Brexit vote was the working class sticking two fingers up to the metropolitan middle class, the political elite and liberal commentariat, argues Lisa McKenzie

Lexit delusionaries August 2016

Marina Prentoulis lambasts those on the left who see success in the Brexit disaster

Brexit: clearly not Jeremy Corbyn’s fault August 2016

Tom Walker argues the official Remain campaign let the side down

Spanish elections: ceiling or turning point for the ‘new politics’? July 2016

If the new politics is to succeed it must be more than a mere rebranding exercise, writes Kate Shea Baird

‘Stop this madness’: parliament should not overturn the EU referendum result June 2016

Brexit may be disastrous, but overturning the referendum result will only deepen a crisis of democracy, writes Andrew Dolan

Building a progressive majority: Left strategy after the Brexit vote June 2016

After the EU referendum we are seeing both horror at anti-migrant sentiment and pandering to it, writes Joseph Todd – but only a radical economic offer can carve a way through

Five keys to understanding the Spanish election June 2016

A second Spanish general election in six months saw gains for the right-wing PP, which is again expected to form a government. But the insurgent left has also shown that it is here to stay, writes Oscar Reyes.

So you think the EU can’t be reformed? June 2016

A look at history will show you otherwise argues Hilary Wainwright and Mary Kaldor

Awakening from a nightmare: hope in an Out vote June 2016

Michael Calderbank forsees a bright future for the left in the event of an Out vote in the referendum

The Brexit nightmare June 2016

Tom Walker imagines waking up screaming at the hard-right ascendancy following a referendum Out vote

Why the City loves the EU June 2016

David Cameron’s EU deal has made the fight for democratic control of finance even 
more difficult, writes 
Kenneth Haar

We remember what Europe looked like before the EU June 2016

Sirio Canós Donnay explains why countries that have suffered the most at the hands of the Troika, like Greece and Spain, are also the most pro-European

Right to be angry – but be angry with the right June 2016

Siobhán McGuirk writes about scapegoating and anti-immigrant sentiment in the EU referendum debate

Video debate: The EU referendum – should the left vote in or out? May 2016

Marina Prentoulis and Luke Cooper (for in) debate Hannah Sell and Michael Calderbank (for out) in this episode of The Wedge, produced in collaboration with Red Pepper

The resistible rise of urban dispossession in Europe May 2016

Stuart Hodkinson traces the effects of the housing crisis across Europe in light of a new report, 'Resisting Evictions Across Europe'

The EU referendum: damned if you leave, damned if you remain May 2016

The EU referendum offers no progressive outcome, but it's a game of realpolitik we must play, argues Bertie Russell

Refugee crisis: the EU cracks down on volunteers March 2016

As Frontex moves in, volunteers in Greece are being prevented from helping refugees. Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports

Greek dock workers feel betrayed by Syriza’s broken promises March 2016

Dock workers in Greece are striking against further privatisations as Syriza's popularity tumbles, writes Will Horner

Can England learn from Scotland? February 2016

Isobel Lindsay suggests some lessons from Scotland for devolution campaigners in England

A different Europe or bust February 2016

As David Cameron’s renegotiation nears its uneventful conclusion, the big picture of what kind of Europe we want to live in is in danger of being lost, writes Luke Cooper. What can we do to change it?

Greece: Can’t pay, is paying February 2016

Zoe Konstantopoulou, ex-speaker of the Greek parliament, speaks to Fanny Malinen about alternatives to austerity after the capitulation of Syriza

A barricade in limbo: the occupiers of La Locanda January 2016

In the grey zone of Italy's migrant sector there is a courage that may hold hope for ending the border regimes of Europe, writes Richard Braude

Yanis Varoufakis: we need a new movement for democracy in Europe January 2016

Yanis Varoufakis speaks to Nick Buxton about why he is launching a pan-European movement for democracy, to save Europe before it's too late

EU debate: what are the real choices? December 2015

Of all the anticipated flashpoints to come in 2016, a UK referendum on EU membership could be the most divisive — John Palmer argues the left must begin with simple answers

With Spain’s election looming, can Podemos do it? December 2015

In the run-up to Spain’s general election, David Ferreira looks at the factors behind Podemos’ failure to sustain its initial surge of support

Rebel cities: the citizen platforms in power December 2015

Kate Shea Baird reports on the successes, limitations and possibilities of citizen platforms after their first months in power in cities across Spain

EU debate: We need to stay in Europe to change Europe December 2015

The idea that a social Europe could emerge by quitting the EU is a delusion. There are no quick fixes for neoliberalism, writes Luke Cooper

Hiding the Crisis October 2015

When Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras showed up, the shameful reality of Camp Moria was hidden and thousands of people had disappeared. Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports from Greece.

