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  • An illustration shows a figure with long straight hair standing in the small opening between two sides of a gate. The figure is laughing, head thrown back

    Resisting racial gatekeeping

    British Indians in government are fuelling the so-called culture wars. Bal Sokhi-Bulley dismantles their harmful rhetoric and outlines an alternative politics of solidarity and friendship

  • Handbags in a shop with pound sign tags

    If it is to win the next election Labour must junk Tory handbag politics

    Next week’s elections are local but Labour’s lack of a distinct alternative indicates national problems to come. It must abandon Tory economic framing, writes Mary Mellor

  • Scene showing men in dole queue from 1997 film The Full Monty

    The Full Monty at 25

    A quarter of a century after its release, The Full Monty still resonates today. Alex Green revisits a working-class story told with compassion and humour

  • An emu in a field with a wind-up clock key on its back

    Simon Hedges’ tough choices

    Tory meltdown means that Labour has become electable by mistake – but the focus must remain on expelling leftists, writes centrism correspondent Simon Hedges

  • Home Office immigration enforcement van in London. Photo: Philafrenzy

    Where is the Labour Party’s immigration policy heading?

    As the Nationality and Borders Bill becomes law, Sabrina Huck attempts to decipher whether Labour’s immigration policy offers any promise of change for the better

  • Thatcher death celebrations in Trafalgar Square. By Darren Johnson CC-by-2.0

    Thatcher didn’t save the economy, she wrecked it

    Alex Nunns argues that the right’s celebrations of Margaret Thatcher’s economic record are an attempt to rewrite history

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