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  • A protestor in a face mask, scarf and woolly hat marches with a sign that reads 'sacrifice our old age, increase their wealth'

    The ongoing battle for French pensions

    Once again the French state is trying to cut pension entitlements. As millions take to the streets, Sylvestre Jaffard reports on this renewed battle across the nation

  • A new Italian era: the inevitable rise of Georgia Meloni

    Can the newly elected postfascist Italian leader Giorgia Meloni last, asks Andrea Pisauro

  • 'The sixth commandment: Don't kill'. Photo: Aftozak LIVE

    Russian feminist anti-war resistance

    Activist Asya Maruket highlights the variety of ways in which Russian women are resisting Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is one of many high profile politicians who gained notoriety through comedy (Credit: Mykhaylo Markiv/The Presidential Administration of Ukraine)

    The rise of comedian politicians

    As more and more comedians find success in the political arena, Rhian Jones lists some of the most prominent examples of satirists turned statesmen

  • The halls of Trinity College Dublin (Photo: Ben Guerin)

    Gender, class and cliché in Normal People

    The BBC hit drama shows the complexities of class mobility, but can’t avoid class and gender stereotypes, says Frances Hatherley

  • Shoes on the Danube Promenade

    Hungary: Europe’s creeping fascism

    Luke Cooper reports on his recent visit to Hungary, an EU member state where democratic freedoms are no longer taken for granted

  • Italiano: Silvio Berlusconi al Grand Hotel Trento per la campagna elettorale delle elezioni provinciali. Credit: Niccolò Caranti

    Beyond Berlusconi

    Populist, authoritarian, xenophobic and sustained in office by a corrupt electoral system – but Silvio Berlusconi’s government isn’t the only one in Europe that can be described this way

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