Ireland: Water protesters face jail as political policing ramps up October 2015

Ireland's movement against water charges is being criminalised by a nervous state, writes Oliver Eagleton

Ripping down fences October 2015

Emma Hughes spoke to Caoimhe Butterly about organising with refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos and dismantling borders

‘We’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel safe’: Refugees on the Serbia-Croatia border September 2015

Caoimhe Butterly hears the voices and experiences of some of the refugees making the long journey across Europe

‘We have been treated like animals’: Refugees refuse to be broken September 2015

While south-eastern Europe's leaders argue over the borders, thousands of refugees are stuck in the Balkans. Caoimhe Butterly reports from Belgrade

Before you go to Calais… How to make your help for refugees effective September 2015

Lots of people now want to help the refugees in Calais – but turning up unannounced with a van-load of stuff can do more harm than good. Kate Bradley looks at the best ways to make a difference

Ever-growing, ever-changing: Inside the Calais camp September 2015

The Calais refugee camp is starting to develop from tents to makeshift clinics, schools, cafes and more – but no one should have to live this way, writes Amy Corcoran

Reclaiming the legacy of the Paris Commune September 2015

Jane Shallice reviews Communal Luxury: The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune, by Kristin Ross

Housing gains in Spain August 2015

Tom Youngman reports from Madrid on the Spanish housing movement fighting evictions and campaigning for the right to housing for all

A club of ghouls: the need for rupture with the EU August 2015

After Greece, the road to a democratic, social United States of Europe passes through ‘Brexit’ and a toppling of the post-democratic tyranny that is the European Union, argues Leigh Phillips

The myths of the Greek crisis July 2015

The people of Greece aren’t to blame for the country’s debts. Tom Walker looks at some of the myths of the crisis

Darkness at noon: the third Greek bailout will fail and should be rejected July 2015

The path to the new bailout of Greece was dramatic. But with final details of the agreement yet to be revealed, the emerging truths lead Dimitris Sotiropoulos to argue it must be refused

Finance vs democracy in Greece July 2015

The Greek crisis has exposed the undemocratic nature of the European institutions, writes Fanny Malinen – but it also reveals a much broader problem

Greece stands humiliated at the hands of neoliberal fanatics July 2015

We must continue to stand with the people of Greece as European leaders bully the Greek government into submission, writes Nick Dearden

Spain’s democratic spring: how the movements stood for mayor – and won July 2015

Oscar Reyes looks at how citizens' movements with roots in the indignados movement went from protest to power in town halls in Barcelona, Madrid and other major cities in Spain

Breaking with creditors’ power: the importance of the Greek debt audit June 2015

While the world's media focuses on the bailout negotiations, a debt audit is underway to prove much of Greece's debt illegitimate, illegal and odious, writes Fanny Malinen

No way in June 2015

The deaths of thousands of refugees in the Mediterranean are exactly what a ‘tough stance on immigration’ looks like, writes Alex Randall

From Ireland to Bolivia, there’s something in the water June 2015

Fifteen years on from Bolivia’s ‘water war’, Thomas McDonagh looks at the developing parallels between those dramatic events and the current Irish battle over domestic water charges

The promise of history: Syriza and the future of the left June 2015

For years Greek radicals wondered what it would mean to win, writes Kostis Karpozilos. Now the question is whether winning is enough

Syriza’s only choice: A radical step forward March 2015

Syriza economists Spyros Lapatsioras, John Milios and Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos give a detailed, critical account of the recent deal on Greek debt

No, Syriza has not surrendered February 2015

Tom Walker looks at what Greece's government has agreed – and argues that buying time is not the same thing as breaking promises

Podemos: Politics by the people February 2015

Andrew Dolan interviews Eduardo Maura of Podemos, the people-powered party that is transforming Spanish politics

Greece: Syriza shines a light January 2015

In 2012 Hilary Wainwright visited Athens to report on the rise of Syriza, the radical left coalition who have stormed to power Greece.

Is there still hope for the Labour Left in Scotland? January 2015

Martyn Cook of the Campaign for Socialism looks at the Scottish Labour leadership contest and its aftermath

The rise of the ‘peer-to-peer populists’ January 2015

Paul Walsh argues that the success of Syriza has much in common with Spain's Podemos and Scotland's Radical Independence Campaign

From protest to power: the transformation of Syriza January 2015

Marina Prentoulis reports on how Greece’s left party Syriza is taking power with a new kind of organisation

How it feels to be in Athens today January 2015

Paul Mackney writes from Greece on Syriza's victory and the atmosphere of celebration

Greece: Are you ready to grow young again? January 2015

Kevin Ovenden writes from Athens on the eve of Greece's historic election

If Syriza wins the Greek election, what will happen next? December 2014

Lisa Mittendrein and Valentin Schwarz spoke to Syriza members to explore the possibilities for a government of the left

