Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants December 2016

Ida-Sofie Picard introduces Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants – as told to Jenny Nelson

A book review every day until Christmas at Red Pepper December 2016

Red Pepper will be publishing a new book review each day until Christmas

Book Review: From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation December 2016

'A small manifesto for black liberation through socialist revolution' - Graham Campbell reviews Keeanga-Yamahtta's 'From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation'

Jeremy Hardy thinks… about electability November 2016

'MPs are stuck in 1997, waiting for a charismatic, Blair-like messiah, but without the bloodshed'

Edinburgh film festival reviewed November 2016

Robert Rae reports from the Edinburgh film festival

The new politics of art November 2016

Nina Power calls for an assertion of true human wealth through shared resources, knowledge, and art – while Jessie Hoskin and Sasha Josette explain how The World Transformed festival will respond to this call

Trump can only be beaten by a fairer economy and a better society November 2016

We need a society built on openness, community and equality to truly defeat everything that trump stands for, writes Nick Dearden.

Book Review: My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency November 2016

'A symptom of a deep sickness in the American political system’ - John Brissenden reviews Doug Henwood's take on the presidential nominee.

Essay: Labouring through birth and death October 2016

Jenny Nelson says that if we get the beginning and ending of life right, we might have a better chance of getting the bit in the middle right too

What is Momentum? October 2016

James Schneider, Emma Rees and Adam Klug explain what Momentum is and how it is organising collectively to transform society

Black Lives Matter: crisis shutdown October 2016

Kojo Kyerewaa introduces Black Lives Matter UK

Nowhere to go: Sisters Uncut demand homes free from violence October 2016

South East London Sisters Uncut stormed Southwark Council’s quarterly cabinet to highlight the council’s failure to support domestic violence survivors. Emma Snaith reports

Momentum needs a strategy to win power in local elections October 2016

A radical democratic politics requires focus at the local as well as national level, write Gabriel Bristow and Simon Thorpe

‘Brexit red lines’ – the most progressive terms possible for the UK’s exit from the EU October 2016

Labour is now opposing toxic trade deals, but what sort of trade do we want? Asks Nick Dearden.

Women for democracy in Turkey? October 2016

Melanie Pichler and Edma Ajanović interview five feminist academics from Academics for Peace on the political situation in Turkey and the role of women's groups in fighting for structural change

John McDonnell: it’s time for the left to save the Europe debate from the Tories June 2016

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell puts forward the left wing case for voting to stay in Europe and transform it

Public event: Brazil’s crisis – what does it mean for the global left? June 2016

Red Pepper, the Latin American Bureau and Practical Action Publishing host an evening of discussion on the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and the future of the left in Brazil

Housing is a mental health issue May 2016

Emma Snaith reports on the Focus E15 demonstration highlighting the link between a lack of decent social housing and poor mental health

The EU referendum: damned if you leave, damned if you remain May 2016

The EU referendum offers no progressive outcome, but it's a game of realpolitik we must play, argues Bertie Russell

Swimming with Sharks April 2016

Swimming with Sharks: My journey into the world of the bankers, by Joris Luyendijk, reviewed by Jenny Nelson

‘How can you decant people from estates then make deals with developers to build luxury apartments?’ April 2016

Andrew Dolan spoke with Amina Gichinga of Take Back the City about doing politics differently and righting Labour's wrongs in London

Refugee crisis: the EU cracks down on volunteers March 2016

As Frontex moves in, volunteers in Greece are being prevented from helping refugees. Marienna Pope-Weidemann reports

A barricade in limbo: the occupiers of La Locanda January 2016

In the grey zone of Italy's migrant sector there is a courage that may hold hope for ending the border regimes of Europe, writes Richard Braude

The rise of militarised policing January 2016

Kevin Blowe from the Network for Police Monitoring says the police are acting more like an army of occupation

Opening borders is not enough November 2015

Brazil has opened its arms to immigrants and refugees, but must match words with action, writes Tom Gatehouse

Novara: new media for a different politics October 2015

Novara Media are currently fundraising £10,000 to expand their efforts to help transform the media landscape. Andrew Dolan interviewed Novara co-founder Aaron Bastani about new media, insurgent politics and what the future holds for Novara

Resist Tory attacks on local councils October 2015

Campaigns Against Arms Trade highlight how new Tory policy could prohibit local Councils from implementing democratically voted upon motions in support of the BDS movement

