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Race and racism

  • Pimlico Academy, where students protested racist and discriminatory policies in March 2021. Credit: ClemRutter

    Banned words and racism in schools

    Continued use of ‘standard English’ in schools is a key means of upholding racial inequality. Furzeen Ahmed and Ian Cushing take a look at the history of banned words and racism in schools.

  • The global spectres of ‘Asian horror’

    Bliss Cua Lim looks at how the female ghost subgenre illuminates efforts to globalise ‘Asian horror’

  • A section of the exhibition showing an arrangement of monochrome portraits

    War Inna Babylon – review

    Tara Okeke explores an important exhibition that offers a compelling history of Black life in Britain through the lens of people, place and struggle

  • Who decides what counts as ‘political’?

    Government demands for public sector ‘neutrality’ uphold a harmful status quo. For civil servant Sophie Izon, it’s time to speak out

  • Lynne Segal

    Being Jewish in North Islington Labour Party

    Calling for Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement, Lynne Segal looks back on her experience of 40 years as a party member in his constituency

  • Political blackness and Palestinian solidarity

    Political blackness and Palestinian solidarity

    The question of Palestine has become a black political litmus test, argues Annie Olaloku-Teriba, defining the very nature of black identity and politics

  • A person looks at a headless classical statue in the British Museum

    We need to decolonise museums

    Decolonising the museum is a pathway to decolonising society. We must start by providing more honest accounts of our past, says Subhadra Das

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