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  • A still from the 2014 film Pride shows jubilant marchers connecting gay rights to the miners strikes

    Pride in the fight

    Siobhan McGuirk celebrates the solidarity – and humour – of a film about when lesbians and gay people backed the miners

  • A photograph of Algiers, Algeria showing the cityscape and the coast

    Culture and Revolution: The Pan-African Festival of Algiers

    Hamza Hamouchene introduces the revolutionary documentary, The Pan-African Festival of Algiers 1969

  • disco

    The myth of the 1970s

    In the 1970s, they say, the dead lay unburied, greedy unions held the country to ransom and a divided country was impossible to govern, John Medhurst asks: was it really so bad?

  • Two men stand in suits holding up a save the date message celebrating same-sex marriage laws

    Married strife: going beyond marriage equality

    The same-sex marriage campaign has been successful, but LGBTQ equality is still a distant dream. It’s time to reassess our priorities, argues Siobhan McGuirk

  • blacklisting

    How to know if you’ve been blacklisted and what you can do

    Solicitor David Sorensen explains what the blacklisting scandal could mean to you.

  • The Cybersyn Opsroom

    Cybersyn and Allende’s socialist internet

    Leigh Phillips tells the story of Cybersyn, Chile’s experiment in non-centralised economic planning which was cut short by the 1973 coup

  • A pro-abortion demonstration in Washington DC, 13th November 1989 (Credit: Duke University Archives)

    After Beyond the Fragments

    At a discussion in Manchester this summer, Alice Robson shared her experience of activism as a woman and how Beyond the Fragments is crucial reading for the new generation of feminists on the revolutionary left.

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