Building a Different Story – Leeds TIDAL event September 2015

Leeds TIDAL invite you to join them on 30-31 October to help to build a different story for global justice

#NukeFilmFest September 2015

With a decision on replacing Trident due in 2016, WMD Awareness want to put on the UK's first film festival dedicated to exploring the impact of nuclear weapons

London event: Festival of Choice 2015 September 2015

A week of events looking at threats to reproductive rights and the plight of women and girls who do not have access to safe and legal abortion in countries around the world

Event: After Corbyn’s victory: what next for social movements? September 2015

Join us, Global Justice Now, Fuel Poverty Action and Compass in Brighton on the 27 September

Donate now to build socialist media September 2015

Make a donation here

Free documentary: Reykjavik Rising – Iceland’s untold uprising September 2015

This documentary is now available to download or watch online

Time to Act! conference 2015 September 2015

Ken Montague, Secretary of the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group, explains what's on at a major national conference in Sheffield on 19 September

Earth First! Summer Gathering August 2015

You are invited to Earth First! Summer Gathering on 19 - 24 August in the Peak District

‘Nothing works, it’s all for show’ August 2015

In this extract from their new book, All That Glitters, Emma Hughes and James Marriott describe how Azerbaijan’s oil wealth has created a country of chaos and contrasts

Stop Arming Israel! Take action to ‘Block the Factory’ June 2015

Activists from London Palestine Action call on anti-arms and Palestine solidarity campaigners to join a mass action at Elbit arms factory on July 6

Higher aspirations: politics beyond the ballot box June 2015

As with the Scottish referendum, electoral defeat can be transformed into political success. A new movement is rising, says Hilary Wainwright

The Spark 2015 June 2015

Back for a third year, organisers of The Spark space give a taster of what can be expected at this year’s London-based social justice festival.

‘Don’t mourn, organise’ – OK, but how? May 2015

The left must re-think its strategy and methods of organisation after the election, writes Michael Calderbank – not just throw ourselves back into the same schemes that aren't working

Orgreave: no justice, no peace March 2015

Kate Flannery and David Etherington report on the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign and look at the events that still demand justice over 30 years later

Southern rising February 2015

How should activists respond to the emerging powers in the global South, and what hope can we draw from them? In the first of this selection of pieces by Southern writers, Vijay Prashad argues that Latin America’s ‘pink tide’ still offers radical hope, but so far has failed to gain the support from the bigger nations that could really upset the global balance of power

Seeds of revolt February 2015

Ghana’s farmers are in a battle for their food system – and the UK is backing the wrong side, says Food Sovereignty Ghana

Mike Marqusee’s columns: a look back January 2015

As we remember Mike Marqusee, Nick Dearden highlights some of Mike's most timeless writing in Red Pepper

Editorial profile January 2015

Red Pepper is a magazine of political rebellion and dissent. Influenced by socialism, feminism and green politics, it is a resource for all those who imagine and work to create another world - a world based on equality, solidarity, and democracy.

Strength in low numbers December 2014

Matilda Wnek offers a personal perspective on keeping the protest flame burning when action on behalf of the many is being taken by so few

Labour once again refuses to break with ‘business as usual’ November 2014

Labour's links to PricewatehouseCoopers is yet another sign of a party unwilling to break from 'business as usual' and of a political system captured by corporate interests, writes Andrew Dolan

From the archives: Naomi Klein – why it’s time to show our face November 2014

Naomi Klein tells Mat Little how she put into words what so many were feeling – and why it’s time the new movement showed a public face and built coalitions with others on the left (published in issue 79, January 2001)

The true carbon footprint of Manchester October 2014

Activists call for a radical rethink of carbon footprint measurements in Manchester. Stefano Fumagalli and Jenny Nelson report

Japanese workers fight against karoshi, death from overwork September 2014

Scott North looks at the history of the anti-karoshi movement and its latest victory

Independence without borders August 2014

Introducing Adam Ramsay's new book, '42 reasons to support Scottish Independence', Hilary Wainwright outlines the radical case for independence.

