The campaign for a democratic socialist Philippines

21 June 2022 Following the victory of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in this year's Philippine presidential election, Walden Bello details how he and Leody de Guzman sought to forge a new path for a revitalised Philippine left

A leafy low-rise square with the burned remains of Grenfell Tower in the background

Five years of inaction after Grenfell

14 June 2022 Grenfell happened because of deregulation, writes Daniel Renwick, yet five years after the disaster, far too little has changed

Northern Ireland’s new political terrain

15 May 2022 Tommy Greene maps the wider context of the momentous recent Stormont election results

The Red Wall: a political narrative

10 May 2022 The term represents a wider establishment discourse which is being used to guide the UK in an increasingly conservative direction, argues Daniel Eales

Simon Hedges winning here

5 May 2022 As the local elections get underway, Red Pepper's Simon Hedges shares his own experiences with the trials and tribulations of electoral politics

The Tower Hamlets story

3 May 2022 After years of false allegations, former Mayor Lutfur Rahman is running on a radical program to tackle the cost of living crisis. Ashok Kumar reports

A woman and a man pushing a bicycle laden with bags in front of bombed blocks of flats

Ukraine and anti-imperialism: thoughts for the British left

26 April 2022 David Wearing discusses the geopolitical interests at stake and how the left in Britain can meaningfully engage in anti-imperialist struggle today

A woman holding a sign in Russian reading 'Sixth commandment – don't kill' flanked by two policemen

Russian feminist anti-war resistance

5 April 2022 Activist Asya Maruket highlights the variety of ways in which Russian women are resisting Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine

Hungary’s illiberal education

3 April 2022 Victor Orbán’s far-right government in Hungary sees higher education as critical to the consolidation of the ruling Fidesz party’s grip on society. Dorit Geva reports

Solidarity, sit-ins, and samosa packets: one artist activist’s journey

10 March 2022 Sofia Karim recalls how her uncle's arrest led her to create an online platform for artist activists to campaign against authoritarianism

Why we need to unite for peace and human rights across the old divides

1 March 2022 Dmitri Makarov and Mary Kaldor call for solidarity and dialogue between anti-war movements across the divides of the Cold War

Compulsory voting: the debate

19 February 2022 Judith Brett outlines Australia’s experience with – and makes the case for – compulsory voting, whilst Daniel Chavez shows how, for the left in Uruguay, compulsory voting is an essential foundation on which more direct forms of democracy have been built

Mali protests highlight French influence

1 February 2022 While sanctions imposed by ECOWAS have triggered protests, a deeper rejection of French control is surfacing in Mali, writes Fanny Pigeaud

Review: You Have Not Yet Been Defeated: Selected Works 2011-2021

25 January 2022 This new collection reveals the continuing tensions and struggles in Egypt after the uprising of a decade ago, writes Anne Alexander

Review: The Welsh Way: Essays on Neoliberalism and Devolution

11 January 2022 A new book exposes the gap between the Welsh government's radical rhetoric and reality, writes Leanne Wood

Perhaps winning over the general public is not worth all the effort

6 January 2022 The beauty of Britain's advanced democracy is that as long as Labour doesn't scare the establishment, they'll probably get in by default at some point, writes Simon Hedges

Clive Lewis on the UK’s crumbling democracy

12 December 2021 After two years of Boris Johnson's government, Clive Lewis and Marzena Zukowska discuss growing authoritarianism and sources of hope for the future

Little Amal, Channel deaths and cruelty by design

26 November 2021 People cross the channel in small boats because we give them no other choice, says Zrinka Bralo

Apathy or strategy in Chile’s decisive election

19 November 2021 The frontrunners in Chile's upcoming election pit the far-right against the nominally left, Carole Concha Bell assesses how we got here

Decorative illustration

England after the break-up of Britain

27 October 2021 Ex-Labour MP Thelma Walker explains why she’s thrown in her lot with the Northern Independence Party

Review – Falling Down: The Conservative Party and the Decline of Tory Britain by Phil Burton-Cartledge

10 October 2021 Sabrina Huck argues that a generational shift away from the Conservative Party can’t be taken for granted

Resisting India’s structural limits on suffrage

4 October 2021 Voter suppression and systematic exclusion cast a pall over the world's biggest 'democracy', writes Kavita Krishnan

One-party rule in Singapore?

28 September 2021 The People's Action Party has won every election since 1959 - but it hasn't always been a fair fight, writes Kirsten Han

#TWT21: Red Pepper at The World Transformed

23 September 2021 The World Transformed festival gets underway this weekend - here's where and when you can catch some of Red Pepper's editors and friends.

Beyond the Elections Bill: The battle against voter suppression

9 September 2021 As the Elections Bill 2021 passes through Parliament, Mayowa Ayodele sees voter suppression as a Conservative goal while Lara Parizotto argues for radical pro-democracy reform

Nigeria’s endless quest for democracy

1 September 2021 For Nigeria’s switch to civilian rule to be truly democratic, it must ensure that sovereignty resides with its people, writes Synda Obaji