Another Scotland is – still – possible December 2014

The radical mass movement for a ‘yes’ vote in the Scottish referendum was a political awakening on an epic scale. Jonathon Shafi of the Radical Independence Campaign says it’s not finished yet

Cracks in the union October 2014

Adam Ramsay looks at how the campaign for Scottish independence has brought the current UK and its constitution into question on these shores and beyond

If you think Yes voters were backing nationalism, then you weren’t paying attention September 2014

Scottish independence campaigner Cat Boyd reflects on a movement that had the whole Westminster elite against it – yet still managed to run them close

The rising demand for Catalan independence September 2014

Although the demand for independence has dominated Catalan politics since 2010, it had previously been very much a minority position. Recent events have changed that, seemingly irrevocably, writes Jaume Muñoz Jofre

Win or lose, the Scottish people have built an incredible mass movement for Yes September 2014

Whether the result is Yes or No, the pro-independence campaign has mobilised a movement for radical change that we must keep alive, says Ken Ferguson

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the union August 2014

'It’s always an intellectual fudge for the left, whereby folksy, blood-and-soil nonsense is inspiring up until the moment of independence but no further'

Discovery of the World: A political awakening in the shadow of Mussolini August 2014

Jane Shallice reviews Discovery of the World: A political awakening in the shadow of Mussolini, by Luciana Castellina

The gains in Spain August 2014

Víctor Manuel Hernández reports on the achievements and potential next steps for Spain’s leftist grassroots movements

New homage to Catalonia August 2014

Although the demand for independence has dominated Catalan politics since 2010, it had previously been very much a minority position. Recent events have changed that, seemingly irrevocably, writes Juame Muñoz Jofre

Event: The radical case for Scottish independence June 2014

Join us at the House of Commons, Thursday 26 June

Democracy how? June 2014

Nick Mahony examines a burst of new initiatives on public participation and their relevance to the left

Putting a gag on it June 2014

Cristina Flesher Fominaya discusses how 15M activists in Spain are facing increasing repression – and using a range of tactics to resist it

A prefigurative strategy June 2014

Marianne Maeckelbergh explains how, through non-hierarchical organising, social movements are attempting to be the change they want to see in Europe

A necessary rupture June 2014

Panagiotis Sotiris says Greece’s austerity experience highlights why the left should be talking about exiting the Eurozone

Europe from below June 2014

Donatella della Porta describes the changing pulse of European peoples and movements and argues it’s time to bust the myth of a non-political EU

Red Pepper event: What should the Left be demanding of Europe? May 2014

Red Pepper hosts a special event in London on 20 May in the run up to the European Elections to look at the possibilities for an alternative, democratic Europe

Spain’s radical tide April 2014

Spain’s indignados have driven a lasting shift in the political climate of the country, argues Ana Méndez de Andés of the Observatorio Metropolitano collective in Madrid

Ukraine’s uncertain future February 2014

Having completed its transition from protest to power, Ukraine’s #Euromaidan encapsulates the problems of revolution in a post-socialist world, writes Luke Cooper

More views on Scottish independence January 2014

Left wing Labour MP Katy Clark, Philip Stott of the Socialist Party and Carolyn Leckie of Women for Independence put their positions

Imagining a better nation: how independence could unlock Scotland’s potential January 2014

The possibility of creating a fundamentally different Scotland, based on solidarity, togetherness and fairness, is beginning to galvanise radical thinking, argues Jim Johnson

Scotland at the crossroads: the path to a new-born star? January 2014

Will 2014 be the year of Scottish independence? Roz Paterson sees new political alignments and vibrancy on the left in the campaign for a yes vote

Time for a Basic Income November 2013

One year ago Red Pepper published a piece on the Basic Income, is it time to consider this idea a little more seriously? writes Andrew Dolan

The day Greece’s TVs went dark June 2013

Hilary Wainwright reports from Thessaloniki on what happened when the state ordered Greece’s state broadcaster to shut down

We’re striking to support the movement – interview with Turkish union activist June 2013

John Millington speaks to Ertan Elsoy, an activist in the Kesk union which has called a two day strike to support the rebellion

Istanbul: a tree grows in Gezi June 2013

Kevin Buckland reports from Istanbul on the movement so far - and what it means to people

Resist and transform: the struggle for water in Greece May 2013

A combination of opposing privatisation and putting forward practical alternatives is helping water campaigners mount an effective challenge to austerity in Greece. Hilary Wainwright reports

Spain: We don’t owe, we won’t pay March 2013

Iolanda Fresnillo reports from Spain on the myriad ways Spanish people are facing down austerity

How Beppe Grillo stole the left’s clothes March 2013

Lorenzo Fe argues that Italy's Five Star Movement owes a big debt to the left – but won votes by rejecting it