Bolivia shows us that another world is possible August 2014

After centuries of subjugation, Bolivia's indigenous peoples are leading the way on sustainability and equality, writes Joe Turnball

Anabel Hernández: Breaking the silence August 2014

Siobhan McGuirk spoke to Anabel Hernández, the investigative journalist whose book Narcoland brought international attention to Mexican politicians’ collusion with drug cartels – and led to a wave of threats against her

‘Every year there are 27,000 bikes abandoned and 20,000 refugees arriving. We match the two’ August 2014

The Bike Project is making London more accessible for refugees and changing the profile of cycling, writes Lauren Van Schaik Smith

We can’t just tweet in the face of genocide August 2014

Ewa Jasiewicz, activist with London Palestine Action, explains how you can join the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel's massacre and occupation

Objects of change July 2014

The new V&A exhibition Disobedient Objects is devoted to objects created by grassroots social movements as tools of social change. Danielle Child spoke to co-curator Gavin Grindon

An overwhelming show of solidarity and support for the people of Gaza July 2014

Kitty Webster reports back from the National Demonstration for Gaza held in London on Saturday 19 July 2014

North West London unites to fight fascist march in Cricklewood July 2014

The South East Alliance (an offshoot of the Essex branch of the English Defence League) is a sad bunch of specimens labouring under the delusion that they are part of a master race.

Event: DPAC Independent Living Day party and picnic this Friday July 2014

Disabled People Against Cuts to host tea party in London this Friday to protest against the closure of the Independent Living Fund

Beyond the European elections, another left-wing force is growing in Europe June 2014

Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory reports back from mobilisations against austerity and big business around the EU elections

Young people the latest target in Labour’s lurch to the right June 2014

Labour's austerity-inspired welfare proposals will penalise young adults for circumstances beyond their control, writes Andrew Dolan

Practical approaches to nonviolence June 2014

The Quaker group Turning the Tide works with communities in the UK and Kenya. Edward Dingwall caught up with Steve Whiting.

Fighting for a future June 2014

Workers at the University of London strike over job losses at Garden Halls accommodation, writes Andrew Dolan

Labourstart Global Solidarity Conference opens this Friday in Berlin May 2014

Trade unionists from across the globe to meet to share ideas and strategies and to build transnational links

Summer event: the Spark May 2014

A week of workshops, films, discussions, poetry, music, art and more, looking at the fight for social justice in the UK and around the world to take place in June

Brussels event: The People’s Tribunal May 2014

Two day event to analyse and expose EU policy measures since 2008 financial crisis

Interview with former Yarl’s Wood detainee and asylum seeker Aderonke Apata May 2014

'It is an indefinite thing, you do not know when you will be released'

The student loans sell off: a briefing by Andrew Mcgettigan April 2014

In our latest briefing, Andrew Mcgettigan provides an insight into the sale of student loans

Anti-racist demonstration – in pictures March 2014

Natasha Quarmby's photos of the weekend's 'M22' protest against racism and fascism

Drop the suspensions March 2014

Campaign demanding the University of Birmingham drop the suspensions of two student protestors gains pace as demonstration called, writes Andrew Dolan

Why immigration is good for all of us March 2014

New Class and Red Pepper immigration briefing now online

Exposing the biomass industry – take part in the Biomess Awards March 2014

As the big players in Europe's biomass energy industry get ready for an exclusive industry conference in London, Biofuelwatch plan to host an alternative awards ceremony – the Biomess Awards – and everyone's invited

London: not for sale March 2014

As the world's biggest property compaines meet to carve up our cities we must continue to fight back, writes Christine Haigh

People’s Parliament to hold two events this week March 2014

The People's Parliament is back this week, hosting discussions on the citizen's income and the student movement

‘Extraction’ arts festival launches across North East March 2014

Sixth edition of AV Festival launches, beginning a month of concerts, exhibitions and film screenings across the North East of England

Arrested, suspended, then banned from elections: my student experience, by Deborah Hermanns February 2014

University of Birmingham student Deborah Hermanns describes her experience of being arrested, released without charge and subsequently suspended from university and banned from running in the Birmingham Guild of Students elections

Seminar series ‘Bloomsbury Confrontations’ launches tonight February 2014

Student group Better Economics UCLU launching seminar series on the economics UCL won't teach

Home of Mexican journalist Anabel Hernández attacked January 2014

Home of journalist who exposed Mexican government's links to drug cartels raided by a dozen armed individuals, writes Andrew Dolan

#copsoffcampus at the University of London December 2013

Thousands of students and staff protest against police on campus, writes Andrew Dolan

Beating the blacklisters November 2013

A police raid exposing the scale of worker surveillance within the construction industry galvanised workers to take action. Ewa Jasiewicz speaks to those organising against the blacklisters.

