Mark Perryman

Anyone but Ingerland?

18 June 2014 From the archives: Mark Perryman puts the case for flying the St George cross at the World Cup, while Mike Marqusee explains why he'll be rooting for any other country to win it (Published in issue 142, June 2006)

Books in red wrapping paper

15 December 2012 Philosophy Football's Mark Perryman introduces his best left-wing books of 2012 for a hopeful materialist's seasonal gift list

2012’s literary Christmas tree formation

20 November 2012 Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman reveals the football books any fan would welcome as an addition to their bookshelf this Christmas

A People’s Games on the roads of Surrey

2 August 2012 Mark Perryman sees the potential for a different Games at Wednesday’s Cycling Time Trial

A day at the Olympics, pluses and minuses

31 July 2012 Author of a new book on the Olympics, Mark Perryman, shares his experience of a day spent at London 2012

Inside the Fan Zone: Corporate control at Euro 2012

22 June 2012 Mark Perryman writes from Ukraine on the top-down regime operating at Euro 2012 - and its parallels with the London Olympics

Tickets, Anybody Got Tickets?

8 June 2012 The London Olympics 2012 is a once-in-a-lifetime event. So why, asks Mark Perryman, have so few of us got tickets?

It’s the taking part

4 June 2012 According to the organisers, encouraging participation in sport is one of the main benefits of the London 2012 Olympics. Mark Perryman examines the evidence

Race to the Line

24 May 2012 With John Carlos, one of the Mexico ‘68 podium protesters, on a speaking tour of Britain, Mark Perryman describes the continuing clash of race and the Games

Who gets to see the Torch? Who gets to see the Games?

18 May 2012 As the torch relay comes to Britain, Mark Perryman, author of a new book on the Olympics, questions the claim of a Games for all

Off the ball

1 December 2008 Mark Perryman stands up for a game that would prefer him to sit down

A broader Britannia

30 November 2008 England's World Cup qualifying campaign takes fans to some far-flung places: Belarus this year, Kazakhstan and Ukraine in 2009. Mark Perryman argues the case for a fan-led popular internationalism

Agency for change

5 February 2008 Mark Perryman argues the need for a plural politics to confront the conservative left

You’re booked

14 December 2007 Sports books fill the bestseller lists every Christmas. Anne Coddington and Mark Perryman examine the rise and rise of the new sports writing

Europe bids fond farewell to England

6 December 2007 What is to be done about the England football team? Mark Perryman has six points for fans to ponder

Pitch battles

3 October 2007 Anne Coddington and Mark Perryman introduce the fan-led counterculture resisting football's transformation from people's game to corporate plaything

A new politics of pluralism

28 September 2007 Mark Perryman asks why an effective left-of-Labour opposition has taken so long emerge - and what the prospects for it are now