Organising to survive in Greece December 2012

Tonia Katerini of Syriza describes the social solidarity movement rising as Greeks struggle for survival

Dawn of a new danger December 2012

The world’s media has gone into a panic about Greek fascists Golden Dawn. Here, Yiorgos Vassalos examines their neo-Nazi politics and the reasons for their support

Left leading: Interview with Die Linke leader Katja Kipping November 2012

Emma Dowling speaks to Katja Kipping, new co-chair of Germany's Left Party, about the European crisis and the direction she wants to take the party

Firenze 10+10: Back to Florence November 2012

As Firenze 10+10 begins, Rossana Rossanda discusses how the Left can open a breach in the neoliberal wall

Italy, where did the protest go? November 2012

Donatella Della Porta writes that despite the Eurozone crisis and harsh austerity policies, it seems as if Italy is no longer responding with protest demonstrations anymore

Rooted in the neighbourhood: what happened to Spain’s assemblies? October 2012

Oscar Reyes reports on the successes and setbacks of neighbourhood assemblies in Spain

Joining forces for another Europe October 2012

In November, European social movements will meet in Florence to plan continent-wide responses to austerity and the European crisis of democracy. Tommaso Fattori calls for us to make ‘Firenze 10+10’ a priority

The Dutch elections: From euphoria to red neoliberalism? September 2012

Hilde van der Pas describes how high hopes for a strong Socialist Party vote and a Labour majority gave way to a right dominated coalition with Labour, and draws out the options for the future

Cwtch: What Occupy did next in Wales July 2012

Amy Hall reports on how Occupy Swansea has spawned a series of occupied social centres in the city

The Greek elections, before and after: two letters about the fortunes of Syriza July 2012

Chris Jones, who lives on the Greek island of Samos, writes to a friend about the meaning of the elections

A new Cymru – Leanne Wood interviewed June 2012

Emma Hughes spoke to Plaid Cymru’s new left-wing leader Leanne Wood

SYRIZA: Building on the democracy of the square June 2012

Babis Agrolabos looks at SYRIZA's history and what it has done since the elections

The Spanish bank bailout: digging a deeper hole June 2012

A Spanish bank bailout of up to €100 billion will worsen the country’s debt dependency and prolong austerity, writes Oscar Reyes

Breakthrough of the Left Front in France June 2012

Christophe Aguiton looks at the foundations and future of Jean-Luc Melenchon's Left Front and left politics in France

Barcelona: Neighbourhoods of noise June 2012

Anna Gurney offers a guided tour to resistance past and present in the Catalan capital of Barcelona

Scottish independence: Breaking up is good to do May 2012

John McAllion makes the socialist case for an independent Scotland

Deal or no deal? A leading Syriza activist’s thoughts on coalition and the left May 2012

What happened when Alex Nunns met Nasos Iliopoulos—one of the rising stars of Greece’s new second party, radical left coalition Syriza

Greek election: The austerity parties have collapsed. This is the moment of truth for the left May 2012

Yiorgos Vassalos looks at the extraordinary results of the Greek elections

The banks’ real stress test is still to come April 2012

The solvency of Europe’s governments has been under the spotlight in recent months, but Europe’s fragile and under-reformed banking system is a disaster waiting to happen, says Hugo Radice

The stability obsession April 2012

Ian Bruff explores the roots of Germany’s obsession with budgetary prudence and economic stability, which is driving austerity in Europe

Spain: only the resistance offers hope April 2012

From the 'indignados' to elections and general strikes, Javier Navascués reflects on growing resistance to neoliberalism and austerity across Spain

Greece: More than a demonstration, less than a revolt April 2012

Alex Nunns reports from Athens on the human consequences of the austerity measures, and how they are being resisted

A different kind of Europe? Responses to Trevor Evans April 2012

How do we respond to the euro crisis? Susan George, Paolo Gerbaudo, Donatella della Porta and James Meadway write

A different kind of Europe March 2012

Trevor Evans outlines the basis for a progressive pan-European response to the euro crisis

The consequences of the EU bank rescue March 2012

Hugo Radice outlines the implications of the European Central Banks' recent actions to support the European Union's banking sector.

Greece: how to avoid a social default February 2012

Panagiotis Sotiris argues that stopping the debt repayments is the only way to avoid the devastation of Greece

Leanne Wood: Why I’m standing for the Plaid Cymru leadership January 2012

Leanne Wood AM sets out a socialist vision for Wales.