#3Cosas: University Of London workers protest November 2013

Novara Media reports from the 3Cosas demonstration at Senate House

Demonstration to save the University of London Union November 2013

Students and workers to mobilise on Wednesday 13th November to fight the closure of ULU

Sick Pay, Holidays, Pensions Now! October 2013

The 3Cosas campaign takes the fight for adequate working conditions for outsourced cleaners to the doors of Senate House, writes Andrew Dolan

Getting back on track: an alternative to private railways October 2013

There is a growing consensus that rail privatisation has failed, but an alternative doesn’t have to mean a new centralised bureaucracy, writes Paul Salveson

Einstein had it right: John Kerry’s latest Middle East ‘peace process’ August 2013

Israel-Palestine talks will continue to fail until they are based on international law, human rights and equality for all, writes Phyllis Bennis

Young Writers’ Competition August 2013

Win £100 and your writing published in Red Pepper

Twenty years of peasant organising July 2013

Adam Payne of the newly-formed Landworkers’ Alliance in the UK reports from La Via Campesina's global conference

Summer of action July 2013

Red Pepper’s guide to the camps, the demos, the schools, the festivals and the protests that will be making our summer

Anti-G8 action in pictures June 2013

You sent us your pictures of anti-G8 action this month in London

What’s the problem with the If campaign? June 2013

A G8 summit coming to Britain traditionally heralds the launch of a large campaigning coalition of international NGOs. Kai Grachy takes a critical look at the 2013 version: the If campaign

Brushing history against the grain May 2013

We can’t decipher the present without examining its foundations in the battles of the past, writes Mike Marqusee

Catastrophism: The truth won’t set you free March 2013

Catastrophism, by Sasha Lilley, David McNally, Eddie Yuen and James Davis, reviewed by Nic Beuret

Reclaiming Public Ownership: a 21st-century vision March 2013

Reclaiming Public Ownership, by Andrew Cumbers, reviewed by Clifford Singer

Italian elections: choosing our ground February 2013

As Italy prepares for elections, Elena Iannuzzi of the Leoncavallo social centre writes on how the movement has related to electoral politics

Essay: Political organisation in transition January 2013

Hilary Wainwright opens the new year ambitiously! She discusses how to transform the state and why radical politicians find it so difficult to maintain their radical momentum once in parliament or the council chamber. How could this change?

If they can do it, we can too – cleaners get organised December 2012

Lorna Stephenson and Emma Hughes report on cleaners’ success organising against poverty pay

Workfare comes to the classroom December 2012

While academies have drawn the headlines, the government’s new ‘studio schools’ are making children work for corporate sponsors. Alex Diaz reports

Audio: Voices against austerity November 2012

Adam Quarshie talks with supporters of the TUC demonstration outside the Imperial War Museum last month

Rooted in the neighbourhood: what happened to Spain’s assemblies? October 2012

Oscar Reyes reports on the successes and setbacks of neighbourhood assemblies in Spain

The government’s attempt to eradicate the travelling way of life October 2012

As the anniversary of the Dale Farm eviction approaches, Elly Robson explores the deliberate criminalisation of the travelling way of life by the coalition government

Joining forces for another Europe October 2012

In November, European social movements will meet in Florence to plan continent-wide responses to austerity and the European crisis of democracy. Tommaso Fattori calls for us to make ‘Firenze 10+10’ a priority

A red dawn over Durham? July 2012

US labour activist Steve Early evaluates the significance of Miliband’s recent appearance at the Miners' Gala, the first from the Labour leadership in 23 years

Interview: The man expelled from Labour for opposing cuts May 2012

Brian Precious talks to Councillor George Barratt about his fight against the cuts in Barking and Dagenham

Broader horizons April 2012

Mike Marqusee asks: are the emerging forms of resistance up to the challenge?

