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  • An artistic interpretation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Against AI sensationalism

    Emmanuelle Andrews argues that yes, AI is scary, but these systems can and must be regulated to provide greater public security and purpose

  • Protestor holds a red placard with 'Shame on you' written on it

    Inside Belgium’s supermarket strikes

    Ten thousand workers face wages cuts after Delhaize aims to franchise stores in Belgium. Red Pepper spoke to union members Rosetta Scibilla, Sacha Tenaerts, Eric Breugelmans, and Myriam Djegham

  • Against a bright yellow background, an illustration shows a young person holding a large key in the air and a placard that reads: NO MORE DEBT

    Debtors of the world, unite!

    Jayati Ghosh tells Liam Kennedy about deepening debt crises in the global south, the IMF’s affinity for austerity and the need to confront financial capital

  • A crowd of young people hold up a large hand painted banner that reads 'Another world is possible' with a wind turbine and bike painted on it, with the hashtag slogan: 'No more empty promises' at the bottom

    Against capitalist realism

    Ayça Çubukçu urges us to reimagine not only a fairer world, but a just one in which we demand the impossible

  • An illustration shows a figure with long straight hair standing in the small opening between two sides of a gate. The figure is laughing, head thrown back

    Resisting racial gatekeeping

    British Indians in government are fuelling the so-called culture wars. Bal Sokhi-Bulley dismantles their harmful rhetoric and outlines an alternative politics of solidarity and friendship

  • A black and white photo shows two men sitting crossed legged on the floor, a protest banner in the background. The man on the left is David Graeber, holding a microphone and gesturing to unseen listeners

    Learning from David Graeber

    Activists, academics and friends explain what David Graeber’s work meant to them – and the salient message it still carries today

  • A woman speaks into a microphone at a Town Hall meeting for the Nigerian Election

    Youth disappointment as Nigeria chooses Tinubu

    Peter Obi’s campaign had inspired a new generation hoping for change. Adaora Osondu-Oti explores how, instead, the incumbent party won a bitterly contested election

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