The euro: break or remake? December 2011

Kenneth Haar opens our debate about the future of the euro

Food for thought: food sovereignty in Europe December 2011

Dan Iles hears from food sovereignty activists from across the continent

Achub S4C: ‘We want to show there is a place for Welsh’ December 2011

Amy Hall talks to the activists fighting to save the only Welsh language television channel

One small Greek island’s relentless struggle to get by December 2011

Chris Jones on what Greece's crisis means for daily life on the island of Samos

Time to pay up! October 2011

David Hillman explains why taxing the financial sector has never been so important - and why success may only be a few months away

Left blocked August 2011

An interview with Portugese Left Bloc activist Ricardo Sá Ferreira

Los indignados: the emerging politics of outrage August 2011

Paolo Gerbaudo on the protests that have swept southern Europe

A road made by walking August 2011

Oscar Reyes reports from Spain on an ‘indignant’ movement that continues to spread and diversify

Drug club: Spain’s alternative cannabis economy June 2011

Nick Buxton examines the experience of cannabis social clubs in Spain

Society-wide anger June 2011

Leigh Phillips talked to Debtocracy director Aris Chatzistefanou about the left and the current situation in Greece

Portugal: The EU’s managed democracy April 2011

The bail-out has been the perfect excuse for Europe to bypass Portuguese citizens entirely, says Leigh Phillips

Holyrood hopes April 2011

Ken Ferguson asks how the Scottish left can respond to anger at the Westminster cuts consensus

Don’t let your slightly racist gran be the only one to take on Europe’s silent coup April 2011

In the biggest shift of powers to the EU in 50 years, under Europe’s new system of ‘economic governance’, Brussels gets a veto over all wage, public spending, and taxation decisions

The creaking European austerity machine February 2011

Austerity could spell the end for the euro, argues Leigh Phillips

Getting off our knees? November 2010

As austerity bites across Europe, Leigh Phillips surveys the resistance

Striking for dignity in Spain October 2010

Javier Navascués on the impact of Spain's general strike

Get along, move along, shift… September 2010

The Roma are experiencing a fresh wave of repression across Europe. Leigh Phillips reports

Let our truth stand as their truth too June 2010

Eamonn McCann's statement read outside Guildhall on behalf of the Bloody Sunday families

No one wants a return to violence June 2010

Tony Cook, behind the award-winning documentary Secret History: Bloody Sunday, says while there was no 'Truth and Reconciliation Committee', there is an understanding among the community that the Troubles are behind them

Bloody Sunday: the wait is over June 2010

Brilliant report for Bloody Sunday families: Not a bad result for the British Army either. Eamonn McCann on the Saville Report released 15 June 2010

Europe’s co-op boom June 2010

In some parts of Europe, workers' co-operatives are well-established parts of the economy

‘Sin Patron’ in Dundee? May 2010

The Prisme packaging factory in Dundee was perhaps the first in the country to be occupied and to successfully take production under workers control. David Whyte visits the factory a year after the occupation

Government eats up the Greens March 2010

Former leading Irish Green Party member Bronwen Maher rues her ex-colleagues' continuing support for the centre-right coalition government in Ireland

What’s left in Eastern Europe January 2010

While the Left Party in Germany scored 12 per cent in the recent Bundestag elections, in the rest of eastern Europe the left still languishes in the post-Soviet doldrums. Leigh Phillips spoke to Stefan Zgliczynski and Jane Hardy about its prospects

Europe’s far left narrowly misses a hat-trick October 2009

Leigh Phillips analyses the far left results in the recent German, Portugese and Greek elections

Border stories October 2009

Frances Webber investigates the tabloid fantasies and desperate realities surrounding migrants in Calais

Europe’s far right rises August 2009

The British National Party will be joined in the European parliament by far-right parties from across the continent. But how much support are fascists and racists really picking up? Tom Walker investigates

The rise of European Bobo politics August 2009

Cohn-Bendit's Europe Ecologie victory in France emboldens the Green right across Europe but does it also mean the death of traditional green principles asks Leigh Philips

Reality check for the left June 2009

If the collapse of capitalism can't improve the left's chances, what will? {Red Pepper's} Europe correspondent, Leigh Phillips, surveys the political landscape after the European elections

Can the Green Left rescue Iceland? June 2009

The collapse of the Icelandic banks and economy has created the first left victory of the current economic crisis, says Derek Wall

What a waste! June 2009

Politicians across Europe are hailing the European Investment Bank's (EIB) stimulus packages. But is the bank squandering billions bailing out unviable and environmentally-damaging industries? Tom Greenwood reports

Apathy of the discontented May 2009

Almost 500 million people were entitled to vote in this year's European elections. Yet between the lobbyists and the bureaucrats, it's hard to claim the EU is a continental-scale democracy. Leigh Phillips asks who pulls the strings in Europe, and what we can do about it

Breaking Europe’s left-right ‘grand coalition’ May 2009

Carl Schlyter, a Green MEP from Sweden, has battled in the European Parliament over nanotechnology, internet freedoms and unfair trade agreements with developing countries. Unlike many Greens, however, he is a firm opponent of the Lisbon Treaty and backer of EU democratic reform

