Who owns our land?
Guy Shrubsole gives some tips for finding out

Out of our space!
We need to reclaim public spaces, writes Anna Minton

The forests are saved, but campaigners must remain vigilant
Derek Wall puts the fight against forest privitisation in a global and historical perspective.

The Localism Bill – who benefits?
Bob Colenutt on what the Localism Bill and the Big Society will mean in practice for local democracy.

Pulling the plug on private water
A little known body at the World Bank is behind the privatisation of water worldwide. Vicky Cann exposes it to public view.

Privatisation in Europe
The privatisation of public services is proceeding apace across Europe. Paolo Andruccioli examines what it means for consumers, workers, citizens - and democracy

The £4 billion rip-off
It's like putting Enron in charge of the power grid. That's how US businessman Phil Zweig describes the privatisation of NHS procurement.

Britain’s global power empire
What is the British government doing promoting electricity privatisation in the developing world? John Hilary reports on the government-owned multinational power company Globeleq

The Last Drop
Water privatisation has long been promoted as the only way to develop clean water supplies in the global South. But with several high profile failures and revolts, multinationals are pulling out.