An ‘excess of democracy’: what two generations of radicals can learn from each other February 2012

Hilary Wainwright examines the possibility of forging a new kind of political economy by learning from the best of both today's radical movements and those of the 60s and 70s

Organise! City cleaners fight for a living wage January 2012

Michael Pooler reports on the struggle of cleaners in the heart of London's financial district

Why now? What’s next? Naomi Klein on Occupy January 2012

Naomi Klein in discussion with Occupy Wall Street activist Yotam Marom

How I joined the 15 foot high club January 2012

Camilla Berens describes her most empowering experience of direct action

Occupy: A turning point in US politics? December 2011

Siobhan McGuirk visits the Occupy camp in Washington DC

Occupy London! Creating space for change December 2011

Occupy LSX activist Kelly Bornshlegel talks about the dynamic democracy of the camps

Occupy or self-manage? October 2011

Z-Net's Michael Albert asks what message is emerging from the global wave of occupations

Mind over matter August 2011

Human psychology, political values and action. By Tim Holmes

Feeling our way forward August 2011

Hilary Wainwright maps structures of feeling and resistance

Interview with Noam Chomsky May 2011

Frank Barat poses questions from artists, activists and journalists, on Egypt, corporate power, Palestine and more.

War on Want: Poverty is political March 2011

On the occasion of War on Want’s 60th anniversary, Sue Branford looks at the turbulent history of this uniquely left-wing charity

Activism 3.0 December 2010

Protests are increasingly appearing on the internet in real time in a myriad of ways. Adam Waldron takes a look at the smartphone applications that every activist needs

‘We don’t have a blueprint’ September 2010

Clifford Singer talks to Paul Mackney from the new 'Coalition of Resistance'

Media empowerment September 2010

Siobhan McGuirk talks to the Adbusters Media Foundation

Trapped waiting April 2010

Jerome Phelps exposes the secret indefinite detention of migrants

Rocking the system February 2010

A campaign is mounting over Northern Rock, the bank whose collapse heralded the financial crisis. Hilary Wainwright reports on the effort to create a community-owned bank serving wider social needs, not private profits

What would Rupert Murdoch say about that? February 2010

Saving local newspapers and developing new, democratic news outlets is not a matter of money but of political will, argues Jeremy Dear, who outlines where the money could come from

The future left: red, green and republican? February 2010

The abolition of the monarchy is only a minor part of modern republicanism. Stuart White, of Jesus College, Oxford, outlines the key values of republican democracy and argues that its commitment to an active, participatory citizenship has much in common with red and green politics. Is a fusion of these three strands in the radical tradition the way forward for a new, transnational progressive philosophy?

Determination in her heart, justice on her side January 2010

Stefan Simanowitz reports from Lanzarote on the remarkable victory of a solitary Western Saharan hunger-striker over a normally implacable Moroccan regime

How the unions and the left can save our public services January 2010

Time is running out for our public services. Already the Tories are beginning to dismantle local government, local democracy and public sector trade unionism. New Labour has no vision for the future of public services except ‘efficiencies’ and privatisation. Trade unions, service users, community organisations and the left must: Use popular, diverse and understandable ways […]

Reinventing democracy December 2009

Marianne Maeckelbergh argues that one of the global justice movement's key innovations has been its approach to democratic decision-making

Equality of life December 2009

While it is commonplace for the left to argue that greater equality is desirable, it is less common to see a huge evidence base used to make the case. Matt Sellwood spoke to Richard Wilkinson, who has done just that in his book The Spirit Level

There is no environmental crisis: the crisis is democracy December 2009

A global climate change deal for the planet at Copenhagen needs to be about equality and freedom. Otherwise it's not a planet worth saving, says Paul Chatterton

Being Tamsin December 2009

Kevin Blowe reviews Rush! The Making of a Climate Activist by Tamsin Omond (Marion Boyars, 2009)

3 December December 2009

'We were sleeping peacefully that night. I got up to find the children vomiting all over. First I wondered whether it was something they had for dinner. Then I too started vomiting. Soon all of us, my husband and me carrying the children were running . . . My three year old daughter Nazma had swelled up so much like she would burst.'

Anti-capitalism: alive and well December 2009

Ten years ago, the global justice movement burst from the streets of Seattle onto the world's television screens. John Hilary examines the victories and challenges of the last decade

The other world November 2009

Vijay Prashad's The Darker Nations: A People's History of the Third World (The New Press), reviewed by Nick Dearden

5 November November 2009

Have you heard the one about Cap'n Bob, bob, bob?

