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  • Members of the Kayole Social Justice Centre stand in front of a wall of grafiti with their fists raised. The wall says 'peace' and 'courage'

    Fighting Kenya’s femicide

    Grassroots socialist and feminist organising in spaces like Kayole Social Justice Centre, Nairobi, are leading the fight against patriarchy, capitalism, and a colonial present, writes Maryanne Kasina

  • Six women stand together holding signs that say 'We are NOT the dirt we clean'.

    From the workplace to the streets: women are leading the fight for a fairer world

    Red Pepper celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting the work of CAIWU – a union representing women at the sharp end of exploitation and oppression. Ana Aguirre reports

  • An illustration of Kier Starmer watering a plant that resembles the tree from the Conservative Party logo. A pot with a rose is knocked over and some people hold an RMT banner.

    Keir Starmer’s bad history

    With his insights as a historian of the modern UK, David Edgerton looks at Labour’s new affinity with the Tories

  • Three photos of demonstrations on a red background. They are all anti austerity demonstrations.

    The economic crisis facing Labour

    Labour’s spending plans are inadequate to rebuild public services. We need to new movements for more radical change, argue John McDonnell MP and Andrew Fisher

  • An illustration showing a red carnation on the left, with the text '25 De Abril' above it. On the left is a tank with people holding guns on and around it

    Portugal’s forgotten revolution

    The ‘carnation revolution’ saw soldiers, workers and communities join forces to overthrow fascism and challenge capitalist power. Peter Robinson traces events from April 1974

  • An illustration of a red anemone coronaria on a black background. The centre of the anemone coronaria is filled with Arabic writing, a poem.

    For Palestine, bring the Hague home!

    The genocide in Gaza demands we fight for Palestine, by targeting circuits of power elsewhere. Toufic Haddad writes from Jerusalem

  • The front pages of three national newspapers. Each shows images of people covered in blood. One headline says: 'bloodbath at Kabul airport'.

    Islamophobia and spectacles of Muslim death

    Bad-faith policing of anti-semitism has led to rampant Islamophobia. In the global north, we have become conditioned to watching Muslims die, argues Maura Finkelstein

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