Far right prospects in the European elections May 2009

Graeme Atkinson on the far right parties and candidates standing in the upcoming European Parliament elections

Almost revolutionary February 2009

John Mullen looks at the new hopes on France's radical left, where two new left parties and a looser federation are being founded

A cowardly failure to act February 2009

Luisa Morgantini, MEP for the European United Left and vice president of the European Parliament, condemns Europe and the international community for its inaction over Israel and the Palestinians, and calls for tough action

The revenge of life February 2009

As protesters continue to fill the squares of Athens, the two ministers targeted by the demonstrators have gone - but the young people who took to the streets after the police had killed one of them had a lot more in mind than a cabinet reshuffle. Two participant observers, Ilias Ziogas and Akis Gavrilidis, sent us interim interpretations of the intense resistance that is shaking Greek political institutions

France’s new anti-capitalist party January 2009

There's been surprisingly little discussion in the UK on the launch of the 'new anti-capitalist party' in France. Jim Jepps spoke to John Mullen, the editor of Socialisme International, to find out more

Is England up for it? October 2008

The slow but steady break-up of the United Kingdom signals a new progressive nationalism in Wales as well as Scotland, argues Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly member Leanne Wood. It could also open up new possibilities in England - but is the English left ready for them?

Grown up and independent October 2008

Actress and comedian Elaine C Smith, convenor of the Convention for Scottish Independence, took a long time to cross what she describes as the 'mythical bridge' to a belief in independence. She argues now that there is no going back, and that independence will release the radicalism generated by the Scottish Enlightenment but held back by 300 years of being tied to the United Kingdom

Which part of No don’t they understand? August 2008

When the EU constitution was rejected in 2005, European leaders resolved that the people of Europe would not get a vote on its replacement. But Ireland's constitution forced one exception, and the Irish promptly rejected the Lisbon treaty. Westby Swift looks at why the Irish voted No, what the EU plans to do about it and how the left should respond

Legalising barbarism July 2008

From Bolivia to Bangladesh, the new EU return directive - which allows for the imprisonment of 'illegal' migrants for up to 18 months prior to their expulsion - has met with global condemnation. But it forms only one strand of a broader 'Fortress Europe' approach to control all migrants, writes Ben Hayes

Underdog politics June 2008

Support for parties of the populist right has been growing across Europe. Faced with 37 per cent support for the far-right Progress Party, according to polls in his home country Norway, political writer Magnus Marsdal travelled across Europe to find out why

The crisis of Italy’s political institutions: a view from inside government April 2008

Paolo Ferrero was Minister of Social Solidarity in the Prodi Government. He describes here the difficulties of achieving radical reform in the face of a weak coalition, social conservatism and the crisis besetting Italy's weak political institutions

We must avoid being absorbed by the State April 2008

Paolo Cacciari, a former Rifondazione MP, argues that the left should avoid being 'absorbed' by state institutions, and explains how citizens' associations can work to bring about a new left culture

Movements and left parties should keep a respectful distance April 2008

Alessandra Mecozzi, International Secretary of FIOM, the Italian metalworkers union, reflects on the weakened state of the movements, including the trade union movement, and draws some harsh lessons

Against Veltrusconi: the challenges facing Italy’s ‘territorial’ social movements April 2008

Italy has seen a recent wave of 'territorial' social movements, brought together by a crisis of political representation. In the face of an increasingly insecure society, and the appeal of more authoritarian demands, these movements still need to develop a mass base, argues Tommaso Fattori

A new coalition may be the best hope for a weak left April 2008

With the centre-left taking a rightward turn, and a fractious left increasingly losing its social base, the prospects for the Italian election look bleak, argues Luciana Castellina

The Italian left should appeal to the urban middle class April 2008

Italy is a right-wing country, where the Vatican retains a strong influence and a majority of the population belong to the urban middle class. The left needs a new appeal to these sectors if it is to challenge Berlusconi, argues Paul Ginsborg

Walter Veltroni: projecting Italy as the ‘hub’ of neoliberal Europe April 2008

Walter Veltroni is the main centre-left challenger to Berlusconi in Italy's general election. As leader of the Democratic Party, he rejects local and social movement campaigns in territorial autonomy and favours making Italy a military and industrial 'hub', writes Enzo Mangini

Balance sheet of the Prodi Government April 2008

The Prodi government failed in its promises to rewrite Berlusconi's controversial labour laws, remunicipalise water and reverse Italy's militaristic international policies. The result is disillusionment with the left, writes Vittorio Longhi

A red guide to Italian politics April 2008

Italians have often led the way in creating a European left but now they face a crisis in the return of Silvio Berlusconi. Hilary Wainwright talked to a range of left activists as they prepared for the elections

