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Now is the time for a progressive alliance October 2016

Kenny MacAskill of the Scottish National Party says that only a progressive alliance can deliver us from Tory rule

The pitchforks are coming April 2015

Red Pepper speaks to Lisa McKenzie, the candidate taking Class War to Tory Essex

Don’t believe the claims about Tower Hamlets – the devil is in the detail December 2014

Rabina Khan, cabinet member for housing in Tower Hamlets council, defends its record in the face of government-led attacks

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about what makes politicians tick December 2014

'I haven’t socialised with senior politicians, but I’ve hung out with the insane and I can reveal that they believe their own lies completely'

The long shadow of the 1970s November 2014

The 1970s marked a turning point in left fortunes worldwide and the origins of today’s neoliberal ascendancy. A Red Pepper roundtable with Hilary Wainwright, Andy Beckett, John Medhurst and Suresh Grover looks back

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about characters February 2014

'Today’s politicians are boring. Perhaps that’s why they get away with so much'

Taking on the ‘fruitcakes’: how can we stop UKIP? September 2013

The breakthrough for UKIP in May’s local elections raises the danger of a long‑term shift to the right in British politics. Richard Seymour considers where UKIP’s vote is coming from and how the left needs to respond

The seven faces of Michael Gove May 2013

Mike Peters looks at how the Tory education secretary uses the words and ideas of the left to win support for his policies

Thatcher didn’t save the economy, she wrecked it – and we’re still paying the price April 2013

Alex Nunns argues that the right's celebrations of Margaret Thatcher’s economic record are an attempt to rewrite history

Thatcher funeral: an alternative eulogy April 2013

As Margaret Thatcher is seen off with pomp and circumstance, John Millington says her real legacy lies in the hollowed-out factories of Britain

Thatcher: You’ve got to fight! For the left! To party! April 2013

Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum say Thatcher ‘death parties’ are the thoughtless, tasteless products of a bandwagon-jumping youth. They should have more imagination, writes Siobhán McGuirk. This is an iconoclastic moment

Dispelling the Thatcher myths April 2013

Alex Nunns offers an antidote to the media fawning over Thatcher – and argues her biggest victory was getting her opponents to buy into her mythology

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about entitlement February 2013

'Well might we muse upon the entitlement of a chancellor who, upon his father’s passing, will be titled'

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about the death of the coalition December 2012

'Conservatives have never truly been convinced by this country’s experiment with universal suffrage'

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about Margaret Thatcher April 2012

'I have no wish to speak ill of the dead, even when they are still alive'

Tory think-tanks’ tangled web February 2012

Right-leaning think-tanks play a big part in David Cameron’s Tories, writes Hartwig Pautz

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about hating the Tories May 2011

The Tories have taken on human form, which is when they’re at their most dangerous

Back to business as usual August 2010

Hugo Radice looks at the Tories' so-called Office for Budget Responsibility and its role in the coalition's cuts agenda

Conservatives 2.0 January 2010

With the Tories still setting the political agenda in the run up to the election, Alex Nunns examines what a Cameron government might actually have in store for us

2014: A Tory dystopia September 2008

David Cameron's apple-pie promises and feel-good rhetoric might sweep him to power in 2010, but there's a yawning gap between the vagueness of his words and the likely consequences of his policies. Alex Nunns takes us on a trip into the future to see how Britain might look after four years of Tory rule

iPods and ideologues October 2006

There is something old and something genuinely new about David Cameron's Conservatism. If the left is to help shape the post-Blair political climate, it will have to engage with its ideas, and not simply dismiss them, writes Oscar Reyes

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