A real green deal October 2009

35 years ago, workers at the Lucas Aerospace company formulated an 'alternative corporate plan' to convert military production to socially useful and environmentally desirable purposes. Hilary Wainwright and Andy Bowman consider what lessons it holds for the greening of the world economy today

Just say yes October 2009

As the anti-corporate pranksters the Yes Men launched their new film, {Red Pepper} dispatched Brendan Montague to meet them and get the lowdown on their unusual form of activism

Direct action not inaction October 2009

Andrew Beckett of Smash EDO says Milan Rai's criticism of direct action campaigns misses the point

Disarming the arms makers October 2009

Milan Rai looks at the growth of local campaigns against arms manufacturers

Tense days in Tegucigalpa September 2009

The International Accompaniment and Observation Delegation reports on the current situation in Honduras

Policing the police August 2009

The police are no more our servants than corporations or the media. Kevin Blowe examines how the government's increasingly authoritarian approach to crime and security has enabled the police to emerge from a series of scandals and controversies with their powers enhanced. He argues that campaigners need to radically rethink their approach to policing in Britain

Asylum watch: Losing the plot August 2009

The treatment of 12 students branded as terrorists despite no evidence being laid against them has aroused widespread anger. A campaign on their behalf is gaining momentum across the country, writes Frances Webber

Striking back August 2009

The collapse in votes for mainstream parties, coupled with increasing outbreaks of strike action - official and unofficial - signifies growing political unrest in Britain. But how far will the rebellion spread? Peter Lazenby reports

31 July July 2009

'They did such a fine job that the military dictatorship in Indonesia, to which the plane was to be delivered the next day, has demanded a completely new one.' John Pilger

13 July July 2009

'God save the sex pistols they're a bunch of wholesome blokes _ They just like wearing filthy clothes and swapping filthy jokes _ God save television keep the programmes pure _ God save William Grundy from falling in manure'

Essay response: Many paths June 2009

A revitalised left needs to consider what exactly it wants before it can determine how to achieve it, says Siobhan McGuirk

Essay response: A new vehicle June 2009

The old, failed internal combustion engine of politics is not the way forward, argues Alex Nunns

Occupations against the Occupation May 2009

Siobahn McGuirk reports from the student occupation at the University of Manchester, the longest in the wave of student militancy over Gaza

Not just a summer of rage March 2009

As the global movements for peace and social justice head back onto the streets, Ben Lear looks ahead to a year of protest

Beyond the usual fragments March 2009

Red Pepper has always been about more than radical journalism. Our origins lie in the extraordinary movement that converged across parties, movements, identities and geography to support the mining communities. The Chesterfield Socialist Conferences, and then the Socialist Movement, attempted to realise the potential of this convergence. As its limits became apparent, we created Red […]

Taking back the streets March 2009

For generations the left has built campaigns by handing out literature on the streets and chatting with the public - but in Liverpool the police are trying to drive them from the city centre. Andy Bowman looks at the united response

My activist Second Life February 2009

'Virtual' activism and protest are not geeky or trivial, argues Neil Scott, but an important tool in modern communications and politics. The left has a lot to lose if it doesn't acknowledge their potential

Our friends in the South February 2009

As we face increasingly international and interconnected crises around food, finance and climate, we need to know more about our global allies in the South. James O'Nions looks beyond the familiar but limited NGOs that stand for North-South relations in the mainstream media

The revenge of life February 2009

As protesters continue to fill the squares of Athens, the two ministers targeted by the demonstrators have gone - but the young people who took to the streets after the police had killed one of them had a lot more in mind than a cabinet reshuffle. Two participant observers, Ilias Ziogas and Akis Gavrilidis, sent us interim interpretations of the intense resistance that is shaking Greek political institutions

What’s this place? September 2008

In towns and cities across the country, activists are reaching out to local communities with a new style of 'rooted' politics. Paul Chatterton reports on the UK's 'autonomous social centres'

Carroll in wonderland: how the Guardian misrepresents Venezuela September 2008

Samuel Grove takes apart the pro-US, anti-Chavez bias of the Guardian's Latin American correspondent Rory Carroll

Smoking the celestial dream July 2008

Steve Platt looks back at the role of cannabis in the 'counter culture' of the 1960s and 1970s and how people on both sides of the political and cultural divide believed that a hardy psychoactive plant could change the world. He wonders how it could ever have aroused such passions - both for and against its use - and asks why it's still illegal

Curb your catastrophism July 2008

How are we getting the message about climate change across? The use of apocalyptic language prophesying imminent ecological catastrophe and social meltdown is something that unites activists, journalists and, increasingly, politicians. But it is uncertain whether this generates action or defeatism among the public, argues Stefan Skrimshire

Another politics is possible July 2008

The mayoral elections were last month's London story but there's another kind of politics growing in the communities, schools and workplaces of the capital - one that's shown itself to have the power to achieve practical results from business and government alike. Deborah Littman reports