Wrong man, wrong Europe April 2008

Referendums killed off the EU Constitution, a 'blackmail' that Europe's elites will now avoid by forcing through the Lisbon Treaty without debate, writes Susan George. And Tony Blair is just the man some of them want to lead the way in this new Europe

Energy cowboys and green mountebanks January 2008

The failed strategy of energy liberalisation that brought rolling blackouts and the financial high jinks of Enron to the United States is now being tried by the European Union, writes Westby Swift

European unions of the people December 2007

Giulio Marcon and Duccio Zola survey the resistance to privatisation across Europe, highlighting the role of pan-European trade union initiatives and a growing alliance between social movements and the unions

The left has only itself to blame December 2007

The right-wing election victory in France should never have happened, writes Philippe Marlière.

Privatisation in Europe November 2007

The privatisation of public services is proceeding apace across Europe. Paolo Andruccioli examines what it means for consumers, workers, citizens - and democracy

Terror laws hit German left September 2007

The past few months have seen a wave of repression unleashed in Germany. Houses, offices, social centres and bookshops have been raided by police and several people accused of 'membership of a terrorist organisation' - sometimes for as little as having written academic texts about 'gentrification'. Frank Meyer reports from Hamburg

Flunking the written August 2007

The newly formed Die Linke (Left) party is breaking the rules of German politics to create a strongly rooted party to the left of the Social Democratic Party across Germany's historic divide. Die Linke organiser Christophe Spehr reports

The struggle for Europe’s soul March 2007

The European Union (EU) marks its 50th birthday this month with no solution in sight to revive the stalled constitutional treaty. But with a raft of new proposals to further liberalise markets, it is too soon for the left to celebrate, argues Oscar Reyes.

Frank, as in honest November 2006

The leaking of a secret speech by the Hungarian prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, has led to mass protests and political crisis in Budapest. In the speech, Gyurcsany said that his party had lied to the electorate to win the April election. Laszlo Bihari reports on the political fallout from the truth about Hungary's honest liar

Bridges to peace July 2006

Fabio Alberti from the Italian 'Bridges to Baghdad' argues that the peace movement will have to keep Prodi to his commitment to withdraw from Iraq and calls for the government to initiate an international peace conference.

We are the European people June 2006

An innovative survey of activists across Europe casts light on the successes and failures of the continent’s social movements and the problems and challenges that they face

Why French and Dutch citizens are saying NO June 2006

The French referendum on the EU constitution takes place on 29 May, followed by a similar referendum in The Netherlands on 1 June. Opinions polls show the 'no' side edging ahead, but in both countries it's still too close to call. The following virtual interview is based on presentations given at the Transnational Institute (TNI) Fellows' Meeting in Amsterdam on 21 May.

Europe: bridging the emotional gap November 2005

In search of a fresh argument for the left in Britain to become more European in its thinking and organising, I picked an extraordinary book off my bookshelf: 'Europe in Love; Love in Europe' by Louisa Passerini from the European University Institute in Florence.

Ceuta and Melilla: Europe’s wall of shame November 2005

In the last week of September 2005, the true image of Fortress Europe entered our living rooms: black people hanging from barbed wire, laying down with broken arms an legs, bleeding and desperately asking for help. Since 27 September, when it is said that al least 1,000 tried to cross the 3 to 6-meter fence that separates Morocco from Melilla - a Spanish territory in the North African coast - similar images, if not worse, have been exposing the consequences of EU immigration policies.

Paris is burning November 2005

In 1991, after violent riots between youths and police scarred the suburbs of Lyon, French sociologist Alain Tourraine predicted that 'it will only be a few years before we face the kind of massive urban explosion of the American experience'. The 12 nights of consecutive violence following the deaths of two young Muslim men of African descent in a Paris suburb indicate that Tourraine's dark vision of a ghettoised, post-colonial France is now upon us.

The remaking of the left September 2005

More than a decade after the fall of the Berlin wall, communist successor parties are winning support as they struggle to reinvent themselves

Who really bombed Paris? September 2005

The French response to 'Islamic terrorism' after the 1995 Paris metro bombing is often held up as a model. But there is strong evidence that the attacks were part of the Algerian government's 'dirty war' on its opponents.

The UK/US Presidency of the EU July 2005

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out the meaning of the UK Presidency of the EU. Just read the Wall Street Journal of 16 October 2003, where Gordon Brown explains New Labour’s agenda for Europe: ‘economic reform should be embraced with even greater speed. The right response to global competitive pressure is […]

Hungary’s first ‘eco-president’ July 2005

Recently the words 'Another Politics is Possible' took on a new meaning in Hungary when Dr László Sólyom, Hungary's first 'civil candidate', was elected President of the Hungarian Republic in an unexpected success for grassroots politics

The people’s President? July 2005

Activism and party politics in a polarised Hungary

Non de gauche: the French Left after the referendum July 2005

The French No vote in the 29 May referendum on the European constitution had immediate consequences, both for the fate of the treaty and for domestic politics. But this was no mere mid-term protest against an unpopular government, nor further evidence of France's famed 'ungovernability', the fact that no government in the last thirty years has lasted more than one term in office. It actually marks an important staging post in the making of a new Left on the terrain of capitalist globalisation.

