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Food and agriculture

  • A young smiling child pours water from a watering can over a bed of sprouting plants as a smiling older person looks on at the Golden Hill Community Garden

    The future is now: rethinking public ownership

    Hilary Wainwright introduces ‘prefigurative politics’ and Ursula Huws explains how community ownership can encourage a fruitful rethink of public ownership amid a cost-of-living crisis

  • The food aisle of an Asda supermarket

    Britain’s broken food system

    As food insecurity continues to rise, the Right to Food campaign argues argues our food production practices are unfit for purpose

  • The Ivy House pub in Nunhead, London, one of many community owned pubs in the UK

    The politics of pub culture

    Pubs are not only integral sites of communal solidarity, but of the struggle for workers’ liberation, writes Amardeep Singh Dhillon

  • Ci and Darcy pose next to a wall that has 'Climate Justice' written on it

    Dinners for debt justice

    Sheffield activists Ci Davis and Darcy White explain their work in the Jubilee Movement, a mutual aid-based debt justice campaign

  • People sitting in front of a help station run by the Common Ground Collective mutual aid network in New Orleans, Louisiana

    Preparing for the apocalypse the rational way

    If your doomsday plans don’t involve your neighbours, they are bad plans, writes Margaret Killjoy

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