New limbs for the left June 2008

New Labour is dead. The New Tories are in the ascendancy. The left needs to look beyond its existing, inbred networks, writes Hilary Wainwright

NHS Whistleblower speaks out about the NHS May 2008

Senior mental health nurse Karen Reissmann was sacked last year after being found guilty of gross misconduct by Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust for speaking out against NHS cuts. Tom Haines-Doran catches up with her to ask about the latest in the campaign to have her reinstated

24 reasons for 24 weeks May 2008

MP Nadine Dorries unveiled 20 'reasons' for lowering the abortion limit to 20 weeks. Here Laurie Penny gives 24 reasons why it should remain at 24 weeks

1968 The mysterious chemistry of social change April 2008

The last thing the legacy of 1968 needs is nostalgic commemoration, writes Mike Marqusee. Even as it was happening, it was being packaged for consumption. Nor should we celebrate it in the name of some abstract spirit of resistance. It was a year of contradictions and confusions, many of which continue to confront anyone who wants to take part in a movement for radical change

Greens on trial April 2008

The Greens can justifiably claim to be the largest progressive party in the UK, but often meet with suspicion from the left. Are they given a fair hearing? Alex Nunns weighs the evidence

Convention of the Left debate 2008 March 2008

This bold venture comes as a result of people from different left and radical traditions - or none - getting together in greater Manchester to say that there IS an alternative to Labour's policies of war and privatisation

Asylum Watch: Mind your language March 2008

The cuts in teaching English for speakers of other languages (Esol) spell disaster for the poorest and most vulnerable members of settled immigrant communities, asylum seekers and refugees. Hazel Healy reports

School protesters five years on February 2008

Five years on from the invasion of Iraq, we sound out the views of some the school-age protesters that we interviewed at the time

Flight fight January 2008

With plans for a third runway at Heathrow currently under consultation and airports cross the UK looking to expand, David Matthews surveys the new coalitions linking local residents' opposition to environmental concerns about climate change

An extreme insult January 2008

Penny, from the campaigning group Backlash, says banning so called 'extreme porn' is an insult to female sexuality

Tax resistance December 2007

Joe Jenkins reports on the the Peace Tax Seven, a group of conscientious objectors seeking a judicial review of the war tax policies in Britain

The commons, the state and transformative politics December 2007

Hilary Wainwright examines how new technology and new forms of organisation are coming together to transform the left and labour movements, political representation and democracy

Globalisation is good for you December 2007

The nation state can no longer deliver the left’s global agenda, says Nigel Harris. Globalisation is our best hope of reducing world poverty, he says Robin Blackburn replies with some ideas for a new system of global welfare Join the debate on the Red Pepper forum Other Red Pepper debates

Does the Green Party need a leader? November 2007

As the Green Party balloted its members on whether to appoint a leader, in November 2007, Rupert Read and Shahrar Ali debated the pros and cons. Read the debate on the Red Pepper forum

Blogging a protest October 2007

After the first parliamentary meeting organised by bloggers from across the political spectrum, Chris White asks if 'open-source campaigning' could take off

Hypertext heroines October 2007

Feminism is back - and this time it's hypertextual. Laurie Penny reports on the new women's spaces on the web

The Short answer September 2007

Powerful historical forces are at work in the Middle East, the global economy and the climate that will unpick the status quo, writes Clare Short. Can the left reinvent itself to meet the challenge?

Much argument, many opinions September 2007

Welcome to the new-look Red Pepper magazine and website. Let me put it in context. By Hilary Wainwright

Punish the warmongers: vote Lib Dem September 2007

This article is one of a series on who to vote for. See this month's print magazine for Kierra Box on why 'The government always gets in' and former British ambassador Craig Murray on why 'A vote for Labour is a vote for torture'.

Tents on the runway July 2007

A rising tide of direct action on climate change is spreading across the UK. Tom Bailey records the spread of this movement, from last summer's Camp for Climate Action, which targeted the Drax power station, to this year's gathering near Heathrow Airport

Democracy’s last resort July 2007

The acquittal of two men who broke into the Fairford airbase to try to disable B52 bombers at the start of the Iraq war is a victory for democracy, writes Stuart Weir

Fool for you April 2007

Behind the April Fool's Day pranks lies an ancient subversive tradition, Martin Wainwright writes

Aiding the blockade February 2007

From academic seminars to birthday parties, there are no end of ways to blockade Faslane, writes Hilary Wainwright

Contact us January 2007

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Write for us January 2007

In contrast to the mainstream media, Red Pepper's content comes directly from an international network of writers based in the alternative movements for radical social and environmental change.