French Hijab ban: one year on May 2005

Naima Bouteldja on why French Muslim school children are not celebrating the first anniversary of the 'headscarf ban'.

The Left and Power – the Italian way May 2005

From the dramatic events surrounding the killing of an Italian secret agent to a sweeping electoral victory against Berlusconi, Hilary Wainwright provides a snapshot of a dramatic time in Italian politics. But as Rifondazione Comunista extends its influence in regional government, she asks: can the left transform the state by sharing power?

The Bluffer’s Guide to… the Bolkestein directive on services April 2005

Preying on your apathy and sunny personalities, free-market lunatics embedded in Brussels are trying to sneak through reforms of the services sector that would effectively steamroller national regulatory systems out of existence. By Graham Copp

Trade Unions Protest in Romania April 2005

Amongst the slew of changes in Romania recently, the only one to unite the trade unions in opposition is the proposed change to the Work Code.

A tale of two treaties March 2005

French magazine Politis asked two leading French progressive figures, Alain Lipietz (Green Party) and Jean-Luc Melenchon (Socialist Party) to debate their respective support for and opposition to the proposed EU constitution.

European Parliament stands up for asylum seekers December 2004

The European Parliament and Commission are set on a collision course with the Council of Europe, the organisation of Member States, over asylum policy after the Parliament adopted a report that condemned draconian practices by European countries.

Internationale Rescue September 2004

The year is 1996, and 21-year-old Ilya Ponomarev, typical of Russia's new breed of young entrepreneurs, is making the most of the market opportunities opened up by perestroika. At 15 he had set up his own computer-programming company, achieving a $10m turnover in two years. At 24 he became the youngest ever vice-president of the giant Russian oil company Yukos.

Local Democracy Italian style August 2004

Hilary Wainwright savours the political and cultural dolce vita in the Adriatic town of Grottammare.

The End of ‘Rhineland Capitalism’: Germany at the Crossroads January 2004

In the decades following the Second World War, Federal Germany established a social-welfare state which brought a measure of social security to the broad mass of the population unprecedented in German history. The German model also ranked highly in international terms.

Whatever happened to the German Greens? August 2003

Back in the early 1980s the West German Greens were a bastion of radicalism, challenging US imperialism, advocating pacifism and describing their own position as one of 'ecological socialism'. By the late 1990s the party seemed to have changed beyond all recognition: as a member of Gerhard Schroeder's 'third way' coalition, the Greens were defending radically neoliberal policies and staunchly supporting military interventions for humanitarian purposes.

NGO launches bid to force EC to open up GATS negotiations August 2003

Friends of the Earth has lodged a complaint with the European Commission's Ombudsman in a bid to force the Commission to release documents detailing the European Union's stance in international trade negotiations.

The Socialist Workers Party and the euro July 2003

We want a Europe that meets the needs of workers and the poor, not a Europe of capital and war.

The Scottish Socialist Party, the European Anti-Capitalist Left and the euro July 2003

In the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP), the debate is not about whether or not to have the euro - the party is markedly against (and so follows the fear of ending up in bed with the reactionary and xenophobic Sun and Daily Mail campaigns, or subconsciously adopting the little Englander mentality). Sure, you'll see campaigning against the euro in the SSP - it's the official party line. You'll even find the odd pro-euro platform - perhaps a knee-jerk reaction to the anti-European right-wing rhetoric, or more likely in the hope that it will unite workers across Europe, act as a rival to the US, and be open enough to expose corruption.

Labour Left Briefing – Britain’s Integration into Europe July 2003

From a specifically British perspective European integration has much to offer - a levelling up of living standards, trade union laws and human rights. Indeed large sectors of the labour movement have looked across the channel and noticed that Britain is the sweatshop of Europe - we work the longest hours, have fewer rights than most other EU countries and we have fewer holidays.

The Green Party and the euro July 2003

While the Green Party now accepts that the UK should stay within the European Union, it sees the EU as over-centralized and driven by a neo-liberal agenda.

Charter88 – Five Democratic Tests for Europe July 2003

Charter88, the democracy campaigning group, recently launched a pamphlet listing five democratic tests for EU institutions to mirror Gordon Brown's five economic tests for the euro.

Atlanticism July 1997

Atlanticism is the Achilles' heel of European security, self-identity and collective will, argues John Williams

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