Richard Seymour

The nationalist unconscious

29 June 2020 To fully grasp the rise of the new authoritarians, we must engage with psychoanalysis as well as economics, writes Richard Seymour

Photo of Boris with his hand on his head

The crisis of Conservatism

6 September 2019 The Conservative Party is in a process of ideological decline or even disintegration, argue James Butler and Richard Seymour.

Picking the lesser evil

22 November 2018 With a seemingly bungled Brexit deal, the only options on offer are different forms of capitalism. The Left needs to pick its enemies wisely, writes Richard Seymour

Areas of Terror

5 April 2018 The Israeli government categorises protesters as terrorists to create a mandate for violence, writes Richard Seymour,

Prosecuting Ahed Tamimi shows the depth of Israeli paranoia

3 January 2018 How can the heavily-armed Israeli state claim to be victimised by one teenage activist? By Richard Seymour.

This isn’t the end of austerity – it’s a new age of cruelty economics

1 December 2017 Consensus seems to have shifted, but austerity is far from over. The chancellor has committed us to yet more years of misery while the rich get richer, writes Richard Seymour.

Corbyn is a moderniser – Blairites are the dinosaurs.

6 November 2017 Richard Seymour explores how Corbyn shifted the political centre - against all the odds.

Taking on the ‘fruitcakes’: how can we stop UKIP?

6 September 2013 The breakthrough for UKIP in May’s local elections raises the danger of a long‑term shift to the right in British politics. Richard Seymour considers where UKIP’s vote is coming from and how the left needs to respond

Not just a knee-jerk

29 November 2011 Richard Seymour reviews The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin by Corey Robin

Salvaging the socialist cause

15 May 2011 Richard Seymour reviews Eric Hobsbawm's latest book, and a new biography of this influential historian