January 2018

Why is Turkey targeting Afrin?

31 January 2018 Pinar Dinc and Kamran Matin explain what Erdogan, Iran and Russia have to gain from a bloody war on Afrin's restive Kurdish population.

Social mobility is capitalism’s cover story

31 January 2018 We shouldn't try to ensure that a few people can escape poverty. We should be eliminating poverty for everyone. By Connor Devine.

Five rent strikes which changed the game

30 January 2018 Dominique Hua examines the history of tenants organising together to demand better housing and a brighter future.

It’s time for a cultural renewal of the left

27 January 2018 Andrew Dolan writes that we need to integrate art, music, films and poetry into our movement, creating spaces where political ideas are given further room to breathe.

Grounding the currents of Indigenous resistance

26 January 2018 Those joining the centuries-old Indigenous resistance in the Americas should discard Eurocentric narratives, epistemic violence and salvation narratives. By Alex Wilson and Praba Pilar

Matt Hancock criticised by charities for ‘anti-advocacy’ rules

25 January 2018 Tom Barns reports that the new minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has been criticised by charities for restricting their ability to lobby the government on political issues.

Wages for Commuting

25 January 2018 Joni Cohen writes that workers should be paid for the time they spend travelling to work.

Carillion shows the urgent need to democratise social services

24 January 2018 How do we ensure that the collapse of Carillion proves a true watershed moment in how we organise society? By Colin Leys.

A rigged system: How developers are cannibalising our cities

24 January 2018 By Joe Beswick and Emily Scurrah

Carillion’s missing millions

19 January 2018 Grace Blakeley investigates the curious case of Carillion: how the company’s slow decline and abrupt liquidation reveals the nature of modern capitalism.

Here’s how to stop the next Carillion – 7 steps to public ownership

17 January 2018 The collapse of Carillion could be a watershed moment. Let's seize it to end economically disastrous outsourcing schemes. By Cat Hobbs.

Human rights groups call on Theresa May to cancel visit of Saudi Arabia Crown Prince

16 January 2018 Campaign groups highlight UK complicity in Saudi Arabia's human rights abuses.

How Momentum came together

16 January 2018 Three founders of Momentum talk to Ashish Ghadiali about the two years that have transformed their lives and the fortunes of the British left.

Six things you need to know about the UK arms trade

15 January 2018 Andrew Smith from Campaign Against the Arms Trade gives the run-down on one of the UK's most profitable - and most deadly - industries.

‘The police just kept laughing and laughing when they saw our huts on fire.’

15 January 2018 The real story behind the fire in Grande Synthe’s Linière refugee camp, Dunkirk. From 'Bordered Lives – How Europe fails refugees and migrants' by Hsiao-Hung Pai

Berliners versus Google: The latest battle against gentrification in Kreuzberg

11 January 2018 Javier Pérez De La Cruz writes about the working class Berlin neighbourhood wrung dry by gentrifiers.

Civil disobedience is the only way left to fight climate change

10 January 2018 Across the world, thousands of protesters are taking on the planet’s biggest fossil fuel companies. We should support them – and if we can, we should join them. By Kara Moses

A mental health crisis is the true cost of university marketization

9 January 2018 Students are suffering the effects of financial instability, stress, and slashed mental health services. Mark Crawford reports.

Jeremy Hunt is poised to flog the last of the NHS

8 January 2018 Peter Roderick sounds the alarm on an 'attack on the fundamental principles of the NHS'.

Viva Siva, 1923-2018

6 January 2018 A. Sivanandan, who died this week, was a hugely important figure in the politics of race and class. As part of our tributes, Red Pepper is republishing this 2009 profile of him by Arun Kundnani

Sivanandan: When memory forgets a giant

6 January 2018 Daniel Renwick calls for the whole movement to discover and remember the vital work of A. Sivanandan, who died this week

We must challenge this government’s warped idea of free speech

5 January 2018 They're not defending free speech - they're just seeking to shore up their own power, writes Ilyas Nagdee

Prosecuting Ahed Tamimi shows the depth of Israeli paranoia

3 January 2018 How can the heavily-armed Israeli state claim to be victimised by one teenage activist? By Richard Seymour.

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