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In search of the good life November 2006

During the past year the pressure group Compass has undertaken a thoroughgoing attempt to rethink a democratic left politics of freedom, equality and solidarity. The first of three publications, The Good Society, was published in September 2006. Jonathan Rutherford, the chair of Compass's Good Society Working Group, argues that at its heart must be a new set of values and a new idea of the individual

The camp at the end of the world July 2006

As the impending climate crisis looms, Heidi Bachram takes a look at what direct action has to offer.

Article footer April 2006

If you would like to reuse an article from Red Pepper either in print or online, please contact us first. There are many options available, with free usage for non profit campaign groups and activist blogs – just tell us first!

Attacking the outside agitators September 2005

Throughout the 1960s, volunteers who joined the struggle for African-American civil rights in the US southland were denounced as 'outside agitators.' The white establishment accused them of stirring up the local blacks, who of course would otherwise have remained content with their lot.

Activist trauma June 2005

Dear Subcomandauntie, Although always a radical at heart, it was the Iraq war that finally prised me from my armchair and into a rapid upward spiral of political activism. Alas, my overwhelming experience throughout has been one of repression - mental and physical - from state, police, capital and those authoritarians within our own movement. Demoralised and depressed, the last thing I can face right now is the prospect of robocops running riot against me and fellow demonstrators in Scotland this July. But this cowardice racks me with guilt and I desperately don't want to feel this way. Can you help? Burned Out of Birmingham

Tesco targeted by EuroMayday flash mob May 2005

They were dancing in the isles at Tesco in Hackney on May Day, but it wasn't over half-price donuts. Up to 200 activists temporarily occupied the store as part of the EuroMayday 'precarity' actions, highlighting insecure working conditions and what protesters say is 'the tyranny of 24/7 constantly on-call work regimes'.

Nuisance neighbour laws used to silence protesters August 2004

Nine people were in court last month, facing charges brought in accordance with the Anti-Social Behaviour Act after they held a peaceful protest outside offices belonging to US bulldozer manufacturer Caterpillar.

Creative occupation August 2004

Protest doesn't have to be po-faced. Black-clad posturing and worthy hand-wringing are all well and good, but sometimes you just want to dance. "Creative occupation" is party as protest - be it dancing on the motorway or raving on the tube. It creates spaces for individual and communal expression in defiance of global McMonoculture. Everyone's invited

The illusion of choice August 2004

The trouble with staging a war of aggression is that in order to win public support, it must be dressed up as a war of defence. And to do that governments have to lie and invent threats that don't exist. But eventually the truth comes out.

Media Special: Introduction July 2004

We are probably all familiar with the notion that a lively, informative media is an essential, perhaps key, component in maintaining our democratic ideal of informed self-government. Equally likely, it seems, is a general awareness that the media often fails to live up to the standards we require of it. But what appears to be less well understood is that far from making well-intentioned mistakes, the mainstream media are inherently and systematically biased. Indeed, despite an increasing number of books and websites dedicated to analyzing the corporate/establishment structure of mass media, even activists still pay scant attention to a phenomenon that plays a crucial role in limiting any positive gains they might hope to achieve.

Ten tumultuous years May 2004

"Red Pepper, breaking a decade; New Labour, broken and decayed,' suggested a wit in the office. But now is not the moment for narrow triumphalism (beyond celebrating the larger font size and the monthly miracle performed in getting the magazine out at all).

The Politics of Bob Dylan November 2003

The protest songs for which Bob Dylan is most famous were written in a 20-month burst in the early 1960s. Within a year Dylan had turned his back on them - not in renunciation of politics, argues Mike Marqusee, but to pursue a deeper kind of radicalism

Tony Blair, in the name of peace and democracy, go April 2003

Tam Dalyell tells us why he agrees with the Linlithgow Constituency Labour Party association motion recommending Tony Blair reconsider his position as leader of the party because of his support for a war against Iraq

Hearts, Minds and Radical Democracy June 1998

Dave Castle continues Red Pepper's interviews with theorists whose work contributes to a renewal of the left. This month he talks to Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe whose work on social movements and class offers a controversial theorisation of insights familiar to grassroots activists.

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