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  • Four people in suits sit on a conference stage with a World Economic Forum branded backdrop

    Resisting cannibal capitalism with an anti-capitalist coalition

    Extreme inequality, climate breakdown, war and crises of economics, democracy and care are intrinsic to capitalism, writes Nancy Fraser. An anti-capitalist coalition is needed

  • The exterior of the BBC Television Centre in London

    When the people made television: the BBC’s Community Programme Unit

    An exhibition revisiting a radically different, democratic approach to programming in the 1970s prompts Andrew Dolan to consider whether another BBC is still imaginable today

  • A woman speaks into a microphone at a Town Hall meeting for the Nigerian Election

    Youth disappointment as Nigeria chooses Tinubu

    Peter Obi’s campaign had inspired a new generation hoping for change. Adaora Osondu-Oti explores how, instead, the incumbent party won a bitterly contested election

  • Two red flags which both have Unite the union's logo on them

    Public purpose

    Past experiences suggest that public ownership of industry doesn’t guarantee a more socially useful purpose. But it is a necessary condition, writes Raymond Morell

  • Large white letters spelling out 'SOCIALISM' stand against a hedgerow in a field at daybreak, with figures in front securing the letters

    Beyond The World Transformed

    Lucy Delany profiles the Transformed Network activists taking TWT projects nationwide throughout the past year

  • An emu in a field with a wind-up clock key on its back

    Simon Hedges’ tough choices

    Tory meltdown means that Labour has become electable by mistake – but the focus must remain on expelling leftists, writes centrism correspondent Simon Hedges

  • The Palácio do Congresso Nacional, photographed prior to it being stormed on January 8th 2023

    Difficult days ahead for Brazil

    The attempted coup by supporters of the former Brazilian President on January 8th may have been thwarted but as Sue Branford argues, Brazilian democracy is far from safe