We’re striking to support the movement – interview with Turkish union activist
John Millington speaks to Ertan Elsoy, an activist in the Kesk union which has called a two day strike to support the rebellion

Istanbul: a tree grows in Gezi
Kevin Buckland reports from Istanbul on the movement so far - and what it means to people

Resist and transform: the struggle for water in Greece
A combination of opposing privatisation and putting forward practical alternatives is helping water campaigners mount an effective challenge to austerity in Greece. Hilary Wainwright reports

Spain: We don’t owe, we won’t pay
Iolanda Fresnillo reports from Spain on the myriad ways Spanish people are facing down austerity

How Beppe Grillo stole the left’s clothes
Lorenzo Fe argues that Italy's Five Star Movement owes a big debt to the left – but won votes by rejecting it

Organising to survive in Greece
Tonia Katerini of Syriza describes the social solidarity movement rising as Greeks struggle for survival

Dawn of a new danger
The world’s media has gone into a panic about Greek fascists Golden Dawn. Here, Yiorgos Vassalos examines their neo-Nazi politics and the reasons for their support

Left leading: Interview with Die Linke leader Katja Kipping
Emma Dowling speaks to Katja Kipping, new co-chair of Germany's Left Party, about the European crisis and the direction she wants to take the party

Firenze 10+10: Back to Florence
As Firenze 10+10 begins, Rossana Rossanda discusses how the Left can open a breach in the neoliberal wall

Italy, where did the protest go?
Donatella Della Porta writes that despite the Eurozone crisis and harsh austerity policies, it seems as if Italy is no longer responding with protest demonstrations anymore

Rooted in the neighbourhood: what happened to Spain’s assemblies?
Oscar Reyes reports on the successes and setbacks of neighbourhood assemblies in Spain

Joining forces for another Europe
In November, European social movements will meet in Florence to plan continent-wide responses to austerity and the European crisis of democracy. Tommaso Fattori calls for us to make ‘Firenze 10+10’ a priority

The Dutch elections: From euphoria to red neoliberalism?
Hilde van der Pas describes how high hopes for a strong Socialist Party vote and a Labour majority gave way to a right dominated coalition with Labour, and draws out the options for the future

Cwtch: What Occupy did next in Wales
Amy Hall reports on how Occupy Swansea has spawned a series of occupied social centres in the city

The Greek elections, before and after: two letters about the fortunes of Syriza
Chris Jones, who lives on the Greek island of Samos, writes to a friend about the meaning of the elections

A new Cymru – Leanne Wood interviewed
Emma Hughes spoke to Plaid Cymru’s new left-wing leader Leanne Wood

SYRIZA: Building on the democracy of the square
Babis Agrolabos looks at SYRIZA's history and what it has done since the elections

The Spanish bank bailout: digging a deeper hole
A Spanish bank bailout of up to €100 billion will worsen the country’s debt dependency and prolong austerity, writes Oscar Reyes

Breakthrough of the Left Front in France
Christophe Aguiton looks at the foundations and future of Jean-Luc Melenchon's Left Front and left politics in France

Barcelona: Neighbourhoods of noise
Anna Gurney offers a guided tour to resistance past and present in the Catalan capital of Barcelona

Scottish independence: Breaking up is good to do
John McAllion makes the socialist case for an independent Scotland

Deal or no deal? A leading Syriza activist’s thoughts on coalition and the left
What happened when Alex Nunns met Nasos Iliopoulos—one of the rising stars of Greece’s new second party, radical left coalition Syriza

Greek election: The austerity parties have collapsed. This is the moment of truth for the left
Yiorgos Vassalos looks at the extraordinary results of the Greek elections

The banks’ real stress test is still to come
The solvency of Europe’s governments has been under the spotlight in recent months, but Europe’s fragile and under-reformed banking system is a disaster waiting to happen, says Hugo Radice

The stability obsession
Ian Bruff explores the roots of Germany’s obsession with budgetary prudence and economic stability, which is driving austerity in Europe

Spain: only the resistance offers hope
From the 'indignados' to elections and general strikes, Javier Navascués reflects on growing resistance to neoliberalism and austerity across Spain

Greece: More than a demonstration, less than a revolt
Alex Nunns reports from Athens on the human consequences of the austerity measures, and how they are being resisted

A different kind of Europe? Responses to Trevor Evans
How do we respond to the euro crisis? Susan George, Paolo Gerbaudo, Donatella della Porta and James Meadway write

A different kind of Europe
Trevor Evans outlines the basis for a progressive pan-European response to the euro crisis

The consequences of the EU bank rescue
Hugo Radice outlines the implications of the European Central Banks' recent actions to support the European Union's banking sector.