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  • The outline of a wind farm complex in a vast desert is shown against a yellow background

    A just transition: next steps for climate movements

    Climate movements must think beyond extraction and exploitation to start building a just future, say Sebastian Ordoñez Muñoz and Hamza Hamouchene

  • A promotional photo for the 2023 season of Love Island featuring the show's cast.

    Love Island and emotional labour

    Love Island is not just a reflection of the dominant model of love, but part of its ideological reproduction, writes Jaswinder Blackwell-Pal

  • A placard reading 'Climate Justice or Riot' is held up above a sea of heads at a protest rally

    No gender justice without climate justice

    Iolanda Fresnillo and Leia Achampong report on the new debt crises bringing fresh waves of austerity to the global south – and hitting women hardest

  • A dozen protesters stand of the steps of an office building waving Unison flags and holding placards and banners that read: 'Save Debt Advice' and condemning big business from profiting from household debt

    Credit due: the fight to save debt advice services

    Cutting funding to debt advice services is an attack on working-class households. Unite for a Workers’ Economy is striking back, reports Michael Agboh-Davison

  • A young person, dressed for office work, looks despondently at a laptop computer

    Key words: Alienation

    Daniel Newman explains a key Marxist concept for understanding how labour under capitalism denies workers their humanity

  • Against a bright yellow background, an illustration shows a young person holding a large key in the air and a placard that reads: NO MORE DEBT

    Debtors of the world, unite!

    Jayati Ghosh tells Liam Kennedy about deepening debt crises in the global south, the IMF’s affinity for austerity and the need to confront financial capital

  • A crowd of young people hold up a large hand painted banner that reads 'Another world is possible' with a wind turbine and bike painted on it, with the hashtag slogan: 'No more empty promises' at the bottom

    Against capitalist realism

    Ayça Çubukçu urges us to reimagine not only a fairer world, but a just one in which we demand the impossible

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