Corporations told to back off the NHS May 2016

Behind the junior doctors' strikes is a battle to save the NHS from creeping privatisation. Organiser Kevin Allard reports on efforts to escalate and broaden the action.

A higher minimum wage is a solution to the crisis in care, not its cause April 2016

Improving quality of care requires higher wages for workers and an end to the socially irresponsible practices of large care home chains, writes Andrew Dolan

NHS wreckers play hide and seek February 2016

Caroline Molloy looks at the state of the NHS as healthcare workers gear up to fight privatisation through the back door

Help doctors win November 2015

Jane Stratton has been organising with the junior doctors and explains why their struggle is everyone’s fight

Mythbuster: Health warning March 2015

By repackaging privatisation as ‘reform’, the government has tried to sell voters the idea of dismantling the health service. Jacky Davis exposes the main marketing myths behind the NHS giveaway

Deaf people to receive only one hearing aid – an insight into life after the NHS December 2014

This month Devon has announced that smokers and obese people will be denied all routine operations, and deaf people will get only one hearing aid. Caroline Molloy argues the end of the NHS is coming into focus and Devon is the canary in the coal mine.

Biting the hand that refuses to feed August 2014

Care workers in Doncaster have taken up the cudgels against privatisation in Ed Miliband’s backyard. Dave Honeybone reports

The price of experience June 2014

The personal is political in this extract from Mike Marqusee's new book of writings on living with cancer

Migrants already ‘pay their way’ – why should they have to pay medical bills too? January 2014

Plans to charge non-EU nationals for treatment will undermine the NHS – and could force them to choose between their health and paying the rent, writes Michael Pooler

Held hostage by Big Pharma: a personal experience November 2013

Mike Marqusee looks at how drug firms can make huge profits from their state-enforced monopoly on an essential good

NHS financial squeeze is a contrived crisis July 2013

Mike Marqusee says the problems at Barts health trust are caused by attempts to make impossible levels of cuts – while handing billions to private firms

Elective surgery: a new party for the NHS February 2013

Alex Nunns interviews Clive Peedell, co-leader of the new National Health Action Party, which will fight the next election on the issue of the government’s destruction of the NHS

The health hurricane: a year of destruction in the NHS February 2013

Alex Nunns looks at the gale of privatisation, sell-offs and cuts in services blowing through the health service

Lines of battle in the NHS August 2012

It is not inevitable that the feeding frenzy of privateers will succeed as people organise to resist them, writes Caroline Molloy

McKinsey’s unhealthy profits July 2012

Stewart Player and Colin Leys on the consultancy firm making a fortune from the privatisation of the NHS

After the health bill: The end of the NHS as we know it April 2012

With the health bill passed, the government is now setting about forcing the market into the NHS. Colin Leys looks at what is likely to happen next

Lancet editor and doctors write: The fight for our NHS goes on March 2012

As the health bill becomes law, Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, and doctors Jacky Davis and Jonathon Tomlinson issue a call to action

Healthy alternatives July 2011

Colin Leys looks at how Scotland and Wales have rejected marketising the NHS

Making sense of the ‘pause’ in the health bill April 2011

Colin Leys on the proposed changes to the health bill, and how we can use the pause to defend the NHS

The worst fears confirmed January 2011

Elizabeth McGuirk explains the key proposals of the Health and Social Care Bill

Spreading the pain November 2010

Patients need health workers to take action on their behalf, says Mike Marqusee

An unsuitable case for treatment October 2010

GP Jonathon Tomlinson tells how creeping privatisation has affected one of his patients

Dismantling the NHS October 2010

Stewart Player and Colin Leys expose the reality of the government's plans for the health service

Vital resistance September 2010

Donald Morrison looks at the resistance needed to beat the health white paper

Killing your own creation April 2009

Colin Leys examines how and why Labour is destroying the NHS

Bad practice April 2009

GP services are being undermined by a blind faith in 'market solutions', writes Dr Louise Irvine

The PCT and the public April 2009

Susan Secher describes her experiences of local health care 'consultation'

Nye’s nightmare April 2009

Health secretary Alan Johnson maintains that in backing centralised GP 'super-surgeries' he is staying true to the dream of the founder of the NHS. Tom Foot says the reality is more like Nye's nightmare

Hepatitis C and me September 2007

Anita Roddick, who helped fund the redesigned Red Pepper magazine and website, died from a hepatitis C-related brain haemorrhage in September 2007. Earlier that year she wrote about discovering she had the illness that is known as the 'silent killer' because so few people know they have it

A healthy choice July 2007

Labour's deputy leadership contest has at least revealed one thing - the extent of unease over Tony Blair's market reforms of the NHS. Ministers have made statements that would once have got them sacked but now get them votes. Red Pepper and Keep Our NHS Public teamed up to survey the six candidates' views and see who's best for the NHS. By Alex Nunns

Alan Johnson June 2007

Red Pepper / Keep Our NHS Public survey of Labour deputy leadership candidates views on the NHS

Harriet Harman June 2007

Red Pepper / Keep Our NHS Public survey of Labour deputy leadership candidates views on the NHS

Peter Hain June 2007

Red Pepper / Keep Our NHS Public survey of Labour deputy leadership candidates views on the NHS

Hilary Benn June 2007

Red Pepper / Keep Our NHS Public survey of Labour deputy leadership candidates views on the NHS

Hazel Blears June 2007

Red Pepper / Keep Our NHS Public survey of Labour deputy leadership candidates views on the NHS

Jon Cruddas June 2007

Red Pepper / Keep Our NHS Public survey of Labour deputy leadership candidates views on the NHS

The £4 billion rip-off November 2006

It's like putting Enron in charge of the power grid. That's how US businessman Phil Zweig describes the privatisation of NHS procurement.

The great NHS ‘deficits’ con May 2006

With the hospital ‘deficits crisis’ dominating the headlines, amidst claims that increases in NHS funding have been eaten up by pay and other cost increases, Colin Leys continues Red Pepper’s exposure of what is really happening in the health service.

Not safe in their hands March 2006

New Labour is in the process of achieving what Thatcher didn’t dare – the demolition of the National Health Service

The winged killer flies in December 2005

As avian flu continues its seemingly unstoppable advance through the world’s bird population, fears of a human pandemic are growing. Be afraid, says Mike Davis, be very afraid – not least because we are so unprepared

Spoiling for choice August 2004

Choice, if Labour and the Tories are to be believed, is in danger of becoming like motherhood and apple pie: no right-thinking person could possibly be against it. If you raise questions about choice you are quickly condemned as a supporter of the old Stalinist-type "command and control" economy. Choice in public services is, however, a problematic concept.

Spoiling for Choice August 2004

The Labour-Tory market model for extending choice in the NHS will inevitably result in a dramatic decline in service-user equity. Here Marian Barnes outlines reforms that would benefit everybody.

Modern heroes, modern slaves April 2004

Doctors and nurses from the Philippines pay thousands of pounds so they can travel to the UK and work for as little as £8 a day in British hospitals and nursing homes.

New alliance calls on government to withdraw bill on foundation hospital trusts July 2003

A new alliance of groups against the introduction of foundation trusts in the NHS has called on the government to withdraw proposals until more consultation has taken place.

Holiday in Sars-land June 2003

Just when you thought it was safe to travel to Toronto, Sars once again reared its ugly head. Why is it that this industrialised city can't cope? Natasha Grzincic unmasks Sars in